Best Jeans for Tall Skinny Guys

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best jeans for tall skinny guys
Are you a tall and thin man? You would classify your body as ectomorph type. I guess it’s trendy nowadays. All fashion models look like you. “Hanger effect” helps them to display clothes well. Thin people commonly look more confident and attractive than overweight bihs. But finding your best jeans for tall skinny guys is not always easy. I think fast metabolism is not a problem. Curvy ladies dream to take a lot of bussing food every day and gain no bodyweight. But inseams longer than 34 inches are rare in occurrence.

Finding a suitable style is not complicated. Straight-leg or slim-cut pants keep you from looking too thin. Mid-rise jeans fit all people, tall and short. So, let me offer you a decent selection of online options. I hope, it helps you to cherry-pick a pair of jeans that become your favorite wear.

7 Best Jeans for Tall Skinny Guys in 2024

1. Levi’s Men’s 512: Best Jeans for Tall Thin Guys

jeans for tall thin guysAre you slim and young? You need a pair of durable versatile jeans. Levi’s denim trousers are classic, legendary and top-quality. They are a paragon of casual clothing. The jeans also stand out by fashion-forward-look and modern style. Being durable, Levi’s became a vibrant symbol of go-to products to dress rebellious youth.

Are you fixing to present a pair of jeans for your adult son or younger brother? Your little jitmight be taller than you, busy and disobedient. But he definitely needs modern, comfortable denim pants. An opportunity to wear business casual clothing in the office is beneficial. It lets a young man feel a bit more relaxed and comfortable. This way, you emphasize your personality and look great everywhere and always.

There are multiple options within the 512 Levi’s collection. There are several stylish ripped items. Some of them are a bit stretchy. Other ones come in light-colored washes. I ‘d like to review the most versatile option herewith. It stands out by classic blue color and well-fitting cut.

Young people like slim fit. It’s not too skinny, neither baggy at all. The jeans perfectly fir slender young men. They are not large at the ankles, featuring no “bell bottom” effect. Your calves still get a little room. At the waist and thighs, the denim pants are nearly skin-tight but comfortable. They sit a bit below your waist, granting your elegant, clean look.

Outstanding Features

  1. Thick, heavyweight denim.
  2. 99% cotton, a bit stretchy breathable fabric.
  3. 5-pocket style.
  4. Slim-cut legs.
  5. Machine-washable.

Fortunately, 34” and 36” inseam lengths are available. Levi’s has 38” inseam in the size chart. It should be available on request. Above all, the jeans reach your foot or shoe, providing a perfect, elegant look.

  • machine-washable, long-lasting fabric;
  • comfortable;
  • stylish;
  • well-fitted;
  • relaxed feel.
  • if you have muscular calves, the fit might be too close or tight.


Blue (golden –overdue) jeans from 512 Levi’s collection are durable and well-fitted. Rebellious young people like their style, excellence, and slim fit. Looking tight and modern, also the pants are extremely comfortable. The cut benefits men with slender legs. Long inseams are beneficially available.

2. Nudie Lean Dean: Best Jeans for Big and Tall Guys

jeans for big and tall guysBeing unbearded and healthy, you don’t muse on allergies and skin concerns. But 100% organic cotton denim is healthy. It’s a safe, sustainable and natural solution. Philosophy of Nudie Jeans is environmentally-friendly. Maria Erixon founded the brand in 2001, in Sweden. Nowadays, it’s a fast-growing, international enterprise.

I would also call this option budget-friendly. Even if the jeans are not very affordable, they don’t wear out. One of the company ideas is about clothing durability. The concept means you wear your pants every day within six months without laundering them. So, they distress naturally and get unique well-worn look in good time.

You should also feel the denim pants as your second skin. Its fabric gets no extra washes or treatment during production. So, it contains no harmful chemicals that might irritate your skin.

Features and Details

These branded pants dangle a little on the seat. They look just like your comfortable best jeans for men without the buttocks. Fortunately, they don’t wear thin on the top. Slim, tapered legs make them stylish and fashionable. Featuring no tight spots, the jeans are still extra comfortable.

