9 Best Plus Size Jeans for Big Stomach

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Do you feel insecure about your belly? Unfortunately, your body composition might have changed with age. Genetic predisposition or hormones decline could make you gain weight. It’s not a reason to feel down. You can look elegant and attractive. Just select best plus size jeans for big stomach. Match them with suitable shoes and tops. Love your curves and feel great!

What are the best jeans for big tummy? They are to be stretchy, and comfortable. Elastic waistband and slimming panel are beneficial features. A stylish, modern look is a must. Fit and color depend on your preferences and body type. So, look at this selection. I hope it lets you pick up something interesting.

Best Plus Size Jeans for Big Stomach in 2024

1. Democracy Jeans: Most Flattering Pants for Plus Size

most flattering pants for plus sizeDo you want to feel beautiful and comfortable? Wear these amazing pants by Democracy. AB solution is their original technology. It features soft, elastic waistband and front mesh panels. It smooths your ab and gives you a perfect booty lift. Specially-shaped yoke hugs your curves. So, the jeans are super stretchy, flexible, and fit well.

Itty Bitty Boot model is a classic so boot cut silhouette is perfect. It helps you balance your hips and thighs. Above all, flare is not enormous: 19” leg opening is what you need: 32” inseam provides enough length. To clarify, it’s nearly at the floor at bare feet. Only jeans for tall plus size women could be longer.

So, wear them with heeled boots or sandals. They give you a youthful shape, making your legs look longer. The Democracy brand gives you elegance and style. Thanks to stretchy fabric, they let you feel as comfortable as wearing trousers. I would only recommend ordering 1 size smaller because pants can stretch quickly. After repeated wash cycles, they might become a bit baggy.


  1. Button closure.
  2. Machine wash in cold water.
  3. 32” inseam.
  4. 18” leg opening.
  • super stretchy and comfortable;
  • perfect length;
  • slimming boot cut silhouette;
  • universal, “no gap” fit;
  • classic, indigo color.
  • fabric might stretch out after repeated wear;
  • Itty Bitty Boot jeans come in one (32” inseam) length.


Itty Bitty Boot jeans by Democracy are stylish and comfortable. They fit your body beautifully and let you look slimmer. My mother loves these super comfy pants. Why don’t you try wearing them?

2. Jessica Simpson: Best Jeans for Plus Size Ladies

9 Best Plus Size Jeans for Big StomachAre you fond of famous singer and actress? She might impress you by her catchy pop songs or roles in brilliant comedy films. In addition to other duties, Jessica Simpson is a talented fashion designer. She established her denim brand in 2010. Since then, she inspires ladies with her sexy, sweet jeans models.

Adored High Rise Flare is just a style name. Quite naturally, women love these jeans. Why? I adore their length and perfect fit. Vintage influence adds some romance. As well as Jessica, every Texas lady loves a flare. Women that come from other states and countries proudly impersonate them. 23” leg opening is unique but versatile and stylish.

So, what is your body type? It might look like pear or apple. Celebrate it. With stretchy, contouring jeans, feel comfortable and stylish all day long. The length is also great. 33-1/2” inseam lets you match the jeans with high-heeled boots or shoes. They fit very tall women that have beautiful, long legs.

So, the trousers fit you for sure. Multiple missy and plus sizes are available. The dark blue wash is flawless. High rise is preferable in many cases. Additionally, stylish stitches, pockets, and other features give you the look you need.

Features and Benefits

  1. 5 pockets.
  2. Zipper closure.
  3. Machine wash.
  4. 33-1/2 inseam.
  5. Leg opening: 23”.
  • stylish, vintage touch;
  • soft, stretchy fabric;
  • comfortable;
  • machine washable;
  • flawless, classic color.
  • fabric requires washing in cold water.


Adores jeans are soft, stretchy and stylish. They put a smile on your face by romantic vintage touch. Length is enough to fit even very tall ladies. Dark blue denim is classic and always fashionable. So, let these jeans elevate your wardrobe. Wear them with your favorite tops and shoes. Feel sexy and comfortable every day.

3. Lee Flex Motion: Best Jeans for Women with Belly

jeans for women with bellyDo you want to remember about the jeans you are wearing statedly? It might happen due to an uncomfortably tight feeling. Flex Motion jeans by Lee are direct contrary. They come with a super comfy flexible waistband. So, you move freely, without any restrictions.

The jeans are soft, and stretchy, but not too tight. They fit you like a glove. If you are tall, having slim legs, and a bit larger bottom, they balance your silhouette. Some flare is available, but not enormous. The jeans are regular-fit. 20” leg opening looks like happy medium.

