Best Low Rise Jeans for Men

best low rise jeans for men
What type of clothes do you wear in winter? Living in a northern state, like Alaska or Minnesota, dress warmly. You’ll need multi-layered, fleece-lined jackets and pants. In Florida, winter is a pleasant season. Mild and dry weather attracts multiple snowbirds. Your best low rise jeans for men are quite wearable.

Here, in Orlando, you can wear slim or skinny fit pants year-round. Due to relatively low humidity, you feel literally comfortable in winter. Thin cotton denim is always healthy. Elastic, stretchy fabric won’t make you sweat too. So, if you are young and rebellious, you might prefer stylish low-rise pants.

They are trendy, commonly fitting tall and slim or athletic-built body shapes. Let me offer you a short selection of my favorite models. I hope, it saves your time, making shopping intuitive and efficient.

8 Best Men’s Low Rise Jeans in 2024

1. Buffalo David Bitton: Men’s Ultra Low Rise Jeans

men's ultra low rise jeansDo you need super-soft jeans? Top fabric quality is essential. It’s necessary, even if you are not going to use jeans like jogging pants. If your shopping or walk is a mission, you’ll need additional comfort. They suit any situation, all casual occasions. They project easy-going vibe during every informal event.

What about the material? It feels like your second skin. Cotton fibers make it super breathable and skin-friendly: it’s a kind of thin denim. Shall you really wash your Buffalo jeans by hand? I think it’s due to whiskering finishing treatment. Mechanical abrasion doesn’t make fabric tougher.

Manufacturers still recommend machine wash. The composition indicates 2% of elastane-spandex available: therefore, are a bit stretchy. Fading detailing and 3D effects look super stylish. Creativity in design is one of the Diesel brand strengths. This famous Italian fashion label exists since 1978: Renzo Rosso founded Diesel S.p.A. to create innovative denim.

Safado Styling and Characteristics

These are comfortable, nice-looking jeans. They stand out by:

  1. Relaxed low-waist design.
  2. Vintage-wash, soft denim.
  3. Regular slim-straight style.
  4. Snug fit at the thighs.
  5. Dark-blue, looking a bit greyish wash.
  6. Button and zip fly features.

Do low-rise jeans ensure a compact effect? It might mean that they make your legs shorter. If you are a tall man, it would be beneficial. Fortunately, 30, 32 and 34 inseams are in the list. Legs that are between straight and tapered are not too narrow at your ankles. So, you can wear Safado jeans all day long, feeling and looking great.

Main Advantages
  • soft and comfortable;
  • thin, breathable cotton denim;
  • stylish, vintage look;
  • creative design;
  • accurate measurements and sizes.


Buffalo David jeans are comfy as your second skin. They come with low, relaxed waist. Thin, breathable denim is unique. It feels much comfier than any other fabric. So, you can wear straight Safado jeans by Diesel all day long, feeling no fatigue or tightness.

2. ZLZ Slim Fit: Best Mens Ultra Low Rise Stretch Jeans

mens ultra low rise stretch jeans

Do you want to look and feel younger? Fashionable, sexy low rise jeans by ZLZ Store are cool. They ensure relaxed appearance and comfortable feel. If you’ve got super-slim hips, it’s a great solution. ZLZ jeans would become a perfect Christmas gift for your little jits. Pero like these elegant pants fit not only rebellious teens. If you are a tall, athletic-built man, they won’t disappoint you.

Skinny-fit model is a bit tight at your calves. But as ZLZ jeans are super stretchy, they don’t ridge. Tall and lean sportsmen and yoga instructors, you’ll like the feel of elastic fabric. It doesn’t restrict your movement, being comfy. They make you look seductive and energetic.

Distinctive Features

ZTZ jeans enable fantastic mobility and top-quality, tailored look. They come with:

  1. Sturdy, reliable zipper.
  2. Conventional, five-pockets design.
  3. Durable, triple-stitching seams.
  4. Long, sufficient inseams to fit tall people.

Fabric that contains 70% of cotton is soft and silky-smooth. Is it as sweat-absorbent and breathable as 100% cotton denim? I would tell you, stretchy denim fits Florida winter pretty well. It’s top-quality, machine-washable, durable. ZLZ jeans hold their shape. They don’t fade even in several months of wear, after multiple washes.

Of course, polyester fibers add slight chemical smell. It goes away with the first good wash. Nevertheless, I like ZLZ jeans quality and style. They suit casual occasions, like walks or holiday relaxations. Pero like plain jeans are classic. They look chick with any shoes, boots in winter or chanks in summer.

