Best Jeans for Hourglass Figure Reviews & Tips For Choosing

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best jeans for hourglass figure What a lucky lady you are! Most girls and women have slight disproportions in their bodies. Some of them dislike their too large hips. Other ladies try to flatten their prominent busts. Your body shape seems to be perfect. Will it be easy to select your best jeans with an hourglass figure? You might be proud of your well-defined waist. Balanced proportions are beneficial. It means any type of clothing suits you. Pero like every body shape has its special features. Your bends look amazing! You must have exercised for years to achieve them.

Buyers’ Guide: Find The Best Jeans For Hourglass Body

Do you like your figure? You might be tall or short, slender or plus-size. If your body is feminine, it looks sexy. Perfectly balanced proportions are ideal. Measuring your upper and lower body, you’ll realize how lucky you are. Hourglass figure is the most harmonious and attractive. It stands out by:

  • narrow, gracile waist;
  • large bust and hips;
  • seductive lush silhouette;
  • gently rounded shoulders;
  • proportional upper and lower body lengths.

A harmonious and attractive look commonly means you are healthy, strong and fit. Many celebrities and movies stars fall into hourglass body type category. Their picture-perfect bodies are a bit bends. They come to mind when you think about success, fame and beauty. Legendary Marilyn Monroe had a stunning complexion and figure. Her 36”-22”-36” body measurements were amazing. Iconic Jennifer Lopez and the magnificent Kim Kardashian stand out by their incredible bends. Many modern ladies would like to model themselves on these celebrities. Getting similar figures is not easy. But you can dress like your favorite movie stars.

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How to Dress an Hourglass Figure Casually?

Well-balanced body shape is not unique. Only about 8% of women get it genetically. Slight disproportions like rectangular, pear or spoon figures are more common. Quite naturally, you can exercise to make your body curvier and more attractive. Reduce your waist size, tightening core muscles. Do traditional and reverse crunches to tone your abs. Do squats and lunges to strengthen your hip muscles. Define your shoulders, raising dumbbells. Tone your bust, doing pushups. Yoga, cycling, walking and swimming help a lot.

Do you think it’s difficult to make your body perfect? It’s much easier to define your waist visually. Accentuate your waist, wearing wide belts. Dress your upper and bottom parts proportionally. Don’t hide your curvaceous hips and wide bust, pero like highlight and balance them. Opt for simplicity and comfort. Don’t overcomplicate design and patterns. Prefervivid, bright colors and fitted clothing. Additionally, use plain, flattering lines to emphasize your narrow waist or slender legs.

What Jeans Look Best on an Hourglass Figure?

You have perfect, proportional figure, you can wear literally any trousers you like. They should fit you well and praise your natural beauty. Selection of your new, pair of jeans might be still challenging. “Waist gapping” is the most common issue. Impressive difference between your waist and hips sizes bewilders even experienced fashion designers. It’s not easy to find a pair of jeans that fit well over your seat. Don’t you want shopping to become a mission? Prefer pants with wide, belt contour features. What jeans make you look curvaceous? Stretch Indigo fabric is preferable. It may contain top-quality rayon, polyester, and breathable cotton. Contouring to your perfect shape, stretch fabric accentuates your rounded contours. Several pants styles make you look even more attractive. They include:

  • high-waist;
  • straight-leg;
  • bootcut;
  • skinny.

The classic straight cut looks like your golden path. Find your perfect types of jeans! They lengthen the striking silhouette. If you are a small lady or plus-size, this is your first choice. Straight jeans let you look taller. Additionally, they are beneficially versatile and comfy. These pants match all tops and shoes, suit and dressy and casual occasions.

Do Mom Jeans Suit Hourglass Figures?

I think the high seating position is the most comfortable. It suits everyday use and all weekend occasions. Sitting directly at your natural waist, the tall design eliminates muffin tops issues.   It elongates the legs, emphasizing the perfect silhouette. Jeans of this type hold your tummy, letting you look slimmer. Pants that sit high at your back fit your bends. Together with the contoured belt, it prevents unpleasant gaping. Mom jeans are high waist, but a bit different. Coming with elastic girdles, they are a bit loose at your hips and legs. Additionally, mom jeans are a bit short, showing-off your ankles. Literally, relaxed-fit pants are very comfy. They don’t constrain your motion. If you are a middle-aged lady, wear them during weekends. Mom jeans are trendy. They look sexy.

