Best Jeans for Men with no Butt

best jeans for men with no butt

Do you know what is your body type? You might be tall and lean or big and bulky. It’s pretty common for men’s body shapes. Broad shoulders and wide chest may belong on slip hips and narrow waist. Anyway, you need to pick out your best jeans for men with no butt. In my small fashion store, I’ve assisted many people trying jeans on.

Pear-shaped and hourglass body shapes are typical for women. It relates to fertility, femininity, or literally heredity. Ladies prefer fashionable and comfortable clothing items.

Dress code requirements for men are pretty strict. In the office or doing some jobs, you would have to look neat, clean, and chic. When the temperature rises over 90°, it’s not easy. Wearing shorts, casual or street-style jeans is unacceptable. Prefer neutral colors and classic styles. Additionally, you are to balance your body proportions. Relaxed, loose fit, and tapered legs might fit your shape. Do you prefer relaxed fit? Select the jeans that don’t look buggy. How comes? Get some simple tips from an experienced sales assistant. I hope they help you find your favorite pair that lets you feel and look great.

7 Best Jeans for Men with no Butt in 2024

1. Calvin Klein Skinny Fit: Jeans For Men That Do Not Slump

men’s jeans that don’t sagAre you a short and slim man? You should find a pair of jeans that flatter your body. Skinny-fit style is perfect. It makes you look taller and more refined. It’s a kind of fashion trend that fits young men. Do you want to avoid saggy rear end? Consider buying this model. Jeans that fit close to your body create a slim appearance. Are you confident in your body? You look attractive in your birthday suit, any outfit or garment suit you. Quite naturally, the jeans should not fit too tight, “like sausage skin”. Stylish, clean look is essential in many cases. Wear them on Fridays, in a relaxed office or for a getty.

Do the jeans by Calvin Klein provide ultimate comfort to you? They do not only due to a bit of added stretch. I guess, the fabric is not thin stretchy material: it’s a real, pretty thick denim. Cotton makes it soft and breathable and 2% of elastane are beneficial. So, this material is top-quality. It’s durable, machine-washable. I think the pants are perfect. They are skinny, snug-fit, but not tight, loose, but not saggy at the butt. Which cut of jeans shows a man’s butt better? Even if you are very slim, it makes you look great. Firstly, they sit a bit below your waist. Secondly, have enough room through the calf and on your ankles. Calvin Klein provides a classic, crisp look. The jeans belong to Modern Classic Collection.

Features and Specifications

  1. 5-pocket design.
  2. Stylish belt loops.
  3. Button closure.
  4. Mid-rise waist.
  5. Durable zip fly.
  6. Logo tag and hardware.
  7. Omega pocket topstitching.

The collection includes 27 different models. Select any color you like, plain or ripped, with natural tearing. Patterning also looks great.

  • comfortable;
  • slimming, flattering design;
  • stylish;
  • durable;
  • snug, but not too tight.
  • might fit tight on muscular calves;
  • to use on activities, like rock climbing, you’d need more stretch.


Skinny jeans by Calvin Klein fit young and slim men. Have you got broad shoulders, but flat butt? Try this pair on. The cut is great, not buggy, but not tight. The leg opening of 13.5 inches is larger than that of a scraggy style. It compliments your body, making you look tall and attractive.

2. Levi’s 541: Best Men’s Jeans for Flat Buttocks

men's jeans for flat buttocksSometimes, you want something loose to wear. You’ll need it on your long airplane flight. After surgery, walking a dog or just vibing in your back yard, you need comfort. It doesn’t mean you should compromise style and look. Some amount of room at the seat and thighs might be essential. It provides additional mobility and perfect utility. 541-series collection by Levi’s is amazing and diverse. It includes several stylish and comfortable models. Even classic, long, denim shorts are available. All of them fit big and tall men. The jeans stand out by different qualities.

Interesting Characteristics

  1. Tapered legs.
  2. Modern, casual style.
  3. Top-quality, durable denim.
  4. Extra room at the seat.
  5. 5-pocket design.
  6. Traditional zip-fly and button.