Basic Benefits
  • stretchy and comfortable;
  • classic look;
  • durable, top-quality;
  • soft-silky feel.


I like ZLZ slim-fit jeans, as they are fashionable, comfy and durable. They would fit your tall, lean jit like a second skin. Slim-fit pants become a godsend Christmas gift. Athletes also like ZLZ jeans due to their unique softness and flexibility.

3. Ariat Rebar M4 DuraStretch: Best Jeans for Older Men

jeans for older menYour boyfriend or husband would need a perfect Christmas gist too. He requires super durable jeans for work and adventures. Relaxed fit on the top and low waist are their primary features. Extra mobility and comfort are necessary on multiple occasions and occupations.

Initially, Ariat founders developed their products to suit horse farming’s daily chores. Therefore, Rebar Work jeans are boot-cut, stackable at the bottom. Integrity, innovations and top quality make them special. Ariat Company values non-negotiable. Thus, several branded details make M4 jeans a dream gift.

Premium Features and Details

Rebar jeans would become an everyday staple in your main man’s wardrobe. They are both decent and outstanding, coming with:

  1. 75-oz, medium-weight denim.
  2. Reliable zipper closure.
  3. No-rub inseams.
  4. Complementary coin and knife pockets.
  5. Anchored belt loops.
  6. Fashionable stitching on back pockets.

Extra durable, ToughMax denim involves DuraStretch technology. It’s stretchy, flexible, containing 24% of polyester. Nevertheless, it lets Rebar jeans last literally forever. Reinforced pockets are also beneficial. Top-quality, branded detailing and innovative technologies matter.

They are important for hard-working people. Irregardless of your boyfriend’s occupation, jeans durability is essential. Supposing he is a welder, farmer or construction person. Sturdiness and mobility are primary. Other casual occasions, like going out are also unneglectable.

Key Benefits
  • durability;
  • superior mobility and comfort;
  • special detailing;
  • handy additional pockets;
  • well-made.


Ariat Rebar M4 jeans would become a great gift for a hard-working man. They are functional, sturdy and comfortable. What else do you need while welding, driving a car or walking a dog? A reinforced pocket holds your essential tools and hardware. It lets you solve any task easily, at a brisk pace.

4. Guess Moto: Extreme Low Rise Men’s Jeans

extreme low rise men's jeansWhat kind of jeans would your jit prefer? Young and sporty bikers are rebellious and independent. Life on the wheels implies not only freedom. Durable, hard-wearing clothing is necessary to ride long distances. Therefore, leather jackets and jeans became iconic pieces of wardrobe.

Individuality also matters. Aggressive behavior may become a part of biker’s image: these associations might be baseless. Pero like bikers’ attributes are necessary. They may include colorful patches and a lot of eye-catching details. Modern, bold style lets teens cut through the clutter. Moto jeans by Guess are the real thing.

Branded Distinctness

Moto Jeans by Guess are innovative by design. They feature:

  1. well-marked, hand-sanded finish;
  2. pintuck moto stitches;
  3. slim-fit design;
  4. soft and durable cotton denim fabric (with 2% of spandex);
  5. dark, literally black wash;
  6. ripped knees.

Light distressing, paneled seams and faded finish highlights biker’s style. Moto-inspired stitching on the back pockets accents unique leans’ appearance. Zipper closure and 5-pocket design look like traditional elements.

The jeans sit low, at hips, allowing relaxed, sexy look. Tapered, slim-fit legs are loose enough to enable movement freedom. You’ll appreciate top quality of the jeans and design highlights. Guess is an iconic lifestyle and fashion label. Four Marciano brothers founded the brand in 1981 in Los Angeles. Coming from southern France, they redefined denim. European influence let it become a symbol of young, adventurous lifestyle.

Compelling Advantages
  • stylish;
  • durable;
  • comfy;
  • eye-catching;
  • special, moto-inspired look.


Moto jeans by Guess are unique by design. They feature pintuck seams on the knees. Hand-sanded finish and light distress make these pants stylish and eye-catching. Meanwhile, they are literally durable even to ride a motorcycle. Comfort and fabric breathability are obvious.

5. Gingtto: Best Light Wash Jeans Men’s

light wash jeans men'sDo you need super stretch, skinny jeans? You might use them instead of jogging or sweat pants. Now you can look stylish even on your leg day. Low-rise jeans by Gingtto flatter your body shapeliness. Clinging to your muscles, they accentuate their definition and strength.