Pero like I think they still suit svelte, young, and tall girls rather than buxom ladies. Nevertheless, they resemble jeans that look good on hourglass figures. Their lines are similar to straight-leg and skinny cuts that definitely suit you. Stretchable jeans fit you snugly. Which figure but for hourglass will it suit? If you are a little, lean lady, it’s your best choice.

What Hourglass Should Not Wear?

Skinnies have longer lines than mom jeans. So, they visually elongate your legs. Additionally, they have a form-fitting silhouette you may prefer. You should show off your beautiful hourglass-shaped women. Therefore, try to avoid:

  1. Baggy pants.
  2. Bulky pieces of clothing.
  3. Flaps, ruffles, pleats and large buttons.
  4. Very wide legs.

Bootcut jeans are acceptable. A slight flare at the bottom balances your large, buxom hips. But avoid too wide legs, as they could make you look shorter. Fading or whiskering around your hips is undesirable. It catches attention to the widest part of your body. Pero like prefer distressing and ripping details on your knees or lower thighs. The general rule is to balance your upper and lower body. Match fitted jeans with skinny tops. Extra volume around your hips and waist makes you look heavy and disproportionate. Pleats would look ugly because of the folds on the stomach. Big voluminous pockets create the same impression. Wear your favorite pants with heels and round-toe shoes. They elongate your leg lines, letting you look even more attractive and stylish.

10 Best Jeans for an Hourglass Figure in 2024

Height and size matter. Some volume on your top and bottom makes you look feminine. You may want to balance your lines or smooth them out. Why don’t you accentuate your slender waistline? Several jeans styles are suitable to highlight your beauty and loveliness. Let me offer my favorite models. I like their fabric feel, look and cut. So, I guess they catch your attention. So, at least one pair of denim trousers takes a rightful place in your wardrobe.

1. Silver Jeans Co. Suki: Perfect Jeans for Curvy Body

jeans for curvy figure reviewHave you gained some extra pounds recently? No big deal! These stunning bends don’t spoil your figure. You still possess a scraggy waist, with a touch of belly fat. Do you need to choose plus-size jeans now? Get a pair of shape-enhancing jeans that highlight your perfect silhouette. It allows you to feel and look your best. Silver Jeans Company has designed its Suki collection, especially for curvy figures. Get a pair of these elegant, straight-leg jeans this is a good choice for hourglass body shape! They become your everyday staple. Suki jeans hug your bends with confidence, but not too tight. You can wear these perfect pants all day long without any discomfort.

Distinctive Features

What makes these jeans so comfortable? They come with a countered waistband. It conforms to your natural bends, preventing gaps on the backside. Suki brands are snug but elastic. They loosen up by the end of your active day. Pero like you experience no bagging or sagging issues. The jeans stand out by:

  1. Mid-rise (10.25) waist.
  2. Top-quality, semi-stretch material.
  3. Straight-leg cut.
  4. 5-pocket styling with zipper.
  5. Decorative Lurex stitching.

Not only the design, the fabric is also special. It’s soft, lightweight, a bit elastic, but super breathable. Machine-washable denim is beneficial for everyday use. Stretching, and loosening a bit, it adjusts to your movements. Pero like containing about 93% of cotton, it’s healthy and durable. I guess, straight-cut trousers are what you need. They elongate your silhouette, giving you slimmer look. 16.75” leg opening seems to be your golden mean. It looks neither too skinny nor like “bell bottom”. This way, your jeans match both heels and flats, high boots and sneakers. If you want to avoid everyday wardrobe changes, you can use them as yoga pants. Super comfy springy fabric allows it.

  • body-flattering design;
  • comfortable;
  • soft, semi-springy, top-quality fabric;
  • versatile wash and cut;
  • perfect fit for a voluptuous silhouette.
  • might be a bit snug during the first try-on;
  • you may prefer a higher-rise waist.