They stand out by:

  1. 75 organic cotton denim.
  2. Jacron patch with the logo.
  3. All black stitching/threads.
  4. Beautiful silver buttons and rivets.
  5. Durable zip fly.

11.75-oz denim is comparatively lightweight. But it’s not easy to break. 1% of elastane lets them stretch a bit, when necessary. Dry cold black jeans are elegant. So, they look more and more beautiful with every wash. Follow the washing instructions, don’t put the pants to the dryer and they last very long.

  • wide selection of sizes, including 34” and 36” inseams;
  • perfect fit;
  • lightweight, organic cotton;
  • long-lasting, durable fabric;
  • versatile, elegant black color.
  • if you are lean, the jeans would look a bit saggy at the seat.


Lean Dean Jeans by Nudie are stylish and durable. Lightweight, organic cotton denim with a bit of stretch is chemical-free. It looks perfect in several months of heavy use. Elegant black color looks great after multiple washes or without them. Tapered leg fit flatters your body imperfections.

3. Ariat M5 Slim-Fitted: Best Jeans for Tall Skinny Man

jeans for tall skinny manDo you like the legendary cowboy style? In the modern world, it’s acceptable and even trendy. Ariat M-series jeans stand out by award-winning performance and heavy-duty durability. Pam Parker and Beth Cross founded the company in 1993 in California. Besides, horse race sports events inspired them.

Nowadays, Ariat International focuses on top-quality, western, and casual footwear. So, the brand pays attention to the bottom of your pants. It should match your boots perfectly well. All other details and features standout by premium quality and long-lasting durability.

Features and Benefits

M5 Slim-fitted jeans by Ariat are a piece of western-style, designer dress pants. They feature:

  1. Thick, 100% cotton, heavy denim.
  2. Low-rise waist.
  3. Slim-fit through the waist and seat.
  4. Straight-leg cut.
  5. Heavy-duty zippers and hardware.
  6. Extra-deep front pockets.
  7. Extended inseam.

The jeans are straight through the thigh. At the bottom, below your calves, they are stackable. Extended inseam makes it possible. Thus, the denim pants match your boots. They show their heels and toes halfway. At the seat, the fashionable trousers are still a bit baggy. These dress pants might also suit big tall men. But if you are very slim, you might not like the fit.

Medium-wash fabric is premium-quality and thick. The manufacturers hand-sanded it, providing the jeans with a perfect, lived-in look. Besides, they are fairly comfortable for various works, including agricultural, hunting, and hiking tips. You can use the jeans as workwear, as they meet the high requirements of ATPV95 and NFPA 70E safety standards.

  • legendary western style;
  • heavy, cotton denim;
  • comfortable;
  • stackable at the bottom;
  • safe to work and travel.
  • a bit baggy at the seat;
  • not very blingy look.


Straight-leg jeans by M5 Ariat collection are comfortable and durable. Due to extended inseam, they match your stylish boots. Inseams up to 38” are available. If you are tall and thin, they fit you, promoting free motion.

4. Calvin Klein: Best-Fitting Jeans for Tall Skinny Guys

fitting jeans for tall skinny guysIf you are young and thin, modern, slimming look might be your fashionable choice. Whenever you are tall or short, it flatters your waist and body. Forever black color makes your legs look even slimmer than they are. Do you like it? A contemporary, stylish look is beneficial.

If you are slim, the jeans are not hyper tight. They have enough room even for muscular thighs and calves. The pants retain a fashionable, clean look; besides, they are perfectly comfortable. Thanks to 2% of elastane, and top-quality, slight-stretch denim, your jeans let you move all day long. Active, young people appreciate easy movement and flexible feel.

Features and Details

These fashionable jeans become your wardrobe staple. Thoughtful detailing makes them elegant and beautiful. You’ll like their matchless features, such as:

  1. Omega stitching on the back pockets.
  2. Logo hardware and finish.
  3. Leather logo tag with contrasting white lettering.
  4. Mid-rise fit.
  5. Ultimate comfort.