Nevertheless, skinny jeans are to fit you. They contain soft cotton and lightweight, elastic spandex. Dasit, pants by Gingtto are never too tight. They are super snug in your back, waist and on the crotch. Literally, I would call these pants jegging. They are not restrictive, but stretchy. Gingtto jeans suit all body types, including athletic built.

Details and Finishing

Striving to look attractive, you never compromise your style and tidiness. Sagging knees are not acceptable. Wearing Gingtto jeggings even in a gym, you always look modern and fashionable. Fabric softness and comfort is also important. Elastic, stretchy feel is essential when the issue is skinny jeans.

Thus, light-blue, low-rise jeans by Gingtto feature:

  1. zipper closure and a small button;
  2. 5 slender pockets;
  3. soft, stretchy denim;
  4. stylish finishing and sanding;
  5. unique, form-fitting design.

As for me, I like light-blue color. It’s easy to soil, but looking super dressy and festive. Plain model suits training applications better than ripped and distressed pairs. Gingtto jeans are a bit spotty. They come with sanded areas. But on the other hand, it makes these pants even more trendy and fashionable.

Light-blue jeans are also much less stretchy than black pants. They enable only up to 1,2” of elongation. Do you believe it contains 98% of cotton and only 2% of spandex? Supposably, it’s true. Black style might contain 33% of polyester, enabling up to 3.4” of stretch. Look and style might be decisive.

At all events, Gingtto jeans are top-quality and well-made. Talented New York designers crafted them individually. These stretchy pants reflect personality of athletes and modern active men. Quite naturally, factory location is still in China. Founded in 2016 by Peter and Vincent Wong, it’s fast-growing. Nowadays, it became a global, award-winning company.

Interesting Features
  • stretchy and flexible;
  • body-flattering;
  • comfortable;
  • easy to move around;
  • perfect look and fit.


Low-rise, skinny jeans by Gingtto are a super stretch. They are as comfy as your favorite jogging pants. Fashionable look and modern style are still essential. Even if you are a bodybuilder, Gingtto pants fit your muscular body properly.

6. Levi’s 527: Best Jeans for Tall, Hard-Working Men

jeans for tall hard-working menLegendary classic denim is always trendy. Top fabric quality and sustainability count. Initially, Levi Strauss introduced jeans as workwear pieces. They are strong and functional, suiting tough farming and agricultural works. Being a driver or an underground miner, you’d appreciate this durability.

527 product line is a worthful example of the imperishable Levi’s style. Consisting of true, durable denim, these jeans suit any activity. Thick, 100% cotton fabric is sustainable and skin-friendly. It makes you feel comfortable in warm and cold weather.

Will you prefer other clothing to vibe on the beach? Modern, slim-fit jeans are versatile and hard-wearing. They suit boating and fishing activities, as well as traveling and shopping.

What about the season? Thick Levi’s jeans suit not only Florida but even cold, northern winter. They feel great during a rainy or hurricane season. Low rise is not an inconvenience. It flatters your silhouette, making you look young and sexy.

Features and Benefits

Levi’s 527 jeans are stylish and comfortable. They stand out by:

  • slim bootcut design;
  • heavy-duty zip fly and button;
  • classic, 5-pocket styling;
  • 75” leg opening;
  • perfect dark wash with a slight sanding effect on the knees.

Sunbathing would be not your cup of tea. These elegant jeans don’t let you show areas of your bare skin. Sitting below your waist, they are not baggy at all. They fit snug at your thighs, eliminating muffin top issues. Additionally, you can wear them with any boots and shoes. Wide leg opening allows it.

Outstanding Advantages
  • strong, durable denim;
  • great fit for tall, slim or muscular bihs;
  • ultimate comfort, ease of movement;
  • slimming design;
  • classic, authentic look.


Levi’s 527 jeans are modern and durable. Plain style is conventional and versatile. It suits any activity and casual occasion, everyday wear. Wherever you work, travel or go in for sports, legendary jeans are indispensable. Low rise and wide boot cut legs flatter your silhouette. They let you look smaller and slimmer.

7. G-Star Raw 3301: Slim-fit Jeans for Modern Guys

slim-fit jeans for modern guysBeing a slim or short-in-height man, you need to look dressy. Classic, style-neutral jeans by G-star suit any of your adventures. Elegant and pure-form, they a meet semi-formal dress code. You can wear them, sliding on your local nightclub. In your office, they also look flawless, without any gaudy touch.