The style is still boot cut. So, wear them with boots, heeled or flat shoes. 3 lengths available to select is a great benefit. Mid rise (12”) is also a good feature. This style is the most flattering. Sitting at your waist, the jeans visually elongate your legs. They fit virtually all body types.

So, the jeans are stylish, and attractive. They come with detail stitching on the back pockets. Zip-fly and button closure are standard features. So, the jeans wear beautifully, being easy to wash. Quite naturally, they are machine-washable. But turn them inside out before wash. Select a gentle drying cycle. It’s a kind of stylish jeans that don’t stretch out. The fabric might shrink or fade a bit due to continuous impact of heat.

Interesting Information

  1. Mid rise (12”)
  2. Leg opening: 20”
  3. 3 inseams available: 30”, 32” and 34”
  4. 5 pockets
  5. 5 color options.
  • comfortable;
  • soft, stretchy denim;
  • flattering design;
  • attractive look;
  • beautiful colors.
  • the jeans could fade or shrink due to improper washing.


Flex Motion jeans by Lee are super comfy. They come with a flexible waistband. Regular fit and mid-rise make the jeans look like a happy medium. They are stylish, attractive. Just select your size and length carefully and wash the jeans according to the label.

4. Ellos Boyfriend: Best Jeans for Woman’s Body Types

jeans for woman's body typesPlump, vertically challenged women need elegant casual clothes. Ellos collection is a good example. The brand grants you modern, effortless and versatile pieces of clothes. Boyfriend jeans go along with every aspect of your life. This style lets you relax and be natural.

Fabric composition is great. It contains 98% cotton. So, the denim is not as stretchy as other models I recommend herewith. Meanwhile, they are distressed, looking pretty fashionable and fresh. The patches look cute. They create an impression of a playful, humorous young girl on vacation.

Are you afraid of tight fit? You shouldn’t because the jeans are loose. They grant you slouchy, relaxed fit. I would still order one size smaller. Ellos jeans stretch out when you wear them. Due to high cotton content, they don’t shrink when you wash them. Machine wash is acceptable. Manufacturers recommend gentle cycle in cold water due to the patches. They are a bit sensitive to vibrations and water pressure.

Additional Characteristics

  1. 29” inseam
  2. Front and back pockets
  3. Mid rise (the button is about 1” above your waist)
  4. 98% cotton, 2% spandex.
  • top-quality fabric;
  • relaxed fit;
  • comfortable;
  • cute distressing;
  • figure-flattering.
  • the jeans stretch out, so order 1 size smaller;
  • patches do need delicate washing cycle.


Ellos boyfriend jeans are great for young and elderly plus-sized ladies. It’s a real find, like the best jeans for 60 year old woman or 50 years old! They are natural, consisting of 98 %, but modern, distressed. The jeans grant you relaxed fit and a great feel of effortless moves. The patches are cute! Wash the jeans carefully and they last long.

5. Levi’s 720: Best Jeans for Big Waist Skinny Legs

jeans for big waist skinny legsDo you have some doubts about wearing super skinny jeans? If your size is 18 or 20, it could be not your best choice. 720 model jeans look like jeggings. But only the colors that don’t have contrast stitching. Black Forest NI and Hypersoft Leopa look virtually like leggings. If you don’t look closer at them.

Skinny jeans by Levi’s consist of real denim. It’s soft, stretchy and super comfortable. The fabric is highly durable. I am not sure about the technology. I guess Levi’s could apply their innovative Sculpt design. It smooths, molds and sculpts your curves. What’s the secret? Denim stretches in 4 directions.

So, the jeans never get baggy. They hug your curves, and support your stomach. Levi’s jeans flatter your waist. It’s comfortable to wear them all day long. Fabric might be a bit too lightweight for winter. In southern states, such as Texas or Florida, you can wear jeans year-round.

Do skinny jeans look good on plus sizes? The jeans are pretty stylish, coming with original Levi’s accessories and 5 pockets. Blue colors have metal buttons with Levi’s insignia. Leather signature tag is on the back of the waistband. So, the jeans are true high rise. They make your legs look longer. If you still doubt, select a dark color and enjoy perfect softness and comfort.

Useful Features

  1. High rise (12.5”)
  2. Inseam: 30”
  3. Leg opening: 11.5”
  4. 5 pockets
  5. 7 colors available
  • soft, stretchy denim;
  • durable fabric;
  • legs elongating silhouette;
  • flattering design;
  • nice size pockets.
  • fabric might be too lightweight to wear in winter in a cold climate;
  • skinny legs could be too tight at the ankles.


