Best Jeans for Women Over 60 – and There’s no Need to Compromise on Style!

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When you are 50 or a bit older, life is beautiful. If you are retired, you have some free time to relax. If you work, a casual style is still acceptable. Our society is quite tolerant nowadays. So, what are the best jeans for 60 year old woman? They are comfortable and contemporary. I am sure, you look beautiful! Anywhere and anytime you are charming. Now you look more fashionable than several decades ago. Meanwhile, soft, natural, top-quality fabrics are preferable.

Do middle-aged ladies wear jeans? More often, than the young generation does. Do you have to look dowdy? Extra weight at the waist is not a handicap. Just select the jeans to hide the muffin top. Boot cut makes your legs look slimmer. The style would bring you back to the 70s. So, let me highlight several perfect models. I hope some of them can take a rightful place in your wardrobe collection.

8 Best Jeans for 60 Year Old Woman – in 2024

#1. True Religion
  • Fabric Composition - cotton – 100%
  • Style - boot cut
  • Fit (as expected), % - 92
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#2. ARIAT Riding Mid Rise
  • Fabric Composition - cotton -93%;
  • polyester – 6%
  • spandex – 1%
  • Style - boot cut
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#3. Paige Manhattan
  • Fabric Composition - rayon – 54%;
  • cotton – 23%;
  • polyester – 22%;
  • spandex – 1%
  • Style - boot cut
  • Fit (as expected), % - 70
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#4. Sexy Couture
  • Fabric Composition - cotton – 66%;
  • polyester – 32%;
  • spandex – 2%
  • Style - boot cut
  • and skinny
  • Fit (as expected), % - 81
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#5. NYDJ Alina Plus Size
  • Fabric Composition - cotton – 80%;
  • polyester – 19%;
  • elastane – 1%
  • Style - skinny
  • Fit (as expected), % - 61
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#6. Calvin Klein
  • Fabric composition – cotton 92%, polyester 7%, elastane 1%
  • Style – skinny
  • Fit (as expected), % - 77%
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democracy jeggings#7. Democracy Jeggings
  • Fabric Composition – cotton – 54%
  • rayon – 27%
  • polyester – 17%
  • spandex – 2%
  • Style – skinny/jeggings
  • Fit (as expected), % - 76
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1. True Religion: Best Jeans for a 40-year-old Woman

most flattering jeans reviewsThe jeans from True Religion brand are available only in light indigo color. It’s officially called “Aura Quartz”. This wash is pleasant and authentic. Do you like light-colored jeans? They look less formal than dark ones. The jeans are well-suited for casual events.

Are you going shopping? Do you walk your dog? Light-blue denim grants you inspiration and enhances your mood. The jeans are especially updated for summer!

Top-rating an imported piece of clothing, I take some risks. The brand True Religion is international. The first store was founded in 2002. Nowadays, the brand’s locations are available in Europe, Japan, China and even in Africa. So, I believe, the quality is really good.

Interesting Information

Why do I think so? The fabric is 100% cotton. This piece is thick and sturdy. It’s durable. The color is not prone to fading or distressing. It can be easily stained. Spilling drinks on the jeans is undesirable. So, having an informal lunch or dinner, be cautious around food and beverages. Quite naturally, the jeans are not stretchy. So, they may run small. The length is commonly a bit excessive for short ladies. The fit is still quite good. The jeans enhance your figure. The waist is mid-rise, as usual. The legs are a bit wide on the bottom. The opening diameter is 18 inches.

  • sturdy fabric;
  • pleasant, light-indigo color;
  • seasoned for summer;
  • great fit;
  • makes your figure look slimmer.
  • too long, need to be tailored.

Final Verdict

Why do I recommend these jeans? They are fancy and durable. Made of completely natural fabric they suit both young and elderly lady. Are you selecting casual clothes for a 60-year-old woman? These jeans are your stellar choice! Additionally, the horseshoes stitched on the pockets look great.

2. ARIAT Riding Mid Rise: Skinny Jeans to All Wear

bootcut jeans for ladies reviewsAre you an independent person? Even if you are, I guess not from your family members. Anyway, freedom of movement is always beneficial. Boot cut jeans provide a comfortable fit. They are quite slim at the top, fitted at the knee. At the bottom, they are loose, even a bit flattered. Initially, jeans of this style were designed to wear them with boots. In winter, they are indispensable. This basic piece of clothing is to be available in the capsule wardrobe for a retired lady. However, the jeans are versatile, perfectly pairing heels and flats.

