How to Fix Ripped Jeans that Ripped Too Much?

how to fix ripped jeans that ripped too much
You might be a young and headstrong or a sobersided, conservative person. Stylish trendy denim pants are a must. Do you like wearing distressed jeans? I guess most modern people do. If you damage them by accident, it’s a pity. Pero like your favorite garment is still amendable. How to fix ripped jeans that ripped too much? Don’t discard them. Efficient ways to repair the holes exist. Multiple available super easy methods that let you reanimate them. Let me share some simple ideas with you. I hope it saves your effort and time, making you look inimitable.

Casual Fashion Trends and Challenges

How do you feel in June? Summer break is around the corner. Now, you might anticipate your summer holidays, vacations and super exciting trips. Are your little jits enjoying summer vacations already? The last day of school might be in the middle of June.

Your teenage daughter or a younger brother might be wilding out. Nothing keeps them from going out and hanging out with friends anymore. In Florida, beaches and parks are reopening right now. So, you can wear your cool jeans for an hourglass figure while traveling. They are opportune if you are fixing to visit:

  • the famous Orlando’s theme parks;
  • SeaWorld aquariums;
  • Gatorland;
  • the Science Center.

Nothing restricts you from personal expression and creativity. Even face masks are not obligatory outdoors. Most importantly, you may look charming and feel comfortable. Your slender legs would catch attention. In summer, showing small areas of your skin is conventional. Looking natural, elegant scuff marks and scrapes are opportune. Pero like, they should be accurate and on the right areas. Slight touches of fading or sanding are always to the point.

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Benefits of Ripped Jeans

The global pandemic makes people dress more casually and comfortably. What do you wear at home? I guess, your stylish formal suit is void these days. Going to your local grocery store or the beach, you’d prefer jeggings or jeans. High heels and stiff dresses may get out of your mind.

benefits of ripped jeans

Pero like, it doesn’t mean you should neglect your style and look. A classy, dressy touch is necessary. Neat rips or frays make your best plus-size jeans for big stomach look more stylish. These wardrobe staples are:

  • fashionable;
  • unconventional;
  • crafty;
  • eye-catching.

No two pairs of distressed jeans are alike: each of them is offbeat and ingenious. They make you feel fresh and cool on any occasion. Quite naturally, your best jeans for a 60-year-old woman are to be comfy and breathable. Lightweight, natural fabrics are definitive in summer. In Florida, hurricane season starts in June. Pero like, high humidity and heat shouldn’t keep you from traveling or going out. Cute holes and mesh inside your jeans allow fresh air to pass freely: it makes you feel easy and unposed.

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How to Wear High Waisted Jeans with a Tummy?

You may consider ripped denim pants to be a youngster’s style. Ya tu sabes, your bratty jit loves them. But you shouldn’t feel untidy or uneasy in any case. Casual fashion is less demanding and fancy than formal bihs. Staying at home, you might prefer a utilitarian, comfy outfit.

Wear chunks or slippers all day long is easy. Thus, straight vs skinny jeans womens style is simple. It’s more versatile and practical. A looser fit makes you feel comfy. Pero like, you shouldn’t look uncaptioned. High-rise denim pants are flattering. They significantly elongate your lower body part, streamlining your silhouette.

Being a curvy lady, you can easily wear them. What would you do? Hide your waist area, wearing:

  • plain-colored light jackets;
  • floral print tops;
  • necklaces and earrings;
  • chiffon scarves;
  • colorful accessories.

All these crafty tricks aim at hiding your waistline. Drawing attention to your eyes or hair is apt. You may do the same, distressing your favorite denim pants. Lightweight and breathable or comfy and functional, they do the job.

How Do You Fix Distressed Jeans?

Stylish rips on your hips can’t be unnoticed. In the past, these signs of tear and wear distinguished hard-working people. Nowadays, it’s a trendy fashion statement. Celebrities have made this style popular. Selena Gomez, Kanye West, and other Hollywood stars inspire us to look casually cool.

how to fix distressed jeans hole

Tomgirl jeans vs mom jeans are more relaxed and comfy. Cropped or rolled legs make you look playful and natural. Feel at home while traveling or vibing on a beach. Frayed hems and ripped areas create a classy impression. But all of these holes, scrapes, and shreds are to be intentional. They look flawlessly while being:

  • horizontal;
  • not too wide;
  • 1-inch-high or lower;
  • on your target front areas like pockets, hips, or knees.

Manufacturers or owners distress denim pants intentionally. Certainly, they make it skillfully, considering materials and styles. Functionality comes to no harm. Thus, the seams are to remain intact. So are the waistline and the bottom areas below your knees.

How Do You Cover Rips in Jeans?

Comfort and functionality matter in summer. The casual, lightweight and breathable garments are popular. It should allow you to move easily and perform your daily tasks. Shopping, farming or hiking is easier if you feel relaxed. Thus, your best jeans for overweight men should not be too tight.

If you wear your durable pants every day, they may tear and wear. Ripping by accident, your favorite garment may become garbage. But you can save them, fixing the holes or attaching patches. Torn seams or holes that become too big are the most demanding.

Fixing to repair them, you’d need:

  • a piece of the similar denim cloth;
  • sewing machine;
  • hot iron;
  • scissors;
  • matching colorfast threads.

Would you like to make your jeans shorter? If so, you’ll get a suitable piece of fabric easily. Otherwise, buy it in your local specialty outlet. Treat the hole, cutting untidy frayed edges. Fasten your nifty patch from the inside. Sew it on smartly and iron your pants promptly.

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How Do You Fix Ripped Jeans without Sewing?

how to cover rips in jeans

Several efficient methods let you repair denim. Quite naturally, a sewing machine would be helpful. It produces neat, straight stitches that always look professional. Nevertheless, if you don’t have it, it shouldn’t disappoint you. Fix your favorite stylish jeans, using:

  • fabric (mending) tape;
  • overcast or darning stitches;
  • hand stitching;
  • beautiful embroidery.

Have you torn the side seam? It might become a great concern. Damaged fabric or stitching may affect the pants’ functionality and fit. If the tear is not critical, it might be repairable. But you’ll have to reinforce the seam. Contrast stitching might be also necessary. An exactly matching thread tone and thickness might be tricky to find.

Minor rips on the front areas are easier to treat. Clean edges of a rip or a hole would not require adjusting. Sew it by hand, using accurate, neat stitches. A fusible tape or fabric would be useful. It does the job, saving your precious time. Turn your favorite denim pants inside down and iron them.

Bottom Line

Distressed jeans are super popular nowadays. Besides, celebrities support this fashion trend. They inspire you on brave deeds. Do you like drawing attention, looking attractive? Unconventional denim pants let you stand out of the herd. Additionally, ripped jeans are super stylish and comfy. They are literally indispensable every day. But unfortunately, they are not as durable and thick denim trousers. The holes or scrapes may become too big. Fix them, using improvised resources. This way, your favorite jeans may become even more beautiful. Unconventional, artful touches make them unique.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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