The jeans are relaxed-fit. How do guys get a nice bum? Resistance exercises like squats, push-ups and pull-ups promote it. If you’ve got muscular thighs and calves, Levi’s jeans fit you comfy. However, they are not loose or baggy. Tapered legs, with 15-3/4” leg opening, provide slim look. I would call it a sleek, modern silhouette. If you’ve got hockey, athletic-built or flat butt, you can hide it. The jeans sit at the waist, fitting tight at the top. But pay attention to the colors. Each of them implies a different blend. The model I review herewith is stretchy. But for cotton, denim includes a great deal of polyester. It’s pretty durable, machine-washable. Live active life, wearing a pair of jeans and running shoes or sneakers.

  • comfy;
  • flexible (stretchy);
  • slimming silhouette;
  • machine-washable;
  • added mobility or relaxed feel.
  • slight shrinkage in wash is possible;
  • common sizing issues due to variety of blends.


541-series athletic-fit jeans by Levi’s are comfortable. They look fashionable and stylish. The model that comes with stretchy denim is flexible. It provides ultimate ease of movement. So, I recommend it to all muscle-bound, tall and portly men. Butt shape doesn’t matter. Room at the seat hides it expertly.

3. Wrangler 20X: Slim Fit Jeans for Big Guys

slim fit jeans for big guysHave you grown out of your teenage years? If you are a bit older, you might appreciate comfort and durability most of all. Wrangler 20X Collection is a perfect example. It’s a huge selection of high-performance western jeans. There are about 3 dozen of unique models. All of them are X-tremely rugged and X-tremely comfortable. Classic, vintage approach doesn’t contradict contemporary styling. The cowboy-inspired lifestyle suits modern people. No 42 item is one of the best.It features an amazing construction. The jeans sit virtually at your waist, maybe only a bit lower. Slim fit at the top harmonizes with the full opening at the bottom.

Features and Benefits

It makes the jeans as comfortable as sweatpants. Wearing them, you can play basketball, bend down and squat easily. What about the leg opening? I think it’s about 17 inches. I would call this cut straight-leg. What is between slim-fit and boot-cut styles? It gives room to your boots, but the legs are not too wide. Additionally, coming with vintage, broken-in finish, these materials are perfectly durable. Tough denim that contains 98% of cotton is incredible. It’s durable, withstanding repeated wear and wash.

How long do they last? Several years are not their final limit. By the way, manufacturers indicate, it’s 100% cotton. It refers only to River Denim color. Other ones are blends. 1 or 2% of spandex is neither here nor there: it helps the fit. But the fabric is still extremely breathable. Most importantly, in summer, when the temperatures are in the middle of the 90s, they never feel hot.

  • as comfy as sweatpants;
  • vintage style;
  • modern look;
  • classic design;
  • durable, high-performance cotton denim.
  • some colors like Midland are stretcher than you want or expect;
  • they might come with different stitching on pockets.


20X-series, No 42 jeans by Wrangler are classic and versatile. What about casual look? Due to straight-leg design and fashionable styling, they suit any occasion. Excellent comfort and durability are added, but primary benefits.

4. IZOD Comfort Stretch: Flexible Jeans for Large Thighs Men’s Body Type

flexible jeans for large thighs men’s body typeYou do need a wardrobe staple. Nobody needs an item that goes to the bottom of the pile. You supposably find something else to wear on your laundry day. So, you need jeans that fit you. Have you got large, meaty thighs? You may get the shape due to certain athletic activity or just naturally that is genetically. It’s not a big deal. You just need a kind of men’s jeans that make your bum look good. What about style? These pants should not be too tight. Firstly, at the top, they would be uncomfortable. Secondly, at the bottom, a slight flare is necessary. It balances your proportions. Meanwhile, too loose or wide-leg solutions are unfavorable too. They might look saggy or outdated. Relaxed fit is about your happy medium. This way, comfort stretch jeans by IZOD stand out by.

Interesting Features

  1. 5-pocket styling.
  2. Zip closure with a button.
  3. 2-way stretch denim.
  4. Mid-rise waist.
  5. Lightweight, machine-washable fabric.

True, cotton denim is not always your best choice. Jeans are to be a bit loose at the seat. It lets you avoid any tightness or discomfort. Big, muscular men need it. What about tall people? Wide leg balances their proportions, making them look not so slim. Do you still want to avoid saggy impression? Lightweight, flexible denim adjusts to your body curves. It lets you move easily, as nothing restricts your movement. The waist stretches all directions. It’s still top-quality denim that contains 70% of cotton. This material is soft to touch, durable, and very good in warm summer days.