Levi’s super skinny jeans flatter your waist. They are super comfortable, soft, stretchy. Thanks to high rise design, they visually elongate your legs. Dark colors let you look slimmer. So, it’s a perfect choice.

6. Wrangler Retro Mae: Authentic Curve-flattering Jeans for Rotund Figures

authentic curve-flattering jeans for rotund figuresBeing a contemporary lady, you may appreciate retro style. Classic and original, it lets you show your courageous individuality. Brave and creative, you shouldn’t be a rancher to wear boot-cut jeans. This fashion suits not only modern cowgirls and farmers. Cool aesthetics and iconic design make it timeless.

Do you like boot cut style? It flatters your curves, elongating the line of your legs. If you are a tall, chunky lady, it fits you perfectly. Accentuating your charming curves, wide-leg jeans grant your hourglass appearance. Hugging your hips and things, your legendary denim pants are refreshing. They let you look virtually slim and charming. Flex waistband adjusts to your body, providing ease of movement and ultimate comfort.

Product Features and Details

Being figure-flattering and versatile, Wrangler’s jeans are durable, built-to-last. Retro Mae boot cut model stands out by:

  • no gap, contour waistband;
  • comfortable, flattering mid-rise waist;
  • stain-resistant, stretchy fabric;
  • leather patch and signature W stitching on the pockets;
  • 16” leg opening.

Iconic Wrangler’s details make Retro Mao jeans fashionable and trendy. It lets you feel comfy and confident all day long. Meanwhile, durable, top-quality denim is masterful. Not too stiff, but not too stretchy, it lasts for years. But for high (23%) polyester content, machine wash is possible. Original denim doesn’t fade or stretch out. It holds its shape over time, withstanding all tests of time.

  • durable, top-quality;
  • perfect fit;
  • stylish authentic detailing;
  • contouring flex waistband;
  • flattering cut.
  • sizing might be tricky if there is no length indication.


Retro Mae jeans by Wrangler are stylish and comfortable. They come with contour waistband, accentuating your curves. Stretchy denim is soft, pero like strong and durable. Finally, the legendary boot cut design grants you courageous look and confident feel.

7. Lee Instantly Slims: Body-Flattering Jeans for Curvy Ladies

body-flattering jeans for curvy ladiesAre you a showy, plus-size lady? Your pear-shaped or apple body may look super attractive. Weight gain would only make you buy a new pair of jeans. Instantly Slims model by Lee is the real thing. The jeans do fit you great, delivering a neat, elegant look.

Basic Features and Profiles

Instantly Slims black pants by Lee make you feel comfortable and delicate. It comes with:

  • hidden, tummy-slimming panel;
  • stretch, but not too lightweight denim;
  • classic look and design;
  • mid-rise, normal waist;
  • straight-leg, relaxed fit;
  • elegant black color.

Ya tu sabes, zipper-fly, button closure and 5 large pockets are available. All stylish, brand-name jeans feature them. A well-known and reputed brand like Lee is particularly stylish. Manufacturing a wide range of fashionable clothes since 1889, the company aims at perfection. Initially founded in Salina, Kansas, it became a worldwide leader in the apparel industry.

Thus, I highly recommend their Instantly Slims jeans. They stand out by top quality and excellent versatility. Relaxed fit design (with 17” leg opening) suits everyday occasions. You can be vibing in your yard or visit one of the famous Disney Theme Parks, wearing them.

Enjoy superior comfort and ease of movement. Top-quality, denim is soft and stretchy. It’s not tight or restrictive. Containing 81% of cotton, it feels great in summer. Even under the strong sun of Florida, it feels light, literally breathable. Sleek lines smooth your curves. Additionally, rich, true black color is beneficial. It visually flatters your body, letting you look thinner than you are.

  • soft, stretch denim;
  • solid construction;
  • elegant, classic style;
  • curve-flattering design;
  • perfect cut and fit.
  • might be a bit loose at the top;
  • short inseam length is still long for petite ladies.


Instantly Slims (former Classic Fit Monroe) jeans are comfortable and curve-flattering. The sophisticated tummy panel makes them elegant, but not tight. Rich black color and sleek lines accentuate your body excellence. Wearing them, you feel self-confident and attractive.

8. 1822 Denim: Cropped Skinny Jeans for Shapely Women

cropped skinny jeans for shapely womenHave you put on several pounds last year? No big deal. Being a plus-size, showy lady, you shouldn’t hide your beautiful curves. Celebrate and accentuate them, wearing a flattering pair of jeans. Modern pants by 1822 Denim won’t disappoint you.