Will you wear these denim pants in summer? They would be cool enough even for the humid climate of Florida. Sustainable, hard-core raw denim makes the jeans breathable. This authentic fabric is rough and tough, but soft to touch. Meanwhile, it’s durable and hardwearing, meeting outdoor work requirements. It withstands regular machine wash in warm water (up to 105 degrees F.)

Distinctive Features

The slim-fit denim pants become your favorite wardrobe staple. It stands out by:

  • classic detailing and 5-pocket construction;
  • mid-weight (12-oz. or 5-dip) denim;
  • comfy slim fit;
  • clean styling;
  • bright and authentic indigo shade.

These pants would become a perfect gift for your little jit. Your growing-up teen would wear them to hang out with his aceres. Above all, they let him look trendy and chic. If you commonly work indoors, the pants model is beneficial. While you are sitting at your laptop in the office for hours, they don’t dig into your tummy.

Short-rise waist makes them literally flawless. On the other hand, regular back lets you avoid loose-fit or baggy issues. Meanwhile, the fabric feels super soft and stretchy. The signature G-star technology makes them skin-friendly. Actually, the perfect denim contains only 2% of Lycra or elastane. Pero like the stretch fibers are high-performance and sustainable.

Principal Advantages
  • stylish, tailored look;
  • comfy cut and construction;
  • classic detailing;
  • authentic, durable denim;
  • soft feel and breathability.


Classic, low-rise jeans by G-Star are practical and trendy. Consisting of mid-weight raw denim, they suit most indoor and outdoor jobs. The authentic fabric is durable, hardwearing and machine-washable. Meanwhile, the neutral, clean style and pure indigo color are perfect. They make these pants conventional and dressy.

8. Weatherproof Vintage: Practical and Classic Low-rise Jeans

practical and classic low-rise jeansWhat kind of clothes do men need? Everyday adventures and active lifestyle makes them prefer practical garments. Comfortable and protective, they should suit your tricky outdoor missions. Therefore, classic-design, super-comfy denim pants by Waterproof Vintage are a real catch.

A pair of practical jeans, feeling like classic sportswear, is a must-have. It becomes your favorite outfit, especially in winter. In Florida, when it becomes a bit cooler or windy, reliable protection is necessary. Functionality, warmth and superior comfort are top-priority conveniences.

Features and Detailing

  • super soft, cotton-based (98%) denim;
  • all-way flexible stretch with spandex;
  • timeless detailing and design;
  • easy-to-move, slim cut;
  • 14” leg opening.

If you go to Disney, your journey might be a mission. Ya tu sabes, standing on lengthy lines is exhausting. A bass fishing trip also might include exciting day-long adventures. Stylish, top-quality jeans from Weatherproof Vintage offer a clean look. Pero like, they offer you ultimate comfort, stretching all directions.

The pants mimic your body movement, letting you work or play without restriction. Sitting at or a bit below your natural waist, these low-rise jeans don’t drag you down. Consisting of authentic, durable denim, they withstand heavy wear. Your classic pants are super soft and practical.

Pero like, they are versatile, suiting any season, job or occasion. Sliding on your office, you can match them with a shirt and dress shoes. At night or in winter, they pair well with a blazer or light jacket.

Primary Benefits
  • premium, machine-washable denim;
  • flawless, classic style;
  • comfy, easy-to-move cut;
  • ultimate, day-long comfort for all your missions;
  • soft, all-way, natural stretch fabric.


Weatherproof Vintage is an experienced garment company. It crafts top-quality apparel since 1948. Designing and styling classic jeans in NYC, the talented professionals aim at perfection. Therefore, these slim-fit pants are comfy, super-soft and stylish. Wear them every day, exploring the world or your neighborhood.

Buyers’ Guide

Jeans are a great example of casual, versatile garment. Men wear them every day to work outdoors, relax or go out. These pants are durable, comfortable and easy-to-maintain. They become an absolute must and an everyday staple in your wardrobe. No other apparel lets you feel so free. Fashionable jeans let you look young and trendy. Denim trousers that sit below waist are one of the coolest trends of modern fashion.

What Does Low Rise Mean in Men’s Jeans?

