Best White Jeans for Curvy Figures

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Have you got a curvy figure? You may doubt if you can wear white skinny jeans. They commonly make girls look wider than you want. Light color creates an unfavorable optical illusion. However, don’t pull them off! Just select the best white jeans for curvy figures.

White color is not so bad. It’s universal and eye-catching. Light-colored jeans call attention to your hips. Do you prefer to hide them? Don’t be shy. White jeans are perfect in summer. They are amazing for vacations. White clothing looks and feels cool. However, wearing them all year round is acceptable. For example, in Florida, white is a kind of seaside chic. It’s stylish and outstanding!

Do you wonder where to buy white jeans? It’s not a problem. Find several ideas herewith. I highlight the offers I prefer. Study them and enrich your wardrobe. I am sure, a new pair of white jeans make you look incredible.

7 Best White Jeans for Curvy Figures – in 2024

#1. NYDJ Women’s Plus Size
  • Style - slim-fit
  • Fabric Composition - cotton – 86%;
  • polyester - 11%;
  • elastane -3%
  • Fit (As Expected), % - 80
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#2. Ellos
  • Style - boyfriend
  • Fabric composition - cotton – 98%, spandex – 2%
  • Fit (As Expected), % - 63%
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#3. Hybrid Ultra Stretch
  • Style - skinny
  • Fabric Composition - cotton - 75%;
  • polyester - 20%;
  • spandex - 5%
  • Fit (As Expected), % - 66
Editor’s Choice
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#4. Blue Age Ripped
  • Style - slim-fit
  • Fabric Composition - cotton – 98%;
  • spandex – 2%
  • Fit (As Expected), % - 67
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#5. Levi’s Women’s 711
  • Style - skinny
  • Fabric Composition - cotton – 60%;
  • polyester – 24%;
  • viscose – 12%
  • elastane – 4%
  • Fit (As Expected), % - 78
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#6. Wax Juniors Leggings
  • Style - skinny
  • Fabric Composition - cotton – 56%;
  • polyester – 23%;
  • rayon – 19%;
  • spandex – 2%
  • Fit (As Expected), % - 76
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gloria vanderbilt7. Gloria Vanderbilt
  • Style: tapered-leg
  • Fabric Composition – cotton – 73%
  • polyester – 25%
  • spandex – 2%
  • Fit (As Expected, %) – 74
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1. NYDJ Women’s Plus Size: Best Straight Leg Jeans for Curvy Figures

straight leg jeans for curvy figuresJeans’ style is slim. They fit tight at the top. From the knees to the shins, they are straight. The pants don’t fit your legs tight. They just take their shape. Do you wonder how to hide cellulite on thighs? Prefer this style. Slim jeans make your figure proportional and feminine.

Body flaws are hidden. Therefore, you look slim, elegant and refined. The jeans are practical, versatile. They are suitable for young and mature ladies. Around the butt area, the pants fit great. The waist is high-rise. It means the jeans make your silhouette streamlined. Muffin top problems are eliminated.

The unique Lift Tuck technology from NYDJ slims you even more. The construction is curve-contouring. In the back, it flatters. Meanwhile, due to the patented crisscross design, it flattens in the front. Therefore, you look one size smaller.

Particular Qualities

Do you think, the jeans would be too tight? Not at all. They are incredibly comfortable! Please, pay your attention, the pants run large. Selecting one size smaller is recommended. The stretchy material is soft. It enables a perfect fit. Nevertheless, the denim is durable, not see-through. It’s practical, machine washable. Coldwater only. Line dry is preferable.

Quite naturally, if you are tall and heavily built, the length might seem too short. Your long legs can look stubby, cut off. For shorter ladies, it’s just a benefit. You don’t need to have the jeans shortened. What is the real model highlight, is the mini fray hem at the bottom! It looks cute and relaxed.

  • comfortable;
  • curve-contouring;
  • streamlines silhouette;
  • no need to have the jeans shortened;
  • chic frayed hem.
  • awkward length
  • the jeans run large.

General Verdict

Thus, I recommend the jeans from NYDJ for curvy ladies. They are designed especially for you. The slim style, lift tuck technology and stretchy fabric work for your beauty.

2. ellos Plus Size: Cute and Comfy Boyfriend Jeans

cute and comfy boyfriend jeansDo you think, you are a plump woman? If you are vertically challenged, don’t wear very tight jeans. Select this perfect model by Ellos. It hides your unusual proportions. Plus-size jeans are loose. They don’t show your body shape.

Enjoy it! They are stretchy. They grant you perfect, relaxed fit through the legs. So, if you select your accurate size, the jeans fit you snugly, but not tightly. They run a bit large. But you would like to sleep in them due to the comfort they grant. The button doesn’t poke into your belly.