Quite naturally, they fit your body type. Are you curvy? Do you have a big butt? The jeans fit great. If your waist is small, but the thighs are a bit thicker, the cut is preferable. They provide an amazing classic look! It’s timeless and versatile. Additionally, the legs are closed, but not squeezing. They aren’t snug. What about the trip hazard? I think the legs are not so wide. Maybe, you won’t wear jeans to the office. However, other perfect occasions exist. What about the fabric? The denim is thick and top-quality. ARIAT clothing is initially designed for outdoor wear. It’s quite durable even for riding or for doing plumbing jobs. This model is not the thickest possible. It’s a bit stretching. Should the denim be 100% made of cotton? Some polyester and spandex make them even more comfortable.

Useful Information

What else can I emphasize? Mid-rise back is designed for sitting at the waist. The jeans flatter your figure, granting a relaxed fit. The hand-sanded finish makes the jeans perfectly distressed. The tint is a bit fading across the front leg areas. Commonly, there are 6 pure, pleasant colors. Embroidery on the back pockets adds a finishing touch to the jeans. These thin lines attract your attention and make the seat look slimmer.

  • comfortable, relaxed fit;
  • top-quality, thick denim;
  • roomy and stretchy;
  • stylish, sexy look.
  • the jeans are a bit too long for short ladies;
  • machine drying is not recommended.

Final Verdict

So, I recommend jeans. You can wear them everywhere, feeling comfortable and stylish.

3. Paige Manhattan: Good Jeans for Curvy Ladies

jeans for curvy hips reviewsWhenever you are young or middle-aged, dark denim jeans are essential. This piece of clothing is practical and elegant. It naturally complies with the dress code for a 60th birthday party. You can wear them to a date or a semi-formal dinner. Sometimes, they may be tolerable even in the office, for example, on Saturday, or during a team retreat. Dark-wash jeans are not likely to show stains. They may fade and look distressed in some years?

The jeans from Paige wear well. They are machine-washable. Only putting them in the dryer is not recommended. The fabric is stretching. It’s thin and soft. Air dry is beneficial. It would retain elasticity and prolong color. Paige Adams-Geller has launched her unique jean line in 2005.

The lady opened her boutique in Los Angeles. She started her carrier as a fashion model. Therefore, her jean brand stands out by comfortable fit and perfect wearability. On the bottom, the jeans are roomy, but not flaring.

Interesting Characteristics

What is a preferable clothing style for a 70-year-old woman? Boot cut style is pretty acceptable. They perfectly match your ankle boots or flat-heeled slippers. The waist if mid-rise, fitted. Would you like it to be higher? The look would not be better. Meanwhile, Paige jeans come with a slim silhouette. The legs are not snug, but straight.

  • elegant, dark wash;
  • good fit;
  • soft, thin, stretchy fabric;
  • a slim silhouette.
  • the jeans are long;
  • the fabric is not too sturdy.

Final Verdict

Are there any downsides? The jeans are designed for tall ladies. If your legs are stumpy, they would be a bit long. The length is 35”. So, I recommend this model to you. The jeans are classic and comfortable. Some Hollywood stars, for example, Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman like the brand. Why don’t jeans suit you?

4. Sexy Couture: Jeans for Older Ladies and Young Girls

womens bootcut jeans cheapWhat a great selection of jeans! It’s so wide and diverse! You can find anything within this offer and brand. Multiple amazing colors and styles are available. Some of the jeans are boot cut. The other pairs are skinny or wide leg jeans. What do you think, how many pair of skinny jeans does a woman need? According to style experts a college girl owns at least 7 pairs. A business lady regularly wears 3-4 pairs of jeans.

Why don’t you have 10 pairs or more? A poll conducted by ShopSmart found that only 1 in 4 American women do. However, if you order 2-3 pair from the same seller, you save on delivery and get a discount. So, what does this variety of jeans have in common? They are identical by:

  1. fabric;
  2. midrise waist;
  3. 32-inch length (inseam);
  4. pretty embroidery on back pockets.

Features and Benefits

Embroidery design for every model is different. Meanwhile, it’s unique and eye-catching. Rhinestones are available. On the top, all jeans provide a good, tight fit. They are a bit stretchy. Nevertheless, denim is true. It’s top-quality and rather thick.

  • stretch;
  • perfect, comfortable fit;
  • sufficiently high waist;
  • feminine look;
  • wide selection.
  • the jeans run small;
  • rhinestones may fall off.

