Straight vs Skinny Jeans for Women’s

Do you wear jeans? I am sure you do. It doesn’t depend on your figure, age or weight. Even the dress code is not decisive. The pants are amazingly popular nowadays. However, of which style are your main jeans? Let’s compare straight vs skinny jeans womens fashions. Which one fits your figure the best? How to wear your favorite jeans? What are the advantageous accessories? I’ll try to answer these topical questions.

Benefits of Jeans

Jeans are a vital element of every women’s wardrobe nowadays. Millions of people all over the world wear them to walk their dogs, work in the offices or go out. Being initially made of rugged denim, these pants have served for hard-working people for ages. They have been considered to be an element of reliable workwear clothing.

rugged denim jeansThe jeans made of raw denim are:

  • durable;
  • strong;
  • comfortable;
  • stylish;
  • unisex;
  • stain-resistant.

Jeans commonly require less washing than other pants types. They match everything, being long-lasting and hard-wearing. Quite naturally, denim can change its color. According to research, 100% cotton denim can be cellulose-treated. The tint becomes lighter, but it doesn’t make the jeans look worse.

The best white jeans for curvy figures are quite different. They are lightweight, soft and stretchy. Meeting casual dress code, they let you look chic and beautiful. However, do you look slim, wearing them? Which style to prefer to accentuate or hide your curves? You can see the recommendations on Wikipedia.

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Difference Between Skinny and Slim Jeans Women’s

The pants that fit close to your body at the seat are the most fashionable. They are pretty good, especially for women. At the bottom, the jeans are dissimilar. Some of them are wide, flared at the ankles, like boot cut style. The other ones are tapered, sticking to the body. The latter jeans are designed for thin people. They make you look slim, lifting your figure.

What’s the difference between straight and skinny jeans? The fits are quite similar. The leg opening matters. Meanwhile, skinny pants or jeggings are:

  1. made of stretchy fabric;
  2. tight at your calves and ankles;
  3. closely-tapered;
  4. form-fitting.

They fit like a glove, accentuating all your body curves. Being slightly tapered, slim fit jeans are a bit more comfortable than skinny ones. They are looser at the knees and ankles. Additionally, this cut is suitable virtually for all body types. They grant you the perfect, streamlined look.

Slim Fit VS Slim Straight Jeans

First of all, slim fit jeans taper in from the knees down for a narrow leg all the way to the hem, hugging the contours of the legs for a tight fit. Slim straight jeans, on the other hand, have an overall straight cut with a straight leg opening but are tailored to be less baggy through the seat and thighs without fully hugging the legs. While both have a narrower cut compared to relaxed fits, slim fit jeans have an extra tailored shape throughout, fitting snugly on the legs like leggings. Slim straight offers a compromise between a loose and tight fit. So for a contoured skinny style, slim fit jeans deliver more curve-embracing shaping.

What Does Straight Leg Mean in Jeans?

straight leg jeans meaningStraight-leg pants are always in fashion. I guess because they fit everybody. The cut is versatile and simple. It’s perfectly balanced. Therefore, the jeans even out all proportions and shapes. What about the leg opening? It’s the same down the knees. Up to the ankle, the jeans are completely even.

Therefore, straight pants are commonly used for utilitarian purposes. Whenever you are a farmer, an artist or an accountant, wear jeans every day and forget about them. Being a bit loose, but requiring no heels to pair with, the pants are as comfortable as you can imagine it.

Meanwhile, straight fit vs classic fit dress pants is less traditional or old-fashioned. They differ by the rise. Sitting high on your waist, classic-style pants fit short and medium-sized girls, making them look taller.

Straight jeans are commonly mid-rise. They sit below your waist, looking fashionable and stylish.

Which Jeans Are Best for My Body Type?

The world of fashion is full of prejudices. For example, skinny jeans, especially white ones are considered to be not suitable for curvy ladies. If you are short and stout, you would be recommended to pull them off. Forgetting about white leggings is a piece of common advice for small girls with curvy figures.

Otherwise, the pants like Lee high-waisted mom jeans grant you a perfect, wide-leg silhouette. They maximize your curves, making you look slim and relaxed simultaneously. Which cuts are commonly recommended to select for the special body type?

Jeans StyleLeg Opening, “Body TypeDescription
Skinny6 – 6.5hourglass, boy-shapeslim or proportional top and bottom
Slim fit7-8plus sizedlarge body areas
Straight leg10-11all (pear, plus size)wide hips
Boot cut18-20slim and curvy figuresround or normal hips

Additionally, try to consider your height. Tall ladies look great in low-rise jeans. If you are short, prefer higher-waist rises.

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What to Wear instead of Skinny Jeans

Even if your figure is round or curvy, there are no reasons to avoid wearing skinny jeans. Prefer dark colors if you don’t like to accentuate your hips. Otherwise, match the jeans with loose, long tops. Wear a colorful scarf or a sweater with flower print. This way, you draw attention to your face and upper body.

The other jeans styles, suitable for curve figures include:

  • boot cut;
  • boyfriend;
  • cropped;
  • straight leg.

Being not too slim, prefer straight or flaring leg lines. Wide bottom parts balance out your curvy hips and thighs. Wear thick belts to draw attention to your waist. Heels are also beneficial, making your legs look longer.

By the way, Wrangler original fit vs regular fit pants are a bit more fitted at the waist and hips. Original jeans look like slim fit. Regular cut is nor loose, neither tight. Additionally, the original jeans are classic. They are commonly high-rise. Regular fit implies rather a mid-rise waist.

Which type of jeans are right for me?

which jeans are right for meMeanwhile, stretchable jeans or jegging are highly recommended for plus-sized ladies. Baggy styles are to be avoided. However, comfort is essential. The pants should not be too tight.

What to do, if you have selected the wrong size? It might be only 0.5-1 inches smaller than you need. How to make jeans looser around the waist? Add an insertion piece of denim to the seams. Use the fabric from the bottom of the jeans. Finish the raw edges. The alterations are a bit time-consuming and labor-intensive. I would better send the jeans back to the sellers and replace them to a suitable size.

However, if the fabric is stretchable, just insert a hanger and take your time. It helps to loosen the waist. After several hours or days, you wear your favorite jeans all day long and feel comfortable.

General Conclusion

So, can you still wear skinny jeans? Of course, you do. Just select the suitable models and colors. Match the pants with vivid or loose tops. Both blouses and sweaters are good. Heeled leather boots, sandals or slip-ons fashionably pair skinny jeans. Consider the occasions, dress code and your mood and always look great!

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

  1. I am 64, with very slim hips and thighs and not a lot of difference between my waist and hips. Do you have recommendations for someone like me for jeans? I prefer a medium or dark wash. I normally wear a size 12 which fits my waist but often is too big in the hips/thighs.

    • Hi Joanne,
      You have a wonderful age! And judging by the size, the view is great! Everyone will be like you!
      I really want to help you. I would advise you to try the Lucky brand, they have a good size chart and a wide variety of colors.
      Another NYDJ brand also deserves attention: good composition and great fit!
      Good luck!

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