  • flexible, lightweight denim;
  • leg opening (16-1/4 – 19-1/4) scales down according to the size;
  • several inseam options are available;
  • perfect, regular look;
  • withstand labor-intensive work and repeated wash.
  • I wish the rise was a bit higher;
  • very deep pockets.


Stretch-denim jeans by IZOD are stylish and comfortable. Consisting of soft, lightweight, flexible denim, they don’t restrict movements. So, I recommend them for any activity: sports or work.

5. YOYEAH: Best Jeans for Men with Big Thighs and Round Butts

jeans for men with big thighs and round buttsThere are occasions when you appreciate comfort most of all. During your leisure time, while you are walking your dog or relax, casual style is acceptable. In summer, you have to cope with extreme heat and humidity every day. So, you need an airy feel to avoid allergy and other skin issues. Lightweight, natural fabrics are beneficial. True, durable denim can be breathable, skin-friendly and moisture absorbing. It’s a bit thinner than thick winter pants weave.

YOYEAH jeans consist of fine Asian cotton. It’s a bit stretchy, containing about 15% of polyester. Is it a drawback? Not at all. It lets you feel more relaxed and free to move. 4-way stretch flexibility enables it. I like this fabric very much: light-blue denim color is fantastic. It’s still pretty durable, machine-washable. What about style? You should not compromise it, anyway.

You need a pair of jeans for men’s that make your arsehole look good. The relaxed fit is beneficial: it provides plenty of space at the bottom. The jeans add some bulk to your lower half.
Are you too thin or have a wide chest and flat butt? This style or cut balances your body proportions. For example, at the top, the jeans are not tight. Above all, they fit wide hips.

Additional Information

Just select your size properly. It’s easy to do due to the detailed reference chart. Any doubts, discuss the scale with the sellers before making your decision. Finally, it looks like the jeans come with too wide, too long legs. Manufacturers indicate leg opening in cm. In inches, it makes 15.3-19.7”. Roll them up to accentuate your stylish footwear or show off your ankles.

  • fine, lightweight, stretchy denim;
  • charming light blue color;
  • comfortable, relaxed feel;
  • easy sizing experience;
  • top-quality, stainless steel button and zipper-fly.
  • too bulky in legs to meet dress code requirements;
  • order a size up to avoid tightness at the waist.


Relaxed-fit jeans by YOYEAH seem to be not too elegant or stylish. They suit only leisure-time activities. But these pants are super comfy. They consist of lightweight, breathable denim that makes summer heat bearable.

6. Hiroshi Kato: Flawless, Top-quality, Slim-fit Jeans

flawless top-quality slim-fit jeansBeing a young and ambitious person, you deserve the best possible bihs. This includes clothes, footwear and a lot of other things. Premium denim offers you 360-degree stretch. It’s 4-way, multi-directional. 2% stretch on both weft and warp threads is tried and true degree. It comes from an old Japanese mill that creates every thread with masterly skill. Vintage shuttle looms help to make this fabric flawless. American production is not common nowadays. Talented professionals design and produce these authentic jeans in Los Angeles. A California workshop deals with sewing and washing of every single pair. Diligent quality control guarantees durability.

Thus, vintage blue jeans by Kato are what you need. Slim cut provides snug, tapered fit. Meanwhile, these denim pants are not tight, leaving room to move. Signature “Pen” design suits several body types. It depicts a modern, slender silhouette.

Authentic Features and Details

Meanwhile, Kato jeans confirm to most occasions and business dress codes. They are convenient in an office. The elegant piece of clothing lets you make an impression of a sharply dressed person. Signature selvage on the coin pocket is decorative and sophisticated. Additionally, slim-fit jeans by Hiroshi Kato feature durable and thick Kato buttons. Top-quality hardware includes trusted YKK zips, rivets and tracks. 14-oz fabric is thick enough to enable all-season wear. During winter or hurricane season, it keeps you warm and comfortable. Meanwhile, 4-way stretch fabric is soft and pleasant to touch. It contains 96% of cotton, being healthy and breathable.

  • modern, elegant silhouette;
  • authentic, stretch denim;
  • signature styling;
  • ultra-fashionable look;
  • American-made product.
  • only 34’ inseams are available;
  • roll a 2-3” cuff to pair with dress shoes.