I think jeans are mid-rise. The belt falls about 1” below my waist. You are to consider your waist and hip, to select your size accurately. I also like the style. It’s cool! The pants are fashionable. They are not conventional. Pair the jeans with a jacket and wear them to your office. Due to the crisp white color, they look as bright as a button. These cute jeans grace any festivity or special event.

Beneficial Features

Ellos jeans are distressed. They come with patches on the inside. They cover the holes. Why do manufacturers recommend machine wash in cold water? I think it’s because of the patches. They are a bit flimsy. Gently cycle is also desirable. Fabric composition doesn’t require it.

The jeans are a bit short. Their full inseam is 29-inches long. You can also roll them, making the jeans as short as you want. 2 front and 2 back pockets are available.

  • fashionable, distressed look;
  • comfortable;
  • soft, stretchy fabric;
  • perfect sizing opportunities;
  • well-made.
  • jeans ran big;
  • might be a bit long for a short girl.


Why do I recommend boyfriend jeans by Ellos? They are so cute and fashionable! Distressed and unrolled jeans look cool. Additionally, they are very comfortable.

3. Hybrid Ultra Stretch: Best Jeans for Summer

white jeans for summerDo you need a pair of soft, comfortable jeans? The pants from HyBrid & Company are what you need. They are amazing for a weekend or vacations. Wear them for a long trip or an hour-long walk. The fit is great. It’s possible due to the stretchy fabric.

Some spandex and polyester are available. Therefore, these pants can be called leggings rather than jeans. Is it a downside? I don’t think so. 75% of cotton is sufficient to establish the fabric’s breathability. The jeans that are not restrictive or tight are perfect!

Some ease is beneficial for all ladies, both curvy and ultra-slim. The stretchy waist is essential for day-long wear. Do you perform sedentary work? You don’t need to look uninspiring in the office. Meanwhile, polyester has its advantages. It’s more stain-resistant than cotton. For white jeans, it matters.

white jeans yes or no reviewsSo, wear white jeans for lunch or dinner. Have coffee, juice or red wine without any doubts. The spills are easy to combat. They are removed after one, machine wash. No dye or bleeding. The jeans are not difficult to care. They are functional and practical. Therefore, wear them as casual pants.

The pants look small. The fabric is thin and lightweight. Isn’t it what you need for summer and spring?

The jeans are flattering. They are easy to pull on and off. However, the rise is mid-waist, accentuating your hips. They are true to size, running no small, neither large.

  • comfortable;
  • stretchy;
  • functional;
  • easy to care;
  • versatile.
  • it develops some wrinkles.


The pants may develop wrinkles behind your knees. In some months, they get loose at the waist. Meanwhile, I recommend the pants. They are comfy, light, and functional. The jeans fit for casual or business look. In the summer season, they are just what you need!

4. Blue Age Ripped & Destroyed: Non-Stretch White Jeans

non stretch white jeansDo you need jeans to be comfy? The look and quality should not be compromised. Oh no, the jeans are not completely white! Is it a problem? The blue color is so cool! It’s classic. As to the distressed jeans, select any wash you like. Or bleach them and make the color lighter. The tints specified as “snow wash” are light blue. If you still prefer white color, pick out the model JP-0048T (or A-jp-0048).

Are the jeans non-stretch? 2% of spandex is available. However, these pants are more cotton than the other items I highlight herewith. They are not too stretchy.

The fabric is not too thin. True, premium-quality denim is the company’s core target. Blue Age manufacturers jeans since 2005. The showroom and the tailor shop are located in downtown Los Angeles. So, the style is amazing! The jeans designed in California look contemporary and young.

If your figure is curvy, all the more reason to select the brand. Moreover, the slim-fit style is what you need. The jeans enhance your curves, shape your figure. They look like the skinny ones, but a bit loose at the shins. It makes them very comfy.

Interesting Facts

white skinny jeans cheapThe original butt-lifting technology is applied. It’s body-shaping. The jeans flatten your thighs. Your curves are flawless! The fabric is top-quality, thick. It’s not see-through. However, it’s soft. The jeans could be a bit snug or tight. But they don’t bag out at the knees. These pants still run large. Junior size fits you, making you look slim like a teenager.

So, the jeans are suitable for everyday use. Wear them at work or for a weekend trip. The pockets are functional. The look is outstanding. Wearing these fashionable jeans, you’ll never look like a mousy person.

  • top-quality fabric;
  • fit great;
  • the color doesn’t fade;
  • easy to wash;
  • comfortable and form-fitting.
  • the jeans run large;
  • thick denim.

Overall Verdict

So, I recommend the jeans by Blue Age. They are comfortable, stylish, and flattering. The shape is amazing. The look is perfect. The jeans are comfortable are suitable for all-day-long use. Feel every day like at the ocean shore!