The jeans are branded, long-lasting, machine-washable. Thanks to innovative technology forever black color doesn’t fade. Multiple inseams up to 34” are available. Dasit, the jeans fit you precisely, like a glove, flattering your body leanness. They don’t keep you from moving freely and suit any occasion, including business casual events.

  • elegant, black color;
  • machine-washable without fading;
  • unique detailing, special to the brand;
  • flexible, comfortable feel;
  • perfect fit.
  • might be hard to put on;
  • you might want a tighter fit and lower rise.


Skinny fit jeans by Calvin Klein are an instance of stylish, fashionable clothing. They make you look modern and young. Black color is elegant, conforming to a bit more relaxed dress code (business casual). Moreover, the jeans let you move freely and feel flexible.

5. Buffalo David Bitton Six-X – Comfortable Men’s Lightweight Jeans for Summer

comfortable men’s lightweight jeans for summer
When summer heats up, you are to avoid excessive sweating. In Florida, high humidity makes it even more uncomfortable. So, you need at least one pair of stretchy, lightweight pants. The jeans by Buffalo feature semi-synthetic fabric. It consists of rayon (lyocell), cotton, polyester and viscose.

So, the fabric eliminates moisture. Additionally, it’s soft to touch. As a result, you can wear your denim pants 7 days a week. Enjoy additional comfort during thunderstorms and in sunny weather. Slim straight style and dark wash grant you versatility and ease.

As any classic pants, these jeans feature five pockets, belt loops, a button and zip fly. Stylish embroidery on hip pockets looks like stitching, but it’s still authentic. Heavy sanding and crinkle effect makes the jeans look trendy and stylish.

They fit excellently, without being tight. Fortunately, 32’ and 34’ inseam lengths are available. Pero like you are to follow the machine wash instructions thoroughly. It lets you avoid fabric ripping.

  • lightweight;
  • smooth, absorbent fabric;
  • classic indigo wash;
  • super stretchy, comfortable like pajamas;
  • dressy look.
  • regular use makes the denim fragile in several months;
  • could be a little loose at the waist, as soon as you are slim.


Slim straight jeans by Buffalo are preferable in summer. They consist of lightweight, stretchy, soft and absorbent denim. Therefore, they are very comfortable. But follow all washing instructions to avoid untimely fabric tear and ripping.

6. Lucky 121 Slim Heritage: Soft Versatile Jeans for Lean Guys

soft versatile jeans for lean guysAre you looking for a new pair of denim pants for your big jit? It would be a challenging task. Your naughty kidult might be up to 6ft tall. Small frame is not a weakness. In some years your cute teen gains weight, building muscle mass. Now, he needs versatile, stylish and comfortable jeans.

Heritage slim model by Lucky Brand is a good pick. These denim pants are plain by design. They suit everyday casual wear. Meanwhile, they let a young man look dress up. Slightly tapered design creates sharp, tailored style. Your juvenile free-thinker might still like vintage-inspired pieces of clothes. A couple of authentic details makes them special.

Specific Characteristics

Slim-fit jeans by Lucky brand are not tight, but comfortable and chic. They feature:

  • flattering mid-rise waist;
  • stretchy and lightweight, medium-wash denim;
  • slight whiskering and sanding on front areas;
  • original hardware (zipper, button and rivets);
  • not too narrow, 15” leg opening.

Experienced professionals design and sew these true jeans in Los Angeles. Their piecework production exists since 1990. It features inspiration and character of Southern California. And not just that. Soft stretchy fabric contains 24% of elastane. It flexible, letting a guy move freely.

It’s easy to run, jump or dance, wearing heritage Slim jeans. Additionally, they suit Southern climates, like those of Florida. When temperatures reach 80-90 degrees, soft, stretchy denim feels super great. Slim cut lets a slender silhouette look sleek and streamlined. Dark blue jeans suit both casual and semi-formal occasions. They target fashion-forward, sharply-dressed guys.

  • stylish;
  • soft, flexible denim;
  • versatile, fair design;
  • long inseams up to 34” are available;
  • fits both skinny and muscular tall men.
  • might be a bit loose at the thighs;
  • not warm enough for northern winters.


121 Heritage Slim jeans by Lucky Brand are versatile and stylish. They normally fit thin, skinny legs. Soft, stretchy denim is flexible, non-restrictive. Meanwhile, you can wear these pants to the office and on weekends. They let you look fashionable and dressed up.

7. Hiroshi Kato “The Needle”: Fashionable Slim-Fit Jeans

Do you still work in the office? Comfortable, elegant clothing is a must. Jeans that meet the casual business dress codes are not common. Classic and top-quality denim pants by Hiroshi Kato are a real catch! They stand out by sharp, vibrant look and flawless durability.

Distinctive Features

Trendy and innovative, Kato jeans suit any casual or formal occasion. Exploring the city or hanging out with your friends, you’ll be on point. I’m sure, these elegant denim pants let you enter prestigious VIP nightclubs. They meet strict door policy requirements.

Additionally, even vibing at the pool in summer, wear lightweight Kato jeans. The outstanding pants stand out by:

  • light, 10.5 oz denim;
  • sharp, skinny fit;
  • innovative, 4-way stretch fabric;
  • signature detailing;
  • great raw indigo color.

Why don’t you wear these super stylish jeans, going to Disney? They make your summer journey easy and breezy. Even if it’s a mission, you won’t feel tired or restricted. Multi-directional, selvage stretch denim is super comfortable. Dating back to old Japanese traditions, it’s authentic.

Due to the time-intensive manufacturing process, it’s costlier than conventional denim. Vintage shuttle loom weave is unique. Fabric composition is offbeat. Featuring 96 of cotton and 4% of polyurethane, it’s flexible and breathable. Additionally, classic Kato jeans are innovative by design.

Talented artisans create them in Los Angeles. Having covetable vintage tracks, these flawless jeans are literally timeless. They feel modern, looking elegant and fancy.

  • fashionable;
  • top-quality;
  • lightweight, stretchy fabric;
  • versatile;
  • signature detailing.
  • the jeans run small;
  • 33” inseam might be short for very tall guys.


Fashionable and premium-quality, Kato jeans are quite the thing. Consisting of lightweight, 10 oz. denim that includes 96% of cotton, they suit the warm, humid climate of Florida. Trendy, vintage-inspired design makes them elegant, sharp-looking. Additionally, these sophisticated jeans are super durable, easy to wash.

Buyers’ Guide: How to Choose Best-Fitting Jeans for Tall Skinny Guys

Men commonly prefer comfortable, practical clothing. At work, safety and freedom of motion matters. The same concerns sport and active lifestyle. Blue-collar workers like thick, robust denim. Top-quality products last several years, withstanding multiple washes. They are functional and durable.

But being tall and slim, you would refer to Ectomorph body type. Your somatotype stands out by:

  • thin body frame;
  • lean, long muscles;
  • fast metabolism;
  • narrow hips and shoulders;
  • flat chest;
  • thin bones and narrow joints.

It’s not easy for skinny guys to build muscles or gain weight. Thin bones have some issues with supporting heavy weight. Fortunately, you have a large selection of clothing to select. Lanky thin people wear any style well. But you have one problem. Finding long sizes (up to 36” and 38” inseam) might be complicated. So, your shopping tours would be very time-consuming, aside from online purchases.

What Jeans Should Skinny Guys Wear?

Being slim and young, you’d like to look different. Along with legendary classical style and comfort, you need to express your personality. Modern style and fashionable trends matter. Nowadays, trendy bihs include:

  1. Skinny or straight-leg jeans.
  2. 100% cotton denim.
  3. Wider legs in longer inseams.
  4. Vintage-like distressed pants.