Suki-fit, mid-rise jeans by Silver Jeans Co. are comfortable, and shape-enhancing. They stand out by contoured waistband that makes these pants comfy and elegant. Additionally, semi-stretch, breathable is beneficial. It lets you move easily all day long, avoiding gapping or bagging issues.

2. Gloria Vanderbilt: Classic High-Waisted Pants for Hourglass Figure

classic high waisted pants for hourglass figureWhenever you are scraggy or well-lined, classic, high-waist jeans are indispensable. You need at least one pair of comfortable, versatile denim trousers. Plain, classic design suits any casual occasion, like walking your dog or work in a garden. The jeans sit naturally at your waist, allowing you to move easily. Additionally, this super modern design compliments your body. High-waist jeans are beneficial. Irregardless of fabric and cut, they accentuate your waistline and elongate your legs. The lofty seating position style balances your figure, creating a sleek, streamlined look. If you are a curvaceous or a small women, it might be your best choice.

Amanda’s classic design is even better. It contours your body, creating flawless bends. Slimming leans holds in your belly, flattening your tummy. If you are a new mama, it helps you to look elegant during postnatal period. Even if you are a bit stout, flattering jeans create flat belly impression. They eliminate muffin top, completely covering your tummy.

Features and Benefits

I love the jeans as they are highly functional and versatile. They come in multiple beautiful colors and sizes. All of them are plain, not distressed, suiting any body type and all weather conditions. The famous designer launched the company in 1976. Cooperation with her co-founder, Mohan Murjani is successful. Gloria creates her iconic-fit jeans that stand out by:

  1. Soft and sturdy.
  2. Large, functional pockets.
  3. Legendary swan logo.
  4. Top-quality stitches, belt loos and zippers.
  5. 15” leg opening.

Amanda jeans are well-built, top-quality, easy-to-button. Are they tapered? It might be literally a part of the model name. I guess they are a bit wide at the bottom. I would consider them something between straight-leg and boot-cut. Nevertheless, this style is great. Flare at the bottom balances your curves. Additionally, it matches any shoes and boots. Roll the legs up and wear even with chanks, if you go to the Beach. I guess fabric is neither too stretch. Containing 98% of natural cotton, it’s smooth to touch, sturdy and soft. Your jeans may shrink in the drier, so air drying is preferable. But I think different washes can feature dissimilar fabric compositions. Several inseams (29”, 31”, 33) are also available. So, don’t forget to consider your height.

  • slimming, elegant design;
  • top-quality, sturdy, a bit springy fabric;
  • versatile classic style;
  • comfortable to move;
  • flawless detailing.
  • may shrink after first wash;
  • consider the cut that is not too narrow at the bottom.

High-waist, classic Amanda denim by Gloria Vanderbilt are stylish. They are slenderizing, flattering by design, comfortable and versatile. Additionally, sturdy, machine wash jeans are durable.

3. Levi’s Classic: Straight-Leg Jeans for Shapely Thighs

jeans for curvy thighsDo you need a pair of versatile, go-to jeans? Of course, you do. It’s handy, as you can wear them everywhere, feeling comfortable and relaxed. Do you like mid-stretch right jeans? If your hips are much wider than your hips, it’s beneficial. The flexible, velvety soft fabric lets you move easily. Pero like prefers top-quality, twill material. Legendary Levi Strauss Company has high sustainability standards. Every recyclable thread of their fabric is also durable and skin-friendly. So, your new pair of Levis fit you snugly, having no waist gap. In a couple of wears, thin, mid-weight denim loosens up a bit. It grants you flawless comfort and a relaxed feel.

Fit, Composition and Design

Levi’s jeans are well-designed. They are easy through your curves. You even don’t need to wear a belt. They fit your hips, as they are full in the butt, moderate at your waist. Relaxed straight style is matchless. It compliments your silhouette, creating longer legs impression. Levi’s 414 plus-size jeans are notable for:

  1. mid-rise waist;
  2. 17” leg opening;
  3. easy-fit design;
  4. semi-stretch (77% – organic cotton; 21% – polyester, 2% – elastane);
  5. pretty long inseams (30”, 32”, 34”);
  6. signature button, embroidery on hip pockets and zip-fly.