These trendy, figure-flattering jeans look like cropped skinny capris. Stretchy and flexible, they feel as comfy as your old-shoe leggings. They consist of true, heritage denim. Mid-weight and soft, it molds to your body curves. Sustainable and eco-friendly polycotton by 1822 Denim is top-quality. It contains a lot of easy-going stretch, pero like keeping its shape all day long.

Distinctive Characteristics

The cropped skinny jeans are snug, but not restrictive. They feature:

  • flattering (12”) high rise;
  • soft, supportive, sustainable denim;
  • cropped, 23” inseam;
  • moderate, 12” leg opening.

These fashionable jeans become your favorite casual outfit. They are comfy enough to support your long-day missions. The high-rise waist perfectly fits your pear or apple body shape. It’s roomy enough to avoid cutting into your delicate skin. Relaxed in the hips area, the jeans are snug but not tight.

Even if you have muscular legs, they are easy in the calf area. Dasit, you can wear these long skinny jorts or capris every day. They enrich your walks and shopping tours. In winter, during cold spells, match them with a pullover and knee-high boots. In summer, they don’t create a suffocating effect. They fit your body well, even when you are swelling. With dressy shoes and an elegant top, the jeans suit your special party or date.

  • plus size-friendly;
  • stylish, lived-in look;
  • top-quality, easy-going stretch denim;
  • soft, top-quality fabric;
  • authentic detailing.
  • might be large in the butt area;
  • could run big.


The skinny capris by 1822 Denim are stylish and comfortable. They fit your showy curves, enabling easy movement. A vast deal of stretch in the denim composition makes them feel like leggings. Pero like, it’s true, top-quality and soft. The signature front and back pockets, button and zipper are working great.

9. Allegrace: High-waist, Skinny Jeans for Big Women

high-waist skinny jeans for big womenIf you have a big butt and legs, it shouldn’t make you be skittish about your look. You can feel confident and fashionable, wearing matching clothing. The plus-size, super-stretchy denim pants by Allegrace are a good example. They let you look stylish and move freely every day.

A big stomach or wide hips are not your figure downsides. Ya tu sabes, your pear-shaped body has its clear-cut assets, like a slender waist. Do high-rise, skinny jeans fit it? The modern pants by Allegrace do. They enable a clean look and flattering, form-fitting silhouette.

Features and Benefits

Do you know who produces the jeans? The brand Allegrace supposably belongs to Yiwu WuBang Company. It means, Chinese laborers manufacture them in their local factories. Pero like it doesn’t downgrade the high quality of their denim and styling. Dasit, these elegant jeans stand out by:

  • super-stretchy, soft denim;
  • perfect fabric composition (68-75% cotton, 23-30% rayon, 1.7-2% spandex);
  • classic, 5-pocket detailing;
  • figure-flattering construction.

The stylish skinny pants visually elongate your lower body. They support or flatten your tummy. Additionally, the super stretchy fabric is beneficial. Thin and soft, it doesn’t pinch. You won’t have to unbutton the jeans to eat or breathe freely. Meanwhile, the signature denim is durable, good-looking and easy to wash.

Will you wear full-leg jeans in summer? In Florida, they might be a bit sweaty. Pero like the soft, premium denim by Allegrace is breathable. It doesn’t give you any suffocating feel. So, you can wear them any season, with heeled sandals or flats like chanks. A lightweight tunic top or an elegant cardigan complement your look.

  • super stretch, skin-friendly denim;
  • fashionable look;
  • body-shaping, legs elongating style;
  • reliable pockets and zipper closure;
  • comfortable and versatile.
  • might be a bit short for tall ladies.


The plus-size jeans by Allegrace are trendy and comfy. They shape your showy curves, enabling a clean, stylish look. High-waist and skinny, they don’t keep you from breathing freely. Soft, super-stretch denim feels like leggings. Dasit, the jeans suit all-season activities and everyday wear.

Buyers’ Guide

Are you a plus-size woman? You are a beautiful lady. If you work as a model, it’s no wonder. Men love curves. They find them attractive, pleasant to touch. Your husband or boyfriend adores you. You may be an active, hard-working person, a happy wife or an independent woman.

I am sure, you know how to enjoy every minute of your life. So you look healthier than thin, super skinny ladies. According to the CDC, losing weight is not the best way to improve your health. Additionally, the University of California studied the BMI index. Researches state it’s not the most reliable. According to it, scientists considered 54 million Americans overweight. Recent research showed that 34.4 million of them are healthy.

