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Hello, my dear stylishly-dressed people!

About Author PageI’m Jennifer J. Harris. I would like to tell you about the latest fashion trends. Do you wear jeans? I guess, all Americans do now. Foreigners follow our example. However, which jeans would you wear? Which ones are stylish? I’ll try to answer the questions. Quite naturally, I’ll justify my opinion. Which way? There are several grounds.

My Personal Experience

I live in a beautiful city, Orlando. It’s growing fast, offering great opportunities for visual and performing art. Additionally, its humid subtropical climate is beneficial. Both rainy and dry seasons are terrific! It provides perfect conditions for resort-style living. Here, in Florida, the tourism industry is developed. For example, our theme parks are famous.

So, whenever it’s hot or warm outdoors, I wear jeans. I do it all year round. Is the casual dress code allowed in your business? If so, you can do it, 7 days a week. Otherwise, weekends make you free.

Additionally, I sell jeans. Working in a local fashion store, I offer them to multiple buyers every day. My store is small. So, I select the lots and make the orders. Do you expect me writing, I sew the jeans? Do I stitch the original embroidery? Of course, I don’t. I can only distress my favorite pair, taper it or make some fashionable cuts.

Expert Opinions

If it goes about fashion, you are your own master. You wear the jeans you like. The ones that suit you are the best. However, I still mention:

  • the recent scientific researches;
  • fabric tests;
  • reliable certifications.

They are important to recognize the top-quality materials. Selection of designers and brands is up to you. Actually, it’s a matter of taste. However, let me give you some pieces of advice. I hope, they help you to look great and unconventional, as you always do. So, ask questions and let me know your opinions.


Jennifer J. Harris