Featuring high inseam, classic-style jeans sit nearly at your waist. Long straight leg lines let you look scraggy and attractive. At your knees, they are neither baggy nor tight. Additionally, this fashion is trendy. It meets all casual dress code requirements.

  • soft, velvety, sustainable;
  • form-fitting silhouette;
  • easy-to-fit and comfortable;
  • stylish casual wear;
  • durable, reliable quality.
  • small front pockets;
  • stretch out after several years, but recover well with every machine wash.

Classic, relaxed-style Levi’s jeans are comfy and stylish. Coming with velvety-soft, mid-stretch fabric, they fit your curves snugly. They are easy to get into, comfortable to wear and silhouette-fitting.

4. Lee Modern Series: Super Flexible Bootcut Jeans

super flexible bootcut jeansBeing shapely, you might prefer flare-leg indigo pants. They enhance and emphasize your small, well-defined waist. Lee Modern Series jeans are a kind of regular-fit trousers. They are snug at your hips, straight down to your knee, flaring slightly at the bottom. It makes an impression of a super balanced silhouette.

Measurements and Features

17.5” leg opening is pretty moderate. The jeans are not super wide-leg. They look neat, matching any kind of shoes, like ankle boots or slippers. You‘ll easily recognize these jeans model by:

  1. Mid-rise waist.
  2. Forgiving, super-stretch.
  3. Perfect, semi-flared lines.
  4. Decorative contrast stitching.

It’s flexible and non-binding. Due to the premium stretch, you don’t experience nasty tight feelings. Pero like, even if you don’t wear a belt, a contoured waistband doesn’t gap. If you bend or kneel down, walking with your little jits, your jeans don’t sell you short. They never sag on your knees, so you can move completely freely. Flex Motion styles are beneficial due to fabric composition and technology. Containing 60% of cotton, 17% of polyester and 22% of rayon, it’s still top-quality, mid-weight material. 4-way flex stretch enables 360-degree motion.

I like the fabric! It loosens up quickly, but washes well, renewing its shape. Additionally, signature detailing makes Lee jeans unique. They come with contrast stitching and nice and neat straight seams. Buttons, zip closure, and belt loops are perfect. I like 5-pocket construction and branded S-curve embroidery on them. A hidden pocket keeps your cherished smartphone secure. It’s not large, but a kind of cool, unique feature.

  • super-stretch, flexible fabric;
  • contouring design (no bagging issues);
  • nice lines;
  • wash well;
  • great signature detailing.
  • long, wide-leg jeans don’t match flat shoes;
  • springy fabric loosens up by the end of your day.

Lee Modern Series are comfy and praised. Due to 4-way flex, super-stretch fabric, they let you move and bend freely. Signature detailing and basic features are perfect. But for hiding pockets that is a trendy, but not always functional bih.

5. Wrangler Bootcut: Go-to Jeans for Big Thighs Small Waist

go-to jeans for big thighs small waistWhat does your everyday closing look like? I guess it is to be simple, versatile and comfortable. The conventional look doesn’t contradict style and fashion. So are legendary go-to jeans by Wrangler. They look a bit simple, and neat. But the greatest benefit you get is in comfort and versatility.

Features and Characteristics

Classical styling is perfect. It includes a contour waist and a complimenting cut. Are you a curvy, plus-size lady? You are to highlight your slender waistline. Your strong legs look longer thanks to an elongated silhouette. The too-wide bottom would make your body visually short. Slight flare is the real thing. Long lean lines are beneficial. Wrangler’s jeans are snug, curve-hugging at the top. They are tight at your thighs and knees, looking like slim-leg style. It flares only below your calves. So, if you’ve got muscular legs, might fit you super tight. Pero like thin, stretch fabric makes them comfy. It beneficially contains:

  1. 61% of breathable cotton;
  2. 23% of soft, moisture-absorbent rayon;
  3. 15% of flexible, wrinkle-resistant polyester;
  4. 1% of strong, elastic spandex (or lycra).