Slim-fit, 14-oz jeans by Hiroshi Kato are modern and elegant. They suit not only casual, pero like business and semi-formal occasions. Dark wash is fair in an office. Premium denim is soft and thick enough for any harsh weather. It creates perfect amount of stretch. So, Kato jeans are comfortable and trendy, dasit.

7. True Religion Ricky: Casual and Classy Straight-leg Jeans

Best Jeans for Men with no ButtDo you need a special gift for your stubborn little jit? Your younger brother or teenage son might be taller and more fortunate than you. Hitting the mark with a suitable handsel would be tricky. Casual elegant jeans by True Religion can’t go wrong. They feel great, fitting slim and tall guys. If your hero of the day is 6’2” or even taller, it might be your choice. Being a bit roomy at the top (through the hips), Ricky jeans look great. Hiding the imperfections of a teenage silhouette, they are roomy, non-restrictive. The pants are good both at waistlines and at ankles. Relaxed, easy-going style is beneficial. It provides ultimate comfort and a perfect feel.

Styling and Detailing

Cleanly-cut, black jeans are elegant. They feature:

  • classic mid-rise (10-3/4) waist;
  • roomy, straight-leg cut;
  • generous, 17” leg opening;
  • signature horseshoe stitching on back pockets;
  • premium denim and detailing.

Stretchy, mid-weight denim is still durable. It withstands normal machine washes in cold water. 95% of cotton and advanced, elastomultiester fibers make it comfy. Flex and breathable, it suits active teens’ lifestyle. 32” and 34” inseams are available. They shouldn’t be short. Meanwhile, black denim pants are elegant and classy. They suit any casual occasion. So Ricky jeans become your brother’s or husband’s favorite pair. Providing everyday comfort and conventional neat look, they are trendy and cute. Comfy jeans by True Religion become an essential all-season wardrobe staple.

  • elegant;
  • comfy;
  • classic cut and design;
  • signature detailing.
  • might run small, being tight.


Authentic True Religion jeans are stylish and comfy. Straight-leg, Ricky models are roomy, relaxed. They flatter slim, boyish, teenage silhouettes. Meanwhile, these black denim pants are elegant. Coming with signature detailing, they are nice and trendy.

Buyers’ Guide

Nowadays everyone wears jeans. Global denim jeans market is growing fast. The popular fashion staple is versatile and affordable. Jeans are trendy, stylish and practical. They are literally maintenance-free, requiring no ironing. Durable pants last longer than other pieces of clothing. Additionally, casual wear is cozy and comfortable. They are perfect at any time, any weather. In summer, breathable cotton denim protects your sensitive skin from:

  • sunburns;
  • dust and dirt;
  • bugs;
  • snakes;
  • plants.

Tourists prefer to wear shorts. They feel cooler than pants. At the Beach, during sightseeing, it’s acceptable. Are you going clubbing? You are to feel confident. If you wear a golf shirt and shirts, doorman won’t let you in. Men wearing flip-flops or chanks won’t pass face control. Fitted pants or dark blue jeans with your best shoes are acceptable. Wearing sunglasses, you might be unable to get a pass too.

What Are There Mens Jeans That Don’t Sag in the Back?

Gentlemen, are your jeans leaving you stranded with an unsightly saggy derrière? Fret not, we’ve got the backend on how to keep your pants perky! Listen close and take notes – it’s time for Retro Rear 101.

First lesson – fabric matters. Denim made with a dose of stretch is a saggy bottom’s best friend. At least 2% spandex blended into the cotton keeps the jeans moving with you, hugging your curves instead of drooping. No more baggy sag!

Second rule – opt for an athletic or tapered cut. A tailored seat and thigh prevents excess fabric from dragging your tush down. Straight legs keep the derriere perky by not binding or billowing. A slim, streamlined silhouette is the saggy jeans nemesis.

Final tip – size down for an all-over sleek look. When jeans fit too loose, gravity takes hold for an unflattering drop in the caboose region. Get cheeky with a snugger fit to defy drooping.

Study session complete! Now you’ve got the know-how to pass the saggy jeans test with flying colors. Show off that A+ rear in soft, stretch denim that celebrates your backside’s full potential. Class dismissed!

What Are the Best Jeans for Men?

