Best Kids Hydration Pack: How do Choose Easy?

best kids hydration pack

Spring is a great time to spend time in nature. When the temperature reaches the 60s and 70s, have a walk with your kid. It’s becoming sunny, so it’s time to plan various outdoor activities. Family hiking and biking trips are beneficial. Buy best kids hydration pack for your child and take the road.

My son, Benjamin, is too small. He is only 5 now. So, we have only short walks and hiking trips together. What kind of backpack does he need?  His knapsack is to be lightweight, small by size, functional and feature-rich. Hydration is essential. Your kid is to drink safe, clean water. It should be easy to sip. Food-grade, BPA-free bladder materials are necessary.

Best Kids Hydration Packs in 2024

What about older kids? Their backpacks and bladders should be only a bit larger. Are there any other differences? Let’s get into details.

1. CamelBak Mini M. U. L. E: Small Kids’ Hydration Backpack

small kids hydration backpackIs your child only 5 or 6 years old? Start with this perfect pack by CamelBak. It’s compact and lightweight. Weighing only about 7 oz., it lets your kids feel safe and independent during the trip. The backpack is low-profile and functional. Its cargo capacity is 90 in3.

This space is enough to hold your kid’s snack. Several small tools or toys find a place there too. It seems that there are only three pockets inside. The pack contains a large, main compartment, and a front, zippered one. Besides, essentials like kid’s phone and camera fit it. Overflow pocket on the top might old only the tube. Carry your child’s warm clothes by yourselves now.

This hydration backpack for kids is pretty comfortable. It suits 3-9 y.o. children with 12-16 in. torso. Breathable back panel is beneficial. I like also wide, padded shoulder straps. They feature ventilated mesh too. Children experience no tension in their upper back.

Features and Specifications

  1. Weight: 7 oz.
  2. Hydration capacity: 50 oz.
  3. Fit: 12-16 in. torso.
  4. Gear capacity: 90 in3.
  5. Safety features: whistle and reflective stripes.

Sternum strap with a large, heavy-duty buckle is wide and reliable. When kids get older, adjusting the straps is not difficult. They might only need more storage. Meanwhile, using Camelbak mini mule for adults is also possible. Small women and marathon runners like it. It contains plenty of water and doesn’t constrict your movements.

Safety features are amazing: they include a whistle and reflective stripes. Most importantly, the children love them! What about drinking water? The backpack comes with a 50-oz Crus reservoir. It’s leak-free and easy-to-sip.

  • lightweight;
  • low-profile;
  • breathable mesh fabric;
  • comfortable;
  • adjustable straps.
  • you are to remove the bladder to clean and refill it;
  • small cargo capacity.


Mini M.U.L.E. hydration backpack by CamelBak meets young kids’ needs. It’s lightweight and low-profile. 50-oz Cruz bladder contains enough water for a short trip. Meanwhile, your child gets some handy pockets to place his or her snacks or gear.

2. CamelBak Kid’s Scout: Best Hydration Pack for Boy Scouts

hydration pack for boy scoutsWhen your children become older, they need larger gear. Scout backpack model by CamelBak suits 8-12 y. o. kids. It fits 15-19 in. torso. It comes with the same beneficial features that mini M.U.LE. model has. Products of this brand feature whistles and breathable back panels. Reflective stripes are also available. Wide shoulder straps let kids carry their essentials like a breeze. Soft, ergonomic handle is helpful.

Water volume is the same, as younger kids need: 50 oz. Why do I prefer Crux reservoir? It ensures high-flow, hands-free hydration. Unique Antimicrobial technology is beneficial. Bacteria don’t grow inside the tube and bladder.

As to the backpack, it has got two additional pockets in the sides. They are transparent, being rather decorative, than functional. Use them to customize and personalize your pack. So are the loops at the front pocket. Cargo capacity makes the difference. 760 in3 of space matters. It means you can put your jacket, traveling gear or some books inside. A small snack always goes in, as it’s necessary.


  1. Weight: 11 oz.
  2. Cargo capacity: 760 in3.
  3. Number of pockets: 4.
  4. Dimensions: 14.6 x 10.2 x 9.4”.
  5. Fits: 15-19 in. torso.

Is the model becoming only to boys? Blue one is. Girls like red and purple colors. The knapsack suits cub scouting age and activities as all backpacks for 9-year-olds, its handy and durable.

  • comfortable;
  • feature-rich;
  • meets kid’s hiking and traveling needs;
  • bright, pleasant colors;
  • Bak lifetime warranty.
  • bladder detaching and cleaning issues;
  • no insulation to keep water cold on a hot day.


Scout backpack model by CamelBak suits grade-school students. It meets kids’ needs during their hiking, zoo field and day camping trips. Some of its pockets and patches are decorative. But the pack is capacious and durable enough for 8-12-year-old kids.

3. Osprey Hydrajet 15: Best Kids Hiking Backpack

kids hiking backpackIs your child very active? A little kid that is obsessed with cycling and traveling needs an advanced carrier. Hydrajet 15 pack by Osprey is roomy and comfortable. Is it large? Dimensions of the backpack are 15 x 10 x 7 inches. It’s only a bit slimmer than CamelBak Scout.

Meanwhile, the backpack fits 11-15” torso. It suits little kids at the age of 4-9 y.o. The pack is lightweight, easy to carry. Its cargo capacity is pretty large. Hydrajet 15 means 15 Liters or about 915 in3 of space. Additionally, Osprey vs. Camelbak has more features.5 different pockets let your child carry a lot of stuff.

Interesting Characteristics

  1. Weight: 12 oz.
  2. Gear capacity: 915 in3.
  3. 4 pockets+ main compartment.
  4. Hydraulics LT reservoir.
  5. Hydration capacity: 50 oz.
  6. Ergonomic handle.

Main compartment is roomy enough to hold clothes, gear, etc. It comes with dual: top and front panel access. Lunch and snacks find place there too. A small, zippered pocket is good for sunglasses, phones, small toys and so on. Side pockets would hold water bottles. They are not transparent, but stretchy.

Front panel bungee is available. Most importantly, it fits kid’s rain jacket, shoes, towel, or gloves. The pack is frameless but comfortable, features soft, padded shoulder straps and a waist belt. A safety whistle on the sternum strap is also available. What about the bladder? Hydraulics LT reservoir contains 50 oz. of water. It features magnetic bite valve. It’s easy to use and lightweight.

  • comfortable to wear;
  • great design and handy features;
  • roomy;
  • pleasant teal and strawberry colors;
  • last for several years, with room to grow.
  • it might be too large for pre-school children;
  • no insulation, so water doesn’t stay cold.


Hydrajet 15 pack by Osprey is not too large, but roomy. It features several handy pockets and attachments. Little kids love using the pack. Just don’t fill it full. Your child shouldn’t carry heavy loads.

4. U’Be Water Backpack: Best Hydration Pack for Older Kids

hydration pack for older kidsAre your kids 11 or 12 y. o. already? Teenagers can spend a lot of time outdoors. They might have a multi-day camping trip or take part in mounting bike races. Compact backpack by U’Be meets their hydration needs. 70 oz. water bladder is enough to run or cycle all day long. It’s leak-free, pressure-tolerant. Consisting of anti-bacterial, BPA-free, TPU plastic, the bladder is safe and easy to use.

Due to advanced insulation, it keeps chilly water cold during a hot day. Fill the bladder with water, add several ice cubes. It’s a perfect, waterproof hydration pack. First of all, it is suitable for several types of outdoor activities in summer: running and hunting, mountain climbing and hiking. It is also used actively in the winter – you can ski or snowboard.

The backpack is lightweight and low-profile. Most importantly, it features a rubberized back panel and breathable straps. Moreover, they are beneficially adjustable. Therefore, the pack fits all your family members: men, women and kids. Waterproof nylon front attachment protects your stuff from rain or snow. Your accessories remain dry at any weather conditions.

 Particular Qualities

  1. Weight: 19.2 oz. (with packing).
  2. Dimensions: 18” x 10”.
  3. Hydration capacity: 70 oz.
  4. Materials: polyester, nylon.
  5. Hose length: 41.8”.

Meanwhile, this compact backpack comes with several zipper front pockets. They are large enough to hold your lunch and essentials. A separate phone holder is available. Put the strap around your arm and keep your phone safe.

  • compact;
  • breathable shoulder straps;
  • versatile;
  • water-proof, all-weather design;
  • advanced water bladder.
  • no chest strap;
  • small gear capacity.


Hydration pack by U’Be is multifunctional. It fits all family members, suiting all seasons and activities. 70 oz. hydration bladder is enough for long runs. Some space is available. The pockets hold your essentials, but not large books or sports equipment.

5. Mothybot: Hydration Pack with Storage

hydration-pack with storageWhen your kids start college, their teenage years are ending. Many of them adore spending their free time outdoors, hiking or cycling. Supply them with reliable and handy outdoor gear. Hydration backpack by Mothybot is roomy and comfortable. The backpack is waterproof and durable.

70 oz. of water hydrate your little ones during their camping trips or walking tours. Find a durable, no-leak, BPA-free Mothybot bladder inside your parcel. It features an insulated tube, a large opening, and a self-lock connector. Insulation compartment keeps water cool during 4-5 hours, at least. It’s large and versatile. Put your kid’s lunch and snacks or a notebook inside.

Useful Opportunities

  1. Weight: 17 oz.
  2. Dimensions: 17.7” x 10.7” x 2.44”
  3. Hydration capacity: 70 oz.
  4. Material: 600 denier polyester.
  5. Fits: 27” – 50” torso.

Other pockets and storage compartments are also handy and functional. Zippered main and front compartments are spacious. They have enough room to place your child’s jackets, snacks, and other stuff. Two waist pouches on the waist strap are not large. Dimensions of each pocket are 6.8” x 3.9”. They fit a smartphone, keys, cards, wallets, etc.

Webbing and front stretch pocket can hold traveling equipment or warm clothes. Why do I like this backpack with a drinking tube? It comes with soft padding on the back. The shoulder straps also lined, breathable, and adjustable are. Safety features(a whistle and reflectors) are available.

  • sturdy and durable;
  • lightweight;
  • adjustable;
  • large cargo and hydration capacity;
  • comfortable.
  • the bladder is hard to clean.


Hydration backpack by Mothybot is sturdy and comfortable. Its straps are adjustable, so the pack suits teen and adult hikers and campers. Insulated water compartment makes it versatile. So, the backpack is all-weather, good for any outdoor activity and season.

Buyers’ Guide: How do Choose Best Hydration Pack for kids’?

Do you remember the time when you were a child? We used to play outdoors every day after school. An EPA survey has found that even in the mid-1990s Americans spent 87% of their time indoors and 6% in the vehicles. Innovative technologies change things. Modern children stay at home, playing games or watching TV.

Nowadays, American kids spend only 4-7 minutes a day outdoors, on average. It’s damaging for their eyesight and overall health. Your child requires outdoor time. Connecting your kids with nature is beneficial. National Wildlife Federation , that it helps them to become:

  • strong;
  • healthy;
  • calm;
  • creative;
  • happy.

Sunlight lets kids’ bodies produce vitamin D. Physical activities make them stronger. It lowers stress levels and boosts their imagination. So, go hiking, birdwatching or fishing with your small kids. Encourage older ones to bike or walk every day. Which way? As an example, provide them with handy and fashionable hydration packs.

How to Get a Six-Pack for 11-Year-Olds?

Everybody knows what to do to be healthy and fit. But for fresh air, your kid needs:

  1. Healthy diet.
  2. Proper workout.
  3. Ample water intake.

Cycling or tree climbing could substitute or complement abdominal exercises. Additionally, drinking a lot of water is beneficial. Your kid is to get access to clean, drinking water in school and everywhere. Younger kids need 4-6 glasses of water a day. School-age children should get 6-8 glasses of water, at least. On a hot day or during intense physical activity these requirements become higher.

How to Choose a Best Kids Hydration Pack?

Quite naturally, top-quality, safe water bladder is a must. Its volume is not critical. 50 oz. capacity is enough for short walks and day trips. Prefer BPA-free reservoirs, if FDA approves them. Anti-bacterial materials, types of mouthpiece and valve matters. Leak-free operation is essential. Additionally, your child is to sip water easily, on the go.

Apart from the bladder, backpack itself is to meet your requirements. Consider its:

  • size;
  • look and design;
  • storage capacity;
  • comfort;
  • usability.

Choose the pack, according to the kid’s age and bodily constitution. Weight of the pack should make not more than 10-15% of your kid’s body weight. Thus, Camelbak Mini Mule vs. Scout is minimalistic. It’s compact, letting pre-school kids carry their water and essentials by themselves.

Comfort is also important. Padded shoulder straps and back panels are beneficial. Firstly, kids’ backpack with a chest strap promotes even weight distribution: consequently, it reduces stress on your kids’ shoulders. Secondly, they have several functional pockets, and attachments will be useful. Bright colors are optional: it is a matter of your taste.

Closing Remarks

There is no winner in this game. No hydration backpack suits all ages and applications. Now I choose Mini Mule by CamelBak for my son, as he is 5. When he gets older, I’ll try the other models. You can use Hydrajet 15 by Osprey as a school bag. Hydration packs by Mothybot and U’Be meet running and hiking needs of teenagers and adult people.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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