Tomgirl Jeans vs Mom Jeans

tomgirl jeans vs mom jeans
In summer, you do want to feel comfortable. In Florida, high temps and humidity make us wearing light clothes. During a trip or when you are vibing on weekends, wear something practical. Will you opt for shorts to avoid overheating? You might be embarrassed due to leg hair or your body curves. Casual, loose, high-waisted pants are a great option. Let’s compare tomgirl jeans vs mom jeans. Lightweight fabrics and relaxed fit are super cute. Do you prefer to look stylish, but not sloppy? Just choose the right pair of denim. Keep reading to learn how to do it. Knowing more about the styles, you can boost your look in a trice.

What Are Tomgirl Jeans?

Even when you stay at home, wearing stylish clothing is a good practice. In your back yard, sitting on a green lawn under a palm tree, you can be vibing too. Now, when parks, beaches, and even bars are reopening, have a getty. It’s a good time to meet your old friends. What to wear today?

Have you gained weight during the quarantine? Wear your best white jeans to hide cellulite. White outfit makes you look stunning. In summer, it keeps you from sweating. What about style? Classic, mom, and boyfriend jeans are always trendy. Does Vogue advise you to say goodbye to them? Don’t hurry up.

These styles are coming back into fashion. Inspired by the 90, old-school denim pants might be a huge hit. You’d love these clothing items, as they are:

  • casual;
  • comfortable;
  • relaxed-fit;
  • laid-back;
  • cropped.

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Are there any differences between them? Tomgirl jeans vs boyfriend jeans are straight legs. They are a bit more relaxed. Boyfriend style is only a bit flared at the ankles. These jeans come in various rises and designs. Let’s get into details.

Tomgirl jeans definition

Tomgirl jeans have a relaxed, loose fit through the hip and thigh designed to look androgynous. The style echoes the carefree, adventurous attitude associated with a stereotypical “tomboy.” Details like rolled hems, distressed patches, and a slouchy drop crotch enhance the laidback vibe. Tomboy jeans come in solid colors and rugged untreated washes for a grunge aesthetic. Both high-waisted and low-waisted versions retain a roomy, anti-cling shape. Pairing these jeans with sneakers and oversized tops enhances the casual, boyish charm. Ultimately tomboy jeans allow wearers to feel both comfortable and cool.

Are Mom Jeans and Boyfriend Jeans the Same?

Both types of jeans are comfortable, simple to wear, and style. They grant you ease of movement and perfect, confident feel. Therefore, they won’t go out of style. Do you know how to make pants tighter at the ankle? It’s a perfect opportunity. It’s also possible to roll or fray them at the bottom.

A little flare can do with it. Cropped look and slightly tapered leg make these jeans cool and comfy. Check the chart to realize what style you need.

Distinctive FeaturesMomTomgirlBoyfriendGirlfriend
Rise high-waisthigh- and low-waist rather low-waist medium-waist
Fit slim or looserelaxed loose slim
Length shorter cropped or rolled standard standard or 7/8
Leg Opening, in. 7-812-1410-1212-13

Wearing feminine-looking clothing at every boot might be a bit tiring. A loose-fitting pair of jeans with slouchy legs let you relax. But boyfriend jeans may look a bit bigger. Girlfriend jeans vs straight are a bit more tapered at the bottom. They fit higher and tighter on the top. Slightly tapered legs make them look a bit more feminine.

Why Are Mom Jeans Popular Again?

During a thunderstorm, or while you are walking your dog, you might prefer hassle-free fit. Boyfriend and tomgirl jeans suit not only young jits. If you wear them, it doesn’t mean you are a boyish girl or a feminine boy. Girlfriend pants are not too loose. Most importantly, they don’t look baggy or sloppy. But the jeans look and feel relaxed.

What do the best plus size jeans for big stomach look like? I think they should be high-rise, practical and versatile. So are mom jeans. They stand out by:

  1. Standard waistband.
  2. Solid metal button.
  3. Original 80s or 90s, vintage look.
  4. Pleats at front.
  5. Cropped look due to shorter length.

Are mom jeans supposed to be loose? They are commonly relaxed-fit or baggy. Loose fit around the crotch and hips makes them comfortable. Elastic waistband guarantees all-day-ease. Some room in the waist and bottom areas make them be your favorite outfit.

Additionally, it seems to be a kind of low-maintenance design. True cotton denim is durable, machine-washable. Do mom jeans look good on thick thighs? Due to high-rise, they visually elongate your slender legs. You easily avoid issues like exposed underpants or muffin top. Heavy-weight fabric holds you in, keeping the shape.

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How to Style Tomgirl Jeans?

Tomgirl style is casual too. These pants may contain stretch or soft cotton denim. Ripped knees, patched holes and frayed hems are common options. Their fit on the bottom is about straight-leg. Most importantly, different washes are available, but light washes might be super distressed. To clarify: they already have a slightly worn look. Dark ones are easier to match. Besides, they fit virtually any top and shoes.

Additionally, tomgirl jeans come is dissimilar rises. What body type looks best in high waisted jeans? This style suits ladies with short torsos and long legs. But it goes with curvy, hourglass or petite figures too. Cropped bottom makes your shapely legs look longer.

What jeans flatter big thighs? Skinny pants might just accentuate them. Not only boot cut works, but a kind of slight flare is essential. Classic jeans are versatile. You can easily pair them with:

  • white shirt;
  • flowy silk blouse;
  • cozy sweater;
  • crop top.

Tuck your blouse or shirt in. In the front part, it’s beneficial. Anyway, avoid bulky appearance. Show off your shoulders. It balances the shape of your mom or tomgirl jeans.

Straight Leg vs Mom Jeans

Feeling flummoxed over picking the perfect pair of jeans? Let me break down the difference between straight leg and mom jeans in simple terms.

First up – straight leg. Imagine jeans with a streamlined silhouette from thigh to hem. No flare, no taper, just straight. This classic style flatters most figures by elongating the leg.

Next is mom jeans. Picture high-waisted, loose-fitting denim with a relaxed thigh and tapered leg. Signature mom jeans have a faded wash and prominent whiskering around the hips.

The main differences:

  • Rise: Straight leg has mid to low rise while mom jeans sit at your natural waist.
  • Fit: Straight has closer fit through hip & thigh; mom is looser and roomier.
  • Leg: Straight maintains consistent width while mom tapers from knee to ankle.
  • Wash: Mom jeans traditionally have heavy fading and distressing.

Which to choose? Straight leg for a classic, polished look. Mom jeans for a vintage, lived-in vibe.

Stumped on what’s most flattering? Try both styles on and see which you feel best rocking! The perfect jeans are waiting for you.

Final Words

Do you know, what is the difference between mom jeans and high waisted? I think it’s one of the types. High-waisted jeans might be flared or straight on the bottom. These pants are simple by design and perfectly wearable. So, they are very popular now. Any shoes match them, heeled and flat. Sneakers, sandals, and even chanks pair them perfectly well. In winter, a jacket and lace-up boots make you look stylish or professional. Have you bought a pair of your favorite jeans? Accessorize them, creating a casual or sophisticated look. It elevates your mood, making you feel beautiful and relaxed.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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