5. NYDJ Plus Size Barbara Bootcut Jeans: Best White Jeans to Hide Cellulite

best white jeans to hide celluliteYou do need the classics from the global leader in jeans. Everybody knows that Levi Strauss founded his company in San Francisco. In the time-honored 1853, denim pants were designed to endure various Gold Rush jobs.

Are the white jeans Levis produces are considered to be imported now? Most of their jeans are made in the USA. But not model 711. It’s declared on the manufacturer’s page. So, this model is stretch, with a lot of polyester and viscose. It is a benefit? The fit is great, without a waist gap. The look is fantastic! The jeans hold up and stand repeated washing and wearing.

Quite naturally, the fabric is smooth, velvety soft. The jeans grant you comfortable, great feel. The fit is relaxed. The legs are skinny. Therefore, your hips and thighs look slim.
However, if your shins are wide, it may be a problem. The jeans would not fit you.

What about the waist? The jeans are mid-rise. I wish they were a bit higher. The waist is a bit low.
Additionally, if you were very slim, the jeans could be loose at the top. If you are curvy, they fit perfectly well.

Through hips and thighs, they are flattering. You look pretty slim, wearing them.

levi's white jeans womens

  • true, not thin denim;
  • little stretch for comfort;
  • perfect fit;
  • stylish.
  • a bit lower than mid-rise.

General Impression

So, I recommend Levi’s jeans. They are top-quality, durable. The fabric doesn’t see through. The pockets are well-made. Meanwhile, the feel is comfy. The look is amazing.

6. Wax Juniors Leggings: Best White Jeans for Cellulite

anti cellulite jeans reviewsWhy are these jeans top-rated? I think the fabric is not the best. It’s a bit synthetic and not heavy. That is, it’s thin. Additionally, machine wash only in cold water is possible. If you prefer black jeans, it matters. Some residue can be left on the other clothing you wash with. White jeans are ok.

However, the fabric is soft and pleasant to touch. It feels great after several washes. Additionally, it’s rather durable. Jeans are designed for everyday use. They are reliable and trendy. Deconstructed aspects are not obvious. Do you know the famous Wax Jean company? It’s based in Los Angeles. In the fashion industry, it’s well-known. It uses only the finest fabrics.

So, the jeans are so stylish! The cuts look fashionable. As for me, I like the rip details. The loose strings and the frayed areas are cool. Maybe, you would prefer the rips to be a bit larger. But they are unique, looking individually.

The pants can be called leggings rather than jeans. Meanwhile, they are comfortable. The pants are cool, suitable for summer and humid climate. Is the material too stretchy? The jeans may bag at the hips. However, it depends on the sizing.

Additional Recommendations

It seems to be junior’s. But, taking one size below is recommended. The stretchy fit is amazing. The waist is mid-rise. The jeans are a bit lower than I expected. Therefore, they accentuate your curves. Additionally, white pants are a bit see-through. Don’t forget to select suitable underwear.

  • soft, stretchy fabric;
  • great feel;
  • stylish rips;
  • perfect fit.
  • white fabric is see-through;
  • the leggings are a bit breezy in winter.

Final Impression

Generally, I recommend Wax leggings to curvy ladies. They are soft, comfortable, and stretchy. The jeans suit juniors the best. However, why don’t you look individual and like a junior? The style is amazing.

7. Gloria Vanderbilt: Seasonal, Go-to-meeting Jeans

seasonal go-to-meeting jeansTemperatures are becoming extremely high very soon. What would you like to wear in spring and summer? Have a look at a super cool example of the seasonal style. I hope, you won’t stay at home for ages. Perfect occasions to go out and visit a restaurant are in the wings.

Festive outfit is not common nowadays. Modern Amanda jeans are eye-catching at any event. Classic and elegant, they create an inerasible impression on all your conversants. Amanda jeans fit all body types. They flatter your figure, making you look charming and attractive.

Special Aspects and Details

The brand, initiated by the famous designer is well-known. Reputed lady creates her outstanding jeanswear masterpieces since 1976. She designs them, especially for women. Being on a first-name basis with your needs and struggles, she attains perfection. Thus, Amanda jeans are fashionable, classic and versatile.

Original pairs come with:

  • heavy-duty, metal zipper;
  • smooth, sculpt stretch fabric;
  • classic, elegant design;
  • functional pockets;
  • iconic swan logo.

Amanda jeans are slimming and body-flattering. High-waist and top-quality stretchy denim are super comfortable. They grant you ease of movement you deserve every day. You can wear them while traveling, shopping or entertaining. The weather in spring might change from minute to minute.

So, you can pair your versatile with a raincoat and stylish boots. If you go to the beach, they work with your favorite t-shirt and chanks. Classic jeans match any top, any shoes, flats or heels. Meanwhile, vintage white color is outstanding. It’s super bright and brilliant!