What is best jeans for big belly?

For individuals with a larger belly, the best jeans typically have a higher rise or are designed with stretchy materials to offer comfort and flexibility around the waist. Look for jeans with elastic waistbands or relaxed fit styles that provide more room in the midsection.

What Clothes to Wear if You Have a Big Stomach?

Are plus-size women more demanding than thin ones? Quite naturally, you need closing for any occasion. It is to be:

  • flattering;
  • comfortable;
  • stylish;
  • fashionable.

Your garment should fit you the best. So you feel confident in your beauty and charm. Jeans make your off-duty, casual style. They should look great and let you move freely all day long.

A problem still exists. Fashion industry doesn’t meet demands of plus-size shoppers completely. Available options are unfashionable, boring or frumpy. Fortunately, there are designers and brands that offer sexy, trendy jeans. They fit your curves and lifestyle.

How Can I Hide My Belly Fat in My Pants?

It seems that loose clothes make you look even bigger. However, perfect accessories like elastic waistbands do the job. Avoid using too many waist details such as buttons or belt loops. Match your jeans with suitable tops, like:

  1. Asymmetrical or flowing tunics.
  2. Long blazers and cardigans;
  3. Billowy blouses;
  4. Oversized or polo shirts;
  5. Classic denim jackets;
  6. Trapeze sweaters.

Tops with volume balance out your silhouette. It lets your lower part look much slimmer. Additionally, you can draw attention to your face. Wear a lightweight scarf or cute necklace, therefore.

How Do You Wear High Waisted Jeans Plus Size?

Some jeans aspects make your legs look longer. They include:

  • dark wash;
  • stretchy fabric;
  • skinny cut;
  • high-rise design.

Jeans with high-rise waists provide perfect tummy control. They ensure smoothing, slimming effect. Fabric may contain 1-2% of elastane, some amount of polyester, rayon or viscose. Anyway, it is to be soft, flexible to walk, super comfortable.

How to wear plus size skinny jeans? Prefer dark colors and washes. They visually minimize your stomach and bottom. Monochromatic clothing is always beneficial. It’s a slimming option! High-heeled shoes and boots also help. They fit both boot cut and skinny jeans. So, heeled footwear elongates your legs. You appear taller, feel strong and confident.

Overall Conclusion

Itty Bitty Boot Jeans by Democracy are the best for big stomach. They are flattering thanks to boot cut silhouette and Ab smoothing panel. Adored jeans by Jessica Simpson grant you romantic touch of vintage. Flex Motion jeans by Lee could be a happy medium in terms of rise and cut.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

  1. Coming from a plus size (18-20) mom of 3 with absolutely NO self esteem or style 🤣 I can’t thank you enough for this article! I stay inside mostly just because I’m not comfortable with my size or the way clothes look on me but after reading your article, I’m definitely going to buy some new jeans and get out more! Thanks!

    • Hi Belinda,
      I am very happy for you, you must always love and accept yourself for who you are! Be bold and relaxed, buy yourself not only jeans but also a couple of interesting accessories.

  2. I’m looking for jeans for somebody who has a fat gut but no butt and something very cheap. I don’t have a lot of money I live off of Social Security but I need jeans badly and I can’t keep wearing jeans that I put a bad belt on or suspenders and they still fall down

    • Hi Renee,
      I’m very sorry that you have a problem with the fit of your clothes. And I would very much like to help you!
      I can assume that jeans from Levi’s or this model, for example, will suit you.

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    Nicolette Anderson March 29, 2021 at 6:57 pm

    What a great article! Embracing the plus size, instead of fighting it! I have a problem with ANY jeans, I have a round belly and no butt, thinner thighs. My jeans always slide down, even with a belt…do you have a recommendation for me?

    • Hi Nicolette,
      Why don’t you try an easy way to fix this problem – denim suspenders? Put on your favorite jeans and secure them with suspenders. I think your problem will be solved!

  4. Hi I’m Vikki and when I turned 43 I got this huge stomach and haven’t been able to loose it (now 47)it’s huge hangs and it affects my clothing styles. I’m oddly shaped I’m short and the 14 are to small at tummy but 15 juniors and 16 women’s are big end up baggy with no attractive figure always ends up slouchy at knees and hips It’s very depressing getting dressed is such a a challenge. Spent so much money on diff. Types but I’m glad to get these new ideas hoping one works it. Thx again

  5. Looking for plus size skinny jeans

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