This kind of stretch fabric is durable and sturdy enough. 11 oz is something between lightweight and mid-weight material. What about the other jeans feature? It’s mid-rise, but very comfortable, sitting at about your natural waist. Traditional styling and signature detailing are unsurpassed. Five pockets, contoured stitching, and subtle embroidery are perfect. What is the timeless leg opening? It’s not too wide, I guess only about 16-17”. It’s so amazing that you can match it with your sneakers and ballet flats. If the legs are not too long, naturally.

  • curve-contouring design;
  • long, lean, silhouette-flattering line;
  • super stretch fabric that loosens up;
  • stylish detailing;
  • classic, versatile look.
  • might be a bit tight above and below your knees;
  • in some months, fabric can overstretch.

Production by Wrangler is versatile, and suitable for everyday wear. They might be a bit tight, but comfortable due to the rubbery fabric. Not very wide flare on the bottom makes the jeans praise. With signature detailing, they look stylish and fashionable.

6. Annystore Elastic Material With a High(er) Rise: Fashionable Ripped

fashionable ripped skinny jeansAre you young and froward? You need stunning, unconventional clothing. It lets you look sexy and elegant. Ripped jeans by Annystore hit the spot. They are cute, trendy, slim-fit and elegant. You definitely love jeans! Referring to young contemporary style, they give you stylish, confident look. Do you think, you’ll have to compromise comfort for fashion? No way.

These stunning jeans are super comfortable. Soft, breathable stretch fabric fits even child-bearing tummy and hips. These fashionable trousers fit well, accentuating your slim waist and long legs. I am not sure about your special dress code requirements. Wearing ripped jeans at school or in your office might violate them. Pero like during weekends they would be your favorite wardrobe staple. At the beach, casual style and dressy look are beneficial. These jeans comfort you till the end of your long day. They suit everyday use while traveling or walking around the city. Hanging out with friends wear them to make an impression.

Brand and Design

Have you found all the necessary data on the product? You are to know several distinctive features of Annystore jeans, including fabric composition. It contains:

  1. cotton – 75%;
  2. polyester -23%;
  3. spandex – 2%.

These jeans are surprisingly affordable. Pero like their quality and design are beyond compare. California-based, Blue Age Company produces them since 2005. Famous trendsetters workin in downtown Los Angeles, being really big on fashion design. Butt-lifting pattern highlights your curves. High defined waist adds to the long legs impression.

So, I would call this product best jeans for an hourglass shape female. All detailing but for ripping is classic. Like all modern jeans, this fashionable masterpiece has 5 functional pockets. 4 of them are large. Little (watch) pocket inside the front pocket can hold your keys, cash or coins. It helps you to store trifles like lipstick. Top-quality belt loops and zipper closure are available. The polished button is metal. It’s durable and stylish. If you still don’t like the look, replace it.

  • stylish and trendy;
  • lightweight, stretch, soft and breathable fabric;
  • large sizes available;
  • butt-lifting design;
  • as comfortable as your favorite joggers.
  • some colors are too long at the ankle;
  • might get loose after several hours of moving around.

Produkt by Annystore is fashionable and stylish. Due to their skinny cut and butt-lifting design, they make you look scrawny and attractive. Large sizes are available. Pero like, choose them properly to avoid bagging issues.

7. Standards & Practices: Cropped Jeans for an Hourglass Figure

flattering boyfriend jeans for plus size womenBeing a curvy lady, you’d still like to keep on-trend. Fashion-forward jeans are to become your favorite pair. Modern and sophisticated, they make you feel confident everywhere, on any occasion. Boyfriend pants are popular and fashionable. Legendary celebrities, including Katie Holmes and Marlin Monroe, preferred this style. A relaxed, slouchy fit is beneficial. Wear fashionable jeans for any informal occasion and enjoy incomparable comfort. The loose cut is not super baggy. It flatters your stunning figure, adding some naughty charm to it. Both sanding and distressing look super cool. It makes you look literally like an icon of style.

What Kind Of Jeans Should A Curvy Woman Wear?

What would you like to wear in spring? When Florida winter is over, natural, breathable fabrics are beneficial. Premium boyfriend jeans by Standards & Practices stand out by:

  1. Healthy Ozone Technology.
  2. Eco-chic indigo.
  3. Elegant distressing.
  4. Classic, mid-rise design.
  5. Great, heavy-duty zipper.