Being practical working trousers initially, jeans are durable. People that work hard appreciate their sturdiness and simplicity. Traditional stiff denim withstands heavy wear and tear. Its features dense twill weave. The outer surface is tough, and protective. Manufacturers dye warp threads in indigo, so they are dark blue. Internal side is much softer and breathable. Weft threads remain white, so it’s much lighter. Men still prefer practical, functional jeans. They suit any activity such as gardening, sports, and exercising, plumbing or housekeeping. In comparison with women’s jeans men’s models are:

  • rougher;
  • looser-fit;
  • longer;
  • higher-rise.

Men’s jeans come with larger pockets and longer zippers. They commonly should not be too tight or stretchy. Are you tall and skinny? Girl’s jeans might fit you. You would like their soft, stretchy feel. Will you wear them? Don’t do it, as hip to waist ratio is different. They could be baggy in the butt. There is plenty of perfect men’s jeans. You only need to find a pair that fits you like a glove.

How Do I Find the Right Jeans for My Body Type?

Before selecting your staple pair of jeans, think over your needs and want. Do you prefer skinny or baggy clothing? Consider occasions, high or low season, style, color and quality. Quite naturally, your favorite jeans should fit you. So, you need to determine your body type and dress it properly. What does it look like? Women styling is romantic. Designers compare their bodies with apples, pears, diamonds or hourglasses. Men are more straightforward. Your body shape might be:

  • rectangular;
  • triangle;
  • oval;
  • trapezoid.

You are also tall or short, large, thin, or muscular. Another classification distinguishes body types based on frame. Your somatotype is either ectomorph (slender), mesomorph (average), or endomorph (heavyset). How to use it in a real-case scenario? Say, your best jeans for overweight men should not be baggy. Lightweight, stretchy fabrics are preferable. Don’t try slim or skinny pants on. They won’t make you look slimmer. Straight-leg, relaxed or loose fit are much better. Darker, solid colors are slimming. Additionally, wear shirts and light sweaters untucked. It distracts attention from your waistband.

See interesting information about best jeans for overweight men!

What Jeans Make Your Bum Look Bigger?

Do you train your shoulders? They might be wider than your hips. It means your body refers to an inverted triangle type. How to dress it? You are to balance proportions. Large back pockets and accessories do the job. Together with lighter colors, they give your bum bigger, lifted look. Prefer loose or relaxed-fit pants. It draws attention down. Wear a belt. Match the leans with V-neck T-shirts and jumpers. Vertical stripes visually elongate your body. Are you a tall and lean guy? You would have fewer limitations in style. Finding something longer than 34” or 36” inseam is difficult.

Nevertheless, prefer low-rise jeans, slim-leg or straight-fit models. Skinny jeans might be not your best choice. They narrow the silhouette, accentuating your height. Match your pants with round-toe shoes. Avoid too fitting clothes. Are you short and slim? Low-rise jeans flatter your proportions. Shorter inseam is beneficial. Boot-cut style is also acceptable. It gives you added height illusion. Only trapezoid-type men have nothing to worry about. Almost any jeans fit you. So, you can focus on your preferences and styling nuances.

General Conclusion

Skinny-fit models by Calvin Klein are best jeans for men with no butt. They fit tall and slim guys. Athletic-fit jeans by Levi’s do for big and tall sportsmen. Item No 42 from Wrangler’s 20X collection balances your wide chest or muscular shoulders.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

  1. Hello,, at close to 60 it would be nice to feel my jeans around my butt, first I have no butt, and I’m slim in the hips at 31, and I like to wear my jeans low on the hips, the number (rise) front and back would be 7,5 to 8 inches, would there be any jeans in the market that would have number that I would need,,
    Thank you Tony

    • Hi Tony,
      You can try the William Rast brand
      or for example Buffalo David Bitton
      Hopefully, their size chart will work for you. Good luck!

  2. My husband a youthful acting 82 year Old has no luck with jeans, Size 35-36. Inseam 29. Has no butt, legs are to wide ., the jeans we try on hug in the middle of the butt and look weird , Presently wears Levi’s 505 l

    • Hi,
      I would like to help you. You can try this HIROSHI KATO model: they are quite spacious, but at the same time they look stylish. Good luck!

  3. I need a recommendation. I can’t find any jeans that fit. They all slide off my butt. I am 58, 6ft tall, 240lbs. I used to have athletic body (32×34, 190 lbs)until an auto accident stopped my exercise regimen, and I gained weight. I have a big beer belly now but the rest of me hasnt really changed.My butt looks and feels flat. All jeans I button mostly around my hips because wearing around my waist looks ridiculous. Been buying 35 to 36 waist by 34 length. (I like to wear cowboy boots).All jeans initially look good, but bending over a few times, sitting then getting up, etc, they all seem to slowly creep down my butt to where I have to hold them up by belt loops. Any suggestion?

