Best Cycling Hydration Packs

best cycling hydration pack

Cycling is more than just a hobby, but rather a lifestyle. The best cycling hydration pack is one of the essentials that should accompany you wherever you go. Whether you are going on a cycling tour or hitting a trail on your mountain bike, you cannot go without a hydration pack. Even if it’s just a couple of miles you cover as a daily exercise, a hydration pack will also come in handy. It is definitely more convenient than a regular bottle.

Aside from giving you an opportunity to drink on a go, a hydration pack can also accommodate your gear and traveling essentials. It can make your trip a lot more enjoyable and stress-free. A proper hydro pack allows you to travel safe and be prepared for all kinds of incidents. For an inexperienced cycler, it might be hard to find the right pack. There are so many nuances that need to be considered. We will try to lead you through the decision making process. Step one is to narrow the choice down to several bicycle hydration packs.

1. CamelBak M.U.L.E. – Best Value Hydration Pack

camelbak cycling hydration-packCamelBack has been delivering the best quality mountain bike packs for over 25 years. Their products are among the best selling items not without a reason. In fact, there are several reasons for that. We’ll cover them all.

First of all, it’s the water bladder. All CamelBak packs feature proprietary Crux hydration systems. They can deliver up to 20% more liquid per sip, making it easier for you to rehydrate your body on the go. A bite valve prevents water leaks, while a magnetic clip keeps the tube right where it should be. The quick-release system allows you to disconnect the bladder for a refill, while the tube stays in place. A filled bladder fits into a dedicated compartment tightly and securely.

The front panel has a capacious zippered compartment for bike gear. It’s easy to keep everything organized and close at hand. Compression straps have special hooks, to which a helmet can be attached. A floating front panel is perfect for stacking a raincoat or some traveling accessories.

With this pack your back and shoulders will never get sweaty. Thanks to the exclusive Air Director technology your back will receive natural ventilation. Mesh shoulder straps contribute to the overall comfort.

Interesting Features

  1. 3-liter water reservoir.
  2. Floating exterior storage compartment.
  3. Helmet clasps.
  4. Light reflecting patches.
  5. Tool organizer pocket.
  6. Large main compartment.
  7. Removable hipbelt.
  8. 12 liter overall capacity.
  • Exclusive water reservoir design delivers more water with less effort.
  • The reservoir is leak-free and easy to refill.
  • Antibacterial Hydroguard coating.
  • Insulated bladder compartment keeps water at the right temperature.
  • Large integrated gear organizer.
  • Technological back panel provides ultimate comfort even on hot summer days.
  • A stability hipbelt is rather narrow.


CamelBak M.U.L.E. water pack is perfect for those who value comfort, style and practicality. It is designed to address the needs of cyclers who spend many hours on the road or trails. Thanks to technological design this pack will help you stay cool and comfortable anywhere you go. However, we believe that a hipbelt could have been wider to offer better support and stability.

2. CamelBak Lobo – Best Hydration Pack for Road Cycling

hydration pack for road cycling reviewsAnother cool product of CamelBak is Lobo hydration backpack. It is pretty similar to the one we discussed above. They both share the same reservoir technology (Crux). This is an optimal volume for most road cyclers. It’s not too heavy (only around 6.6 pounds) and sufficient for long rides. Besides, the Crux bladder is magically easy to refill. All you need to do is disconnect the tube from the bladder using a quick-link mechanism. Just a couple of minutes and you are ready to go.

This version has a smaller overall capacity – only 9 liters. That means you won’t be able to carry as much stuff with you, but all the essentials will fit. Besides, there is an overflow compartment behind the front panel, where you can keep clothes, a blanket or a raingear.

All CamelBak product feature super-breathable back panels. Their proprietary technology is called Air Director. It distributes the airflow in such a way that excess heat travels along the ribbed panel and away from your body.

The valve design is also worth mentioning. It has a special clip that stops the flow of water in an instant. Even if the pack is turned upside down, no leaking will occur.

Useful Opportunities

  1. 3-liter bladder.
  2. Strapped exterior storage compartment.
  3. Helmet clasps.
  4. Built-in tool organizer.
  5. Breathable back and straps.
  6. Removable hipbelt.
  7. Lockable drinking valve.
  8. 9 liter overall capacity.
  • Advanced hydrator design with a quick-link system, leak-proof cap and anti-spill bite valve design.
  • 20% more efficient hydration than in other brands’ products.
  • Breathable sweat-control back panel facilitates optimal heat exchange and helps avoid overheating.
  • Compact and easy to carry, even when full.
  • Less space for gear and other things than in other hydration packs.
  • No blinker light attachment.