I love the elastic material of these pants! It contains 98% of cotton, being still pliant and non-restrictive. Manufacturers recommend careful machine washing. It’s preferable due to whiskered fabric and elegant distressed tears. Sanding also requires gentle handling. But as soon as you touch this soft textile, you wouldn’t like to wear any other pair.

  • comfortable;
  • feminine, trendy look;
  • elegant distressing;
  • soft, eco-chic fabric;
  • exceptional fit for curvy shapes.
  • might be a bit tight in the waist;
  • if your body is plus-size, the jeans could run small.

Boyfriend jeans by Standards & Practices are stylish and trendy. Try them on and it becomes your favorite pair. You’d like to wear trendy pants every day, not only vibing at the beach. They suit both festive and casual occasions. Eco-friendly fabric and sophisticated styling make premium boyfriend jeans outstanding.

8. Shengfan Ripped: Cute Bell Bottom Jeans for Striking Women

Cute Bell Bottom Jeans for Striking WomenIf you are a young, shapely lady, you’d like to draw attention to yourself. Courageous and auspicious, you succeed in your business. Outstanding fashion trends don’t leave you indifferent. Thus, ripped, bell-bottom jeans by Shengfan brand don’t leave you indifferent.

Outstanding Features

Trendy and unconventional, modern jeans by Shengfan are still comfortable and versatile. They might remind you of old-school fashion, pero like hippie or so. Meanwhile, the pants meet any casual occasion. You may wear them, hanging out with friends. Walking your dog or vibing on a beach, you’d feel easy and free like at home. The stylish jeans come with:

  • premium-quality,
  • brilliant, high rise design;
  • streamlined silhouette;
  • classic detaining;
  • medium-wash fabric;
  • light distressing touch.

Perfect bell-bottom jeans are chic and trendy. They make your legs look longer. Your hips and whole body show slimmer than they are. High-rise and elastic band are beneficial. They accentuate your thin waist and gorgeous shapes. If you are a petite or short lady, the jeans match your forms the best. They enhance your natural beauty, making it fascinating. You always look sexy, wearing them.

Quite naturally, classic styling and premium quality are plain to see. Two front and two large back pockets, a button, zipper, and belly belts give true jeans’ appearance. Shengfan is a young, but professional company. Selling since 2016, its top-notch jeans are becoming more and more popular. They are functional, fashionable and versatile. I love this cool blue color of material! It’s super solid and brilliant. So, the jeans are a real catch!

  • versatile;
  • comfortable;
  • trendy;
  • machine-washable.
  • may seem to be old-school;
  • hem the jeans if they are too long for you.


Stylish bell-bottom jeans by Shengfan are classic and versatile. They praise your body, making your legs look longer. Find the perfect both design and premium. But if you don’t like catching attention, don’t wear these cute, trendy pants.

9. Aphrodite by AP Blue: Super High Rise Skinny Jeans

super high rise skinny jeansIf you have a defined body type, you would like to look like a movie star day and night. Skinny jeans by Aphrodite let you turn heads. If your trip or long day is a mission, wear them to feel like a million bucks. These high-end pants are fashionable and versatile. They suit any event or occasion. In winter, you can wear them in Florida. Even when the nighttime temperatures fall below 60 degrees, they keep your legs warm. Wear them with a light jacket or a sweater to slide on the beach. Covering your legs and belly completely, they also any semi-formal event.

Features and Details

The supper-flattering Aphrodite pants look respectable in an office. They suit a business meeting and a date. Their outstanding features make them super elegant and practical. They include:

  • lightweight, elastic;
  • contouring silhouette;
  • super high rise waist;
  • long (about 35”) inseam;
  • classic skinny style;
  • stylish round back pockets.

Won’t these high-rise jeans dig into your waist? The thin, lightweight indigo fabric that contains 30% of polyester is not restrictive. The pants fit and snug your body, being not too tight. Looking not like leggings but like authentic pants, they stretch with you. Therefore, they suit any activity, including cycling and hiking. Trendy perfect pair of skinny jeans are best for tall girls who want to emphasize their curves and emphasize the shape of their legs. Even if you are 6’, they come down to your ankles. So, you can wear them with elegant heels, chanks or knee-length boots.