    • Hi Phil,
      I really want to help you! Unfortunately, you are not alone in your problems. LOL! How many such poor fellows …
      If you want you can try vintage jeans from Wrangler. There is a fairly large table of jeans sizes.
      I also wanted to ask: have you tried using best leather suspenders for jeans? They should help in such cases 🙂

  4. Hi, my husband is 74 , has a mid size belly, needs 36 waist but thin otherwise and has small flat butt. He where’s Polo pants but by mid day the rear is saggy and big and the front falls under his belly, what do you recommend?

    • Hi Pam,
      Of course I wanted to help you and your husband, you are not alone.
      I can suggest trying on a stylish model from Levi’s. They are suitable for both young and old people!
      There are some good examples, for example, brand Silver Jeans!
      And also, as for suspenders, they are very relevant at any time, especially leather suspenders for jeans with reliable clips. Would your husband like to find a pair?
      Thank you for your question, contact me, I am always happy to help you in any way I can!

  5. Hi Jennifer
    You have been very helpful for buying jeans for over 60 gents. I plan to buy wranglers. What is the correct belt size to fit the belt loops? 1 1/2 inches or larger?
    Thanks for the advice

    • Hi Ken,
      I didn’t quite understand your question 🙁
      If you are talking about the amount, then usually there is seven belt loops.
      And if you mean the height of the belt loop itself, then it is different at different sizes.
      The larger the size, the higher the belt loop will be.
      I hope the advice was helpful. Good luck finding a comfortable pair of jeans!

  6. First … just wanna state that I really appreciate the information and level-of-details provided via this article. 🙂

    My height is 6’4”, and during the past year have managed to shed about forty pounds … from roughly 225 to about 180-185 currently. My 36” inseam Levi’s 505s now would drop straight to the ground were it not for the support of a belt … which, is becoming increasingly ineffective now that it is on the tightest notch and losing it’s staying power.

    I’ve worn the Levi’s 505s for as long as I can remember. While I mostly like the style and the fit of the 505s, they’ve always made my butt look nonexistent (which, in all honesty, it is), plus I’m becoming increasingly perturbed with Levi’s politics and their policy of making their products in places around the world that don’t observe fair wages for the people actually making the product. I will admit that about two weeks ago, only to gauge where my inseam is currently, I did try on a couple of pairs of 505s. The 34”-er fit pretty comfortably, and the 33”s did slide all the way up but at the time were a bit snug. I’m hoping to be able to fit comfortably into at least the 33”s relatively soon … dunno if my recently-turned-49-years-old self can make it back into the 32”s I wore for the better part of a decade as a twenty-something. Only time will tell.

    ‘In a perfect world’ … ‘my dream jeans’ would be produced in facility somewhere in the United States, and made with cotton and other components (rivets, etc.) also produced here in The States. I don’t care to pay slightly more for a pair of jeans made in The States as long as, 1) the clothing is made with high-quality components, and 2) it is durable and will last for a while. Probably ‘the most strenuous activity’ said jeans will be put through by me is walking for exercise … so they need to be relatively comfortable. It would also be nice if ‘the dream jeans’ looked similar a pair of 505s, but I’m a lot more concerned with functionality and comfort over stylishness.

    Ahhh … in addition to not sporting a backside, I deal with an inherited disorder (which probably accounts for my flat ass) that also results in the appearance of larger calf muscles (a condition called pseudohypertrophy). So, the jeans can’t be “too skinny” in the section for the legs below the knee.

    With ALL of that being said … are you able to make a recommendation?

    • Hi JAMIE,
      Based on the information you have provided above, I would advise you to look at the following models:
      Buffalo David Bitton
      You can read more about these brands here!
      I hope the answer was helpful. Good luck!

  7. How is the Levis 541 good for guys with no bum when it has extra room in the seat?

    • Hi DAVE,
      I would recommend this to all muscular, tall, and large men. The shape of your butt doesn’t matter, the room in the seat will hide it perfectly. The model that comes with stretchy denim is flexible and provides ultimate ease of movement.
      I hope that helped! All the best!