CmaelBak Lobo is a smaller version of M.U.L.E. hydration pack. They share the main features, but Lobo is more compact. It’s front overflow compartment is less capacious since it has only one pair of extension straps. In all other respects, this water pack for biking is just as great as its larger counterpart.

3. Osprey Packs Talon 22 – Best Pack compatible with Road Bike Hydration System

osprey hydrationpackTalon 22 isn’t just a cycling pack. It is suitable for different activities, including hiking, orienteering, mountain biking, trekking or even camping. The backpack can support a hydration system, but it is not included. So this product is rather a day pack that transforms into a hydration pack when needed.

This is a fairly large pack. Its total capacity is 22 liters. Even if you upgrade it with a standard 3-liter bladder, there will still be 19 liters left for all kind of stuff. That can be quite a heavy load, and this is when proper support becomes important. As a matter of fact, stability and support have always been the main focus of Osprey designers. Harness and hipbelt are designed to provide the ultimate support and comfort in the lumbar area. Soft padding prevents rubbing against the skin, while a mesh lining helps avoid sweating. The back panel also features a functional lining that keeps your body cool and dry.

Since this is a multi-purpose pack, it has a variety of useful features. There is an attachment for carrying trekking poles, as well as a helmet-holding clip. An external hydration sleeve will safe keep a reservoir and protect your things from possible spills and leaks.

Interesting Characteristics

  1. Hydration sleeve.
  2. 2 hipbelt pockets.
  3. 2 side pockets.
  4. Stretchy front panel pocket.
  5. Compression straps.
  6. AirScape back panel.
  7. Helmet carrying attachment.
  8. Trekking pole attachment.
  9. Shoulder strap pocket.
  • Comfortable, stable and pain-free carrying thanks to seamless harness and hipbelt design with padded lining.
  • Suitable for different kinds of activities, not only cycling.
  • Large capacity.
  • Variety of exterior pockets that keep the essential items at hand.
  • Stretches out to provide even more storage space when needed.
  • Hydration system is not included.


This pack can become a great companion for traveling and outdoor activities. It is functional, comfortable and capacious. A bladder needs to be purchased separately. That gives you more flexibility since you can choose any capacity you want.

4. Dakine Men’s Session – Best Bike Backpack with Water Bladder

bike backpack with water bladder reviewsThis 12-liter backpack with an integrated 2-liter hydration system is equally great for cycling and hiking. It is designed with safety and convenience in mind. The pack has a large compartment for traveling essentials. The front panel features a large zipped pocket with three interior slip pockets. There is also an external pocket for securing a helmet. The top section of a front panel features a tight fleece-lined pocket. It is ideal for carrying sunglasses or other breakable items.

As we have already mentioned a hydration reservoir is included in this pack. The tube runs over along the left shoulder strap. A plastic hook secures it in place. The sternum strap can be adjusted vertically to fit your posture.

This backpack is great for hot weather. Its back panel and straps facilitate the airflow between your body and the pack. Many manufacturers overlook the importance of unrestricted heat exchange and ventilation. Dakine pack has it covered.

Important safety features include a sternum strap whistle and a blinker light attachment.

Features and Specifications

  1. 2-liter reservoir.
  2. 2 external pockets.
  3. Helmet pocket.
  4. Blinker light attachment strap.
  5. Rescue whistle.
  6. Mesh lining.
  • Larger gear capacity than in most other hydration packs. This means more space for carrying essential items.
  • Thanks to the mesh lining on the back panel and shoulder straps, this pack will keep you comfortable even on the hottest of days.
  • Compartmentalized pockets for better organization of traveler’s essentials.
  • Integrated safety features.
  • The hipbelt is just a narrow strap that cannot provide proper support.


This capacious backpack with hydration system is great for all kinds of outdoor activities. It is equipped with a 2-liter bladder and has ample space for carrying traveling essentials. Its design will help your body maintain natural thermal regulation. On the downside, this pack lacks a proper hipbelt.

5. Osprey Packs Raptor 14 – Best Hydration Pack for Mountain Biking

hydration pack for mountain biking reviewsRaptor 14 is a new improved model in the Raptor series from Osprey. This hydration backpack for cycling has an extended capacity and some additional features that the previous version does not have. But all that might sound a little vague if you are not familiar with Osprey products. So let’s take a closer look at this one.

To begin with, let’s discuss the key characteristics that directly affect performance. The pack includes a 3-liter water bladder. It is easy to refill thanks to a zippered hydration sleeve. A hydration tube runs over your right shoulder and attaches to chest strap via a magnetic disk. It is easily accessible any time on the ride. A convenient bite valve enables hands-free (and, as a matter of fact, spill-free) hydration.

There are dedicated pockets and compartments for all the cycling essentials: extra layers, tools, snacks, gadgets, etc. A stash pocket is perfect for safekeeping of breakable items, such as sunglasses or a smartphone. Money, keys, credit cards, and other valuables can go in a hipbelt pocket.

Finding a place for your helmet when you are not riding is a challenge. With this pack, the problem is solved. A lid lock attachment secures a helmet while you’re walking or resting. In the night time, you can increase your safety by adding another blinker light to your gear. There is a dedicated strap at the lower front panel for this purpose.

Particular Qualities

  1. 3-liter reservoir.
  2. 5 exterior pockets.
  3. 3 inner slip pockets.
  4. Tool pouch.
  5. Compression straps.
  6. Mesh-lined straps and hipbelt.
  7. Floating front panel.
  8. Helmet carrying attachment.
  9. Blinker light attachment strap.
  • Provides improved dynamics and comfort thanks to the ergonomic framesheet.
  • Compression straps allow you to adjust the pack for better stability.
  • Ample storage space for all kinds of traveling essentials: from clothes to valuables.
  • Mesh-lined shoulder and hip straps provide ventilation for better comfort on hot summer days.
  • A tool organizer is included.
  • Includes attachments for convenient carrying of gear and lighting accessories.
  • No mesh lining on the back panel.
  • Poor water resistance.


Osprey Raptor 14 provides an optimal combination of carrying capacity, stability and comfort. In spite of the heavy load (the bladder carries 3 liters of water), the pack won’t hinder your maneuvers even at high speed. It also provides convenient organization thanks to the abundance of inner and outer pockets.

6. CamelBak TORO Protector 8: Stable, Well-built Backpack

well built backpackDo you like cycling in winter? Rainy or cloudy weather doesn’t keep you at home. If you are a mountain bike enthusiast, enjoy inspiring adventures. Will you stay outdoors for many hours? I guess, not as long as in summer. So, a smaller backpack is enough.

Is 8L capacity too small? It suits daylong rides’ needs. It provides plenty of storage. 5L cargo space fits all your essential stuff. Zippers and clips are strong and durable. 3 exterior pockets are available. Additionally, secure your helmet, elbow and knee pads, using the holder.

3L water capacity is quite a standard option. This compartment is large enough. Crux reservoirs by Camelbak are special. They deliver more water per sip than standard bladders. Unfortunately, no water reservoir is included. Buy it additionally.

Meanwhile, get back protection with this pack. It offers stability on rough trails. What does this CE Level II protector look like? It features a multi-layer elastic band. Located on the center back area, it absorbs bumps and impacts. This unique protector is lightweight, flexible and low-profile.

Together with sternum straps, it grants you stability and comfort during your ride. A stability belt is also helpful. It keeps the pack tight to your body and compacts cargo. So, the back is ergonomic. It meets EN 1621-2 motorcycle safety standards.

Features and Characteristics

  1. 3L/100 oz water capacity, fitting Crux reservoir.
  2. 5L cargo capacity.
  3. Fits 17-21 in. torso.
  4. 3 exterior pockets.
  5. Armor and helmet carry.
  • Lightweight design enables daylong rides.
  • Elastic protector offers stability and comfort.
  • The pack is compatible with an advanced Crux reservoir.
  • Functional straps secure helmet and pads.
  • Good stuff organization.
  • Water bladder is not included.
  • Comparatively small cargo capacity.


This is a small hydration pack. It’s even more compact than Lobo. But it’s well-designed and functional. The pack features an advanced back protection system. It enables great riding stability and comfort. Just select one of 5 amazing colors. Add a Crux water bladder and take the road.