You might have your individual style. Clean-cut jeans are pero like the most practical and versatile. Therefore, they adequate on any occasion, being classy and durable. Should skinny men wear skinny jeans? Style is a matter of taste. Straight-leg and slim cuts fit your thin body type the best.

Skinny style pants flatter healthy lean guys. You won’t look feminine. Just avoid too tight clothes and lightweight, stretchy wear. Jeggings suit only slight young girls and ladies and certain, casual occasions.

What Jeans To Wear if You Have a Big Stomach?

Opposed to slim, slender guys, big men need looser-fit clothing. Lightweight, organic fabrics are optimal in summer. Darker colors flatter wide, muscular bodies, making them look thinner.

See interesting information about best jeans for overweight men!
Thus, best jeans for chubby guys are:

  • straight-leg or relaxed-fit;
  • mid-waist or high-rise;
  • breathable, natural or slightly stretchy;
  • simple;
  • solid;
  • full-length.

Of course, your favorite jeans are to be comfortable and well-fitted. Stout men might prefer flex waistbands or suspenders. Using them instead of belts is very casual. It’s very cozy and comfy. Of course, you are to hide suspenders under a jacket. Wear them under vest/waistcoat or loose-fitting shirt.

Suspendered are traditional clothing accessories. They have rich history. But they create a cleaner, smoother look. Light, draping fabric also lets a large man look and feel better. It flows freely, in simple, clean lines, allowing freshness and breathability.

How Can a Guy Look Less Skinny?

Being young and tall, will you wear suspenders? These accessories are becoming ultra-trendy again. Besides, they become a great addition to your jeans. It lets you look stylish and unconventional. You just need to size the outfit properly and match them with your lean body type and clothing.

Suspenders counteract your height. Beltless style eliminates horizontal lines. Tall and lean guys prefer narrow suspenders with printed designs. They perfectly match stone-washed or dark denim. But if you want your torso to look wider, opt for horizontal stripes and lines. It adds bulk to your frame.

What looks good on tall skinny guys? You should avoid both loose, very large wear and skin-tight pieces of clothing. Match your favorite jeans with:

  • two-button, textured, long jackets and coats;
  • shoes or boots with rounded tapers;
  • light-colored shirts, hoodies and blazers;
  • wide ties;
  • thick turtlenecks and scarves;
  • bulky sweaters.

Prefer big bold patterns and textured fabrics. Use multiple layers of clothing. Don’t forget to add a horizontal element, like a wide, hefty belt It makes you look larger and stronger.

What are the Best Jeans Brands for Tall Skinny Guys?

Finding jeans that fit can be tricky when you’re a tall skinny guy. But there are some great brands made just for your body type.

  1. Levi’s offers jeans in a variety of lengths and slim fits. Try their 511 Slim Fit style in 34, 36, or 38 inseam lengths. The tapered leg and stretch fabric will give you a skinny look without being too tight.
  2. American Eagle has X-Long lengths up to 36 inches for their skinny Straight and Skinny styles. Great for having no ankle gap. Their Flex fabric adds comfort and mobility.
  3. Lucky Brand specializes in long, lean fits. Check out the 361 Vintage Straight Leg in 36 or 38 inch inseams. The tapered leg flatters slim builds. The rigid denim will hold its shape all day.
  4. Hollister Epic Flex skinny jeans come in 34 inch inseams. The soft, stretchy fabric moves with you and the Slim Straight fit has a narrow leg opening. Perfect for a skinny jeans look.
  5. For a designer brand, 7 For All Mankind offers a 36 inch inseam Skinny fit with a narrow leg and whiskering to elongate your legs. High quality denim that retains its shape wear after wear.

So whether you want a classic Levi’s 501 or a modern skinny jean, there’s a perfect pair waiting for your tall, slim frame. Say goodbye to ankle gaps and saggy knees!

Final Conclusion

Being tall and skinny, prefer slim-cut or strait-leg jeans. Legendary Levi’s 512 gives you modern, tailored look. Nudie Lean Dean pants feel like your second skin. Durable Ariat M5 jeans add a slight touch of western style.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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