Check your wardrobe. Home many pairs of jeans have you got? I am sure there are not more than 2-3 favorite pieces of clothing you wear daily or on weekends. I am sure, at least one of them is low-waist. Sellers and fashion designers describe this type of garment that:

  • sits below your waist;
  • on or below hips;
  • not less than 3 inches below your belly button;
  • cover your crotch area.

Low-rise jeans are extremely trendy since the early 2000s. Justin Bieber, Zac Efron and Mick Jagger wear them with pleasure. Commonly, low-waist pants are sexy and revealing. It lets you show some skin on your hips, torso and waist. These fashionable pieces of clothing are not thick or warm.

Therefore, you would wear them in summer. In a southern state, like Florida or California, winters are mild. You can wear your favorite low-rise jeans to go to the beach or to view a Christmas lights display. Hanging out with friends, going out or just relaxing is easy. You have no dress-code restrictions. But it depends.

So, What Are Low Rise Jeans Men?

Low rise jeans sit several inches below a man’s natural waistline, resting on the hips rather than near the belly button. This style elongates the legs for a slimming effect while revealing a bit more skin than traditional jeans. Low rise denim comes in washes ranging from dark indigo to faded light blue. Pair these jeans in straight, slim, or skinny fits with shirts or tees for a contemporary casual look.

Do Low Rise Jeans Look Good?

Trendy, stylish denim pants are not always too comfortable and modest. Low-waist trousers may cause some inconveniences. They might be a bit baggy. When you bend over or squat, your jeans might stick out on the back. Your underwear may become visible.

Some countries, like Iran, Libya or Yemen forbid low-rise closing. In night clubs, streetwear is acceptable. You can wear jeans, preferring dark colors. Ripped and baggy pants are improper, as well as chanks or sneakers. Business casual requirements are even stricter. Select modest mid-rise designs and dark washes.

Low-rise jeans should also fit your body type. They commonly lengthen your torso but shorten your legs. They might become your best jeans for tall skinny men. Low-waist jeans fit you for sure if you are:

  • slim;
  • lean or athletic-built;
  • tall or above average height;
  • muscular or slender.

Low-rise jeans let you appear smaller. Therefore, you are to choose suitable pants models and style them properly.

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Should Guys Wear Low Rise Jeans?

Low-waist pants are dissimilar. They differ by styles, shades, fabric composition and finishing. Ripped and distressed jeans are trendy and eye-catching. They suit informal occasions, like parties or gatherings.

Plain, straight, cotton denim pants look conventional. They might become your regular wear, suiting both casual and semi-formal occasions. Your best jeans for men with no butt are to retain clean, stylish look. Ultra-low pants might be a bit higher in the back. Stretch fabric that contains spandex or polyester is also beneficial. It eliminates or minimizes nasty bagging and sticking issues.

Right Now interesting information about best jeans for men with no butt!
Additionally, style your low-rise jeans properly. Match them with:

  • tuck-in shirts;
  • long, loose-fitting, A-silhouette tops;
  • cardigans or leather jackets;
  • nice-printed T-shirts;
  • loafers or shoes;
  • classic sneakers;
  • Chelsea boots.

Avoid rolled up sleeves and baggy tops. Don’t fill your pockets with bulky stuff. Pick jeans style that makes you feel easy and confident. Weaving it into your daily wardrobe is not difficult.

Bottom Line

Low rise jeans are trendy and fashionable. They fit tall and lean or athletic-built men. Slim-leg pants by ZLZ are soft, stretchy and flexible. Rebar M4 jeans by Ariat are extra durable and functional. Safado trousers by Diesel are stylish and comfortable.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

  1. What jeans are best for a man that likes ultra low rise jeans . The man in question has a produding stomach and is nost comfortable in ultra low rise.

  2. When you say low rise, what are the measurements from snug crotch to top of pants where they sit on the hips or just slightly above the hip but definitely not up to the true waist or navel?

    Also, please send measurements table for sizes: ex. Size 30= hip?;thigh circumference? etc, similar to David Bitton pants.

    Lastly, what is your return policy? Must we pay shipping to return if pants don’t fit to my liking. I’m wanting jeans and corduroy with low rise (10” approx), good fit on sexy thighs, and for men with med to slim butt, which low rise can correct for.

    I don’t like returning so proper sizing from the beginning is important.

    • Hi Don,
      I don’t understand your question because each brand has different sizes.
      So you need to decide on a brand first and then look at their sizing grid.
      The same goes for the return policy.
      I hope the answer was helpful. Good luck!

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