7. TETON Oasis 1100: Comfortable Backpack for a Day-long Cycling Journey

comfortable backpack for a day-long cycling journeyIn spring, you might cycle a whole day. In Oregon, it’s warm and sunny already. So, enjoy long cycling or hiking trips. Equip well with this perfect hydration pack. Oasis 1100 by Teton is pretty large. Its capacity is 18 liters. So, it provides plenty of room to carry all your essential stuff.

Its main pocket is pretty big. For example, it comes with a large mouth, fitting a 13-inch-wide laptop. Most importantly, it accommodates all your gear, lunch and clothes. Nights are still cold in February and March. Small pocket on the bottom accommodates your keys, wallet and protein bars. Front zippered pocket is larger. Place there your cell phone or camera.

Additionally, there is an organizer and a mesh pocket on the side. What about the fourth zippered pocket? It carries an advanced hydration bladder. It comes with a 2-inch largemouth. The bladder is easy to clean and handy to add ice. So, the backpack suits men, women, and teens. It’s comfortable and low-profile.

The backpack comes with adjustable chest and waist straps. It’s lightweight and durable. Including a breathable air mesh back panel, it lets you enjoy long journeys with comfort. Its main fabric is high-denier, 600D PU ripstop. It’s is rugged, but not waterproof. Find a rainfly in the bottom zippered department and it keeps you dry. Reflective trim and safety whistle improve your security during darkness hours.

Useful Features

  1. 2-liter hydration bladder.
  2. Soft, contoured shoulder straps.
  3. Leak-proof bite valve.
  4. Compression straps.
  5. Bungee cord storage.
  6. Anti-shock chest strap.
  7. Reflective trim.
  8. Safety whistle.
  9. 18-liter overall capacity
  • Comfortable, lightweight backpack enables whole-day-long trips.
  • Advanced water bladder is easy to fill.
  • Broad adjustable straps fit athletic-built men pretty well.
  • Mesh back panel allows airflow.
  • Perfect selection of bright colors.
  • Small mesh (water bottle pockets).
  • Shoulder straps sit above women’s breasts, fitting not too comfortable.


I would recommend Oasis 1100 backpack for men. It’s lightweight and comfortable, suiting cycling and hiking trips. The backpack is an all-weather accessory. It’s rugged and durable, holding up for several seasons.

How to choose the best hydration pack for cycling?

There are many different kinds of hydration packs. You should always choose a pack for a specific activity. Or, if you are buying a versatile pack, you need to make sure it has all the necessary features. Assuming that you’ve set your mind on getting a cycling pack, here’s some advice that you might find useful.

  1. Choose the right size. A perfect hydration pack should be rather compact so that not to restrict your movements. At the same time, it should be capacious enough to carry all your essentials (aside from a water bladder). Then again, it all depends on what kind of activity you are engaged in. Road cycling or terrain biking? Short rides or day trips? Road bike hydration packs are usually more compact than mountain bike water backpacks.
  2. Low-profile design. The most important things in cycling packs are stability and aerodynamics. A pack should have a low profile to provide as little wind resistance as possible. It shouldn’t wobble around as you pedal and stir your bike. Otherwise, it might throw you off balance and hinder your maneuvers.
  3. Bladder capacity. Bladder capacities ranges from 0.5 liters to 3+ liters. The most popular ones are 2 and 3 liters. They are not too heavy, but sufficient for most of the rides. Of course, you can get a 5-liter hydration pack if needed, but that is a very heavy load. A full 5-liter bladder weights 11 pounds, so make sure you are prepared for such a load.
  4. Bladder design. All bladders have more or less the same design. Nevertheless, there are some features you should look out for. A wide mouth opening, easily detachable tube, a spill-proof valve, anti-microbial coating are some of the most important features.

Other desirable features are

  1. Leak-proof design.
  2. Insulated bladder compartment or sleeve.
  3. Organized compartments for tools and gear.
  4. Adjustable straps, chest and hip support.
  5. Breathable mesh lining on parts that come in contact with your body.


Any experienced cycler will admit that proper gear is one of the most important investments. If you are seriously into this sport, you need the best hydration pack for cycling. Not only will it keep you hydrated throughout a trip, but also help you organize your stuff. We have reviewed some cool brands in this article. So basically, all you need to do now is choose which one will work best for you.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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