  8. Jennifer

    Thanks for the article. I am 6’1″, unfortunately 330 pounds. I like my jeans to sit at my waist. I have no hips, no butt, and I have small legs and calves. My jean size is 50X29-30. I have yet to find jeans that fit all of my criteria. I want a very minimal if at all stretch. I find that when wearing stretch jeans, they stretch so much that when I rise from the seated position, the jeans literally fall to my ankles. I have tried Levi’s True Nation, Nautica, Lucky, etc.
    Please HELP!

    • Hi Tod,
      I would like to try a few options.
      1. LA Police
      here is a very tight jeans – in the composition 98% Cotton
      2. 5.11 Tactical Jeans
      although the manufacturer claims a smaller amount of cotton, but the elastane content is 3% of the total.
      Hope the information is helpful!

  9. My beau wears his jeans below his big belly. He has a flat butt, so with jeans that low, it looks baggy in the back. Pocket placement makes a difference, too. Back pockets that end below the butt make the butt look flatter, so the bottom of the pockets need to be higher. He also wears boots, so the boot cut helps.

    So, we need low rise in front (not back!), tight at the butt, back pocket not too low, and boot cut. Also, he enjoys a dark fabric with no holes (classic look, not trendy).
    What are some brands and styles he can try on?

    Thank you so much! I wish every jean company would have a really good filter so we can see ALL design characteristics and click on what we are looking for!

    • Greetings Donna,
      Let’s try to help your boyfriend dress up 🙂
      So let’s start with Levi’s Men’s 559, a very popular
      Let’s take a look at True Religion
      And finally brand jeans Mavi
      I really hope my tips helped! Contact again!

  10. I read an article about how you pick the perfect jeans for men with small butts. I really enjoyed that you outlined all the characteristics to watch out for when choosing jeans. For me, as a man with a tiny butt, this material turned out to be very necessary. I certainly stick to the manufacturer’s instructions and opt for jeans with a low cut and tight pants. I also thought choosing jeans with bags on the lining was a good idea to make my butt look bigger. A big plus is that you suggested many brands that have every opportunity to match men with more petite booty. I certainly pay attention to these brands when choosing new jeans. I now think about how to choose jeans that perfectly match my figure.

  11. I loved the post about choosing the perfect jeans for men with a little booty. I finally found the right advice and tips to ensure my young man doesn’t mess with my body. I always thought it was jeans – it’s essential clothing, but thanks to this message, I now know that there is every opportunity to freeze an authentic accent on the male figure. Today I am literally considering which models I must choose and which styles I must ignore.
    I look forward to trying out the new jeans on my young husband. They will improve his figure and give him extra confidence.

  12. I have always had problems finding jeans for guys with small hips. They are often a little too big and don’t give me the shape I want. But thanks to this article, I definitely found good advice to help me choose the perfect jeans. For example, pay attention to proportions and cuts, and choose look for pants with narrow pants instead of wide pants. Thanks for providing this helpful information! Now I no doubt I can get the perfect fit for my jeans and look stylish and fashionable. Now I can definitely find best jeans for men with small butts!

  13. How do I ensure my jeans stay in shape after washing?

    • Hi Oscar,
      Machine-drying your jeans after washing is not recommended to keep them in shape. Rather, hang them on special dry hangers to prevent them from getting too big or stretched. It is advisable to hang them on special drying racks to prevent them from being stretched or shrunk.

  14. Hi how are you? Can you help me with one question? How do I choose the right size for skinny jeans? Which are best fitting jeans for men with no butt?

    • Hi Mason
      Look up the brand’s size chart before buying anything: Measure your legs and hips. You should also pay attention to the length of the pants. These do not need to be so long that they do not crease the shins but pinch the area. You can pay attention to the brand American Eagle jeans butt sits well. Also revtown jeans reviews good.

  15. Which jean style is appropriate for a “buttless” man? How to choose the best jeans for men with gut and no butt?

    • Hi Thomas,

      choose jeans with a tight fit and narrow trousers to create the effect of stretch legs and elongate the silhouette. Consider choosing a model with bags at the waist to make the area more dimensional.

  16. Are there opportunities for jeans designed for different body types to work perfectly?

    • Hi Jacob,
      Of course, they have every chance. However, one should pay attention to style and size in this case. For example, if the jeans are designed for huge hips, you should ask for a smaller size. It is still worth looking at different style models to determine what is better than other styles and what fits them. Also popular all season jeans.

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