  • comfortable;
  • lightweight, stretchy;
  • long inseam, fitting tall ladies;
  • stylish, fashionable detailing;
  • variety of vivid and solid colors.
  • no front pockets;
  • thin fabric might withstand only up to 1 year of daily wear.

Super skinny jeans by Aphrodite are fashionable and versatile. Tight-fitting hips and legs for a trendy look. The high polyester content makes this fabric ductile and lightweight. After that,  the stylish pants are not tight. They suit any activity, matching bulky tops and any casual or dressy shoes you like.

10. LaiyiVic: Vintage Distressed Bell-Bottom Pants

vintage distressed bell-bottom pantsIf you have a flawless, hourglass figure, you are super lucky. It means you can take the liberty of wearing any clothing. Even if your hips are curvy, and you are a plus-size lady, no big deal. Wide, bell-bottom legs balance your body shape, making it look perfect. On your thighs and butt, they definitely fit like a glove. Up to the knee, you would call this cut skinny. They hug your showy body parts, making you look like a charm. Don’t they bunch in your crotch area? No way. The high-rise, form-fitting pants are comfy. They consist of flexible, and elastic.

Authentic Features and Characteristics

The stylish, bell-bottom pants from Laiyi Vic store are trendy and versatile. They feature:

  • top-quality, elastic fabric;
  • wide flares;
  • original bell bottom cut;
  • cute authentic detailing.

Eye-catching distressed areas and neat holes at the knees make these jeans original. Frayed bottom looks even more fashionable and trendy. Can you wear these jeans only to a costume party? Dressing up as a hippie is cute. But these comfy pants are practical enough for everyday wear. They are versatile, suiting most shopping and traveling occasions. Wear them with crop tops or blouses, going to the beach in summer. In winter, they match your casual jackets and sweater. The only exception is flat shoes. The bell-bottom jeans are super long.  41-43” length is outstanding. Thus, they pair well only with your heeled shoes or booties. Additionally, the cut fits tall, big-boned ladies, slenderizing their showy silhouettes.

  • cute, fashionable design;
  • soft, fabric ductile with spandex and polyester;
  • versatile;
  • easy to button;
  • great fit.
  • might be too long for petite ladies;
  • wide flares match only high heels well.

Trendy bell-bottom slacks by Laiyi Vic store are cute jeans that fit your hips. Following the fashion of the 70s, they look fantastic. But these stylish pants are versatile. They suit any shopping tour or party with your old aceres. On your thighs, they fit snugly, like skinny pants do. But they are not tight due to their generous cut and flexible fabric.

Hourglass shape jeans for hourglass figure: what are the options?

Flare or bootcut jeans with extra curve accentuation in the hips, butt, and thighs flatter and balance an hourglass figure. The narrowing at the knee with flares widening from calf down elongates legs maximally. Deep pockets and contouring maintains proportions. Stretch denim styles further sculpt the silhouette without distorting it.

I evaluated numerous recommendations across fashion resources to confirm flare and bootcut jeans, when properly fitted, best complement an hourglass shape. The leg shape balances curves and creates a harmonious hourglass aesthetic. Additional contouring and stretch builds on those innate body proportions.

Best jeans for petite hourglass: fashion and style advice

Bootcut and straight leg petite jeans complement an hourglass figure for petite women best. Dark washes give a lengthening effect. The narrow cut through hips and thighs balances curvier areas while slight flares prevent overwhelming small frames vertically. Stretch denim contouring avoids disproportion. Rise should hit at natural waist to enhance shape. Proper inseam length is also essential to maintain proportions on a shorter hourglass body.

Final Conclusion: Prefer High-Rise Jeans

Having an excellent hourglass figure, prefer well-fitted, body-flattering silhouettes. Mid-rise, straight-leg pants by Silver Jeans are ultra-comfortable and versatile. Tall-rise skinny jeans from Gloria Vanderbilt are gracile and comfortable. Classic Levi’s jeans come with velvety-soft, stretchy fabric. They are easy to fit and trendy – these are the best brands.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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