  • stylish;
  • versatile;
  • perfect fit;
  • slimming design;
  • makes shapely women look thinner.
  • may fit large, being a bit loose at the top;
  • better suits tall than petite girls.


Amanda jeans by Gloria Vanderbilt are stylish and versatile. They contour your curves, flattering your body. Tried-and-true design is breath-taking. It grants you a great look and a comfortable, easy feel. Versatile denim pants suit most casual and festive occasions. Time to go out should be soon, and you deserve it.

Buyers’ Guide

Have you got a curvy figure? White skinny jeans could become an absolute taboo for you. The light color makes your butt look bigger. Skinny pants add volume. They are suitable for tall women. If your legs are long, they enhance it. Skinny jeans suit best the figures that are described as “hourglass” or “inverted triangle”. However, what to do, if you are curvy and short?

If your body belongs to “pear” or “apple” type, it’s not a flaw. Charming owners of large hips are commonly advised to prefer:

  1. dark colors that give your curves slim look;
  2. other styles such as straight or boot cut;
  3. high-rise waist, to make your legs look longer.

Fortunately, several jeans fashions are suitable for all body types. They include jeggings (jeans made of denim), slim fit and straight legs types. The styles that fit curvy figures the best are boot cut and flared bottoms.

More information can be found here: best jeans for hourglass figure!

What are best white pants for curvy figures?

The most flattering white pants for curvy bodies are cuts with stretch fabrics that contour curves rather than gap at the waist or dig into hips and thighs. Great options include mid-rise pull-on skinny jeans with ample stretch, wide leg pants with an elastic or adjustable waistband, and figure-skimming ponte knit styles with subtle sheen. All provide shape rather than cling while smoothly accentuating curves. White jeans with pockets placed diagonally complement wider hips. Pair with muted patterns and darker hues on top for a long and lean silhouette. Ultimately the best white pants feature stretchy fabrics that comfortably hug curvy figures.

What to Wear with White Jeans?

Women that are heavily built may prefer jeans, flaring at the bottom. Wide leg openings grant a kind of “thigh-balancing” effect. The jeans move the focus from your belly and hips. Meanwhile, it’s better to wear boot cut jeans with high-heeled shoes. Otherwise, low height can become a problem. You would look wider and shorter than you want.

Nevertheless, when it comes to women’s’ white jeans, boot cut style is very popular. These pants are chic, versatile and comfortable. In summer, it’s a real catch! Pair the jeans with sandals and tank top or a cute, soft blouse. Even in winter, on a foggy or rainy day, white jeans are suitable. Pair them with ankle boots. They help you to feel warm.

What is Cowboy Cut Jeans?

As for me, cowboy boots are better to pair with dark-colored jeans. Cowboy cut style is suitable. These pants are practical and durable. They are initially designed for rodeo athletes. Made from tough and practical, heavy-weight denim, these classic jeans are built for comfort.

These jeans were introduced by Wrangler in 1947. They feature 5 functional pockets, high waist. Pairing the pants with a western belt and leather boots is opportune. The leg opening is pretty wide to fit over the boots. However, it’s not as flaring as the boot cut jeans have. The cowboy-style is similar to the slim fit.

Why Select White Jeans?

So, as the denim properties depend on the color, I think, the cowboy jeans’ color is to be rather dark. On the contrary, white jeans or jeggings are:

  • lightweight;
  • festive;
  • eye-catching;
  • fresh.

White jeans are as casual and versatile as cowboy cut pants. However, the color is chic. It’s preferable for the summer holidays and weekends. Quite naturally, white clothing is not the most stain-resistant. In this case, some polyester in the fabric composition is helpful.

How to Hide Cellulite under Pants?

Stretch fabric is not bad when it goes about summer jeggings. They are form-fitting, lightweight, and comfortable. Wash them in cold water, adding some fabric softener. They remain soft and pleasant to touch. Machine washing is still possible.

What about the look? It would be better if you select the jeans with a lifting and flattening effect, it would be much better. Quite naturally, I would prefer fabric that isn’t see-through. Additionally, you can:

  1. Get a fake (or natural?) tan.
  2. Use pantyhose or shapewear with a concealing or lifting effect.
  3. Get a regular spa treatment at home.

Meanwhile, do you need to hide your curves? Just move focus to the other outfit. Wear white skinny jeans with a long, flattering top, for example, a jacket. Bright prints would draw attention upward. Otherwise, use a pareo scarf.

Overall Conclusion

The best white jeans for curvy figures are the ones by HyBrid. They are functional, versatile and comfy. The jeans by Blue Age are perfectly ripped and distressed. Levi’s are classic and stylish.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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