Final Verdict

Selecting your size, consider that the jeans run small. They might be snug. However, when they fit you, the jeans are very comfortable. Which style would I recommend? Skinny jeans are fashionable now. Boot cut ones are always in style. Additionally, they go with any shoes. They don’t accent your curves as much as skinny pants do. The colors are versatile. All of them are nice and pure. Just select the one you like.

5. NYDJ Alina Plus Size: Great Jeans for Women over 50

Best Jeans for Women Over 60 - and There's no Need to Compromise on Style!Have you gained some weight? It may happen due to child-bearing, your metabolism, and hormonal condition. It can affect your thighs and waist size. When you are 40 or over, can you wear super-skinny jeans, or are you old to wear jeans? They commonly accentuate large thighs. The trousers make them look enormous in comparison with thin legs.

Meanwhile, try the NYDJ plus size jeans. Their lift-tuck technology is unique. It slims your body. What does it mean? It lifts your rear part, flattening your tummy. Commonly it still flatters or accentuates your curves. Is it a downside? Don’t hide your perfections!

Meanwhile, the jeans are very comfortable. They are stretching. The fit is amazing. The fabric is super sculpting, but not tight. However, it’s not too thin or lightweight. Are the jeans snug after the laundry? Wear them and they give in some hours. The fabric still washes well. The jeans don’t shrink. Line drying is recommended, as usual.

Useful Facts

Is it the actual denim? The blue jeans, both Normandy and Norwell Wash look genuine. They feel great. Black ones look a bit synthetic. However, the feel is terrific. Should a 60-year-old woman wear lean jeans? Wearing a pair from NYDJ is a pleasure. The fabric is soft and top-quality. Additionally, wearing these jeans, you always feel in shape. If you lose or gain weight, they fit great. However, these jeans run large. It’s recommended to take one size smaller.

  • super sculpting technology;
  • elastic fabric;
  • great, flattering fit;
  • comfortable;
  • dressy look.
  • the jeans run large;
  • no contrast seams.

Final Verdict

Therefore, I think these jeans are worth your attention. There are 5 pockets, but no embroidery. It can be a benefit, as the trousers look classic and elegant. They are versatile. Wear them anywhere you want and always feel great!

6. GRAPENT Flare Jeans High Waisted Wide Leg Baggy: Your Ultimate Wardrobe Staple

your ultimate wardrobe stapleDo you think a curvy figure? You can wear lean jeans. These pants are pretty large in the thighs and hips. They fit snugly. At the ankle, they are skinny. 12” leg opening is pretty narrow.

But the jeans may look like a slim or straight-cut style. It depends on your stature. Meanwhile, they are very comfortable. Calvin Klein rates ultimate skinny jeans as kids’ bottoms. You may prefer this lifestyle brand. It offers unbeatable style, and minimal, but seductive aesthetics.

So, younger set is a perfect choice. Older ladies benefit from it. Which way? Great pricing is a modest advantage. These jeans are stretchy, fitting you with comfort. A pair you select might feel too small. Commonly it’s true to the size. Just check the size chart and measure your waist properly.

Beneficial Feature

92% of cotton is available in the composition. It makes soft and comfortable, jeans that look cool. Additionally, I would call this item rather simple. The jeans don’t follow any extreme fashion trend. They are long enough to cover your shoes. If you need to shorten them, it’s easy. The mid-rise style is ideal: it adds balance to your top and bottom. It fits all figure types virtually; sitting a bit below your natural waist feels comfortable. Zipper closure with a top button, 5 pockets with stitching are standard features. 30” and 32” inseams are available. Grey and rinse (black) colors are pretty unshowy.

  • versatile;
  • comfortable;
  • stretchy;
  • soft;
  • unshowy design.
  • the jeans might be too long;
  • they might look too casual for your special events.

Final Verdict

Meanwhile, I love wearing jeans and highly recommend them. They are worth being your casual pair. The jeans are stretchy and comfortable. They perfectly fit your body. So, the jeans are great for teens and older ladies.

7. Democracy Plus Size: Comfortable, Curve-countering Jeggings

comfortable curve-countering jeggingsHave you gained weight, staying at home? In retirement, you can enjoy buss food and quieter moments. Vibing at the beach or in your backyard is comforting. Pero like, I believe, idleness is not your cup of tea. An active lifestyle is healthy and inspiring. Meanwhile, will you wear tight jeans? Try on the piece of clothing by democracy and it becomes your favorite outfit. Containing soft, stretchy denim, they feel like your second skin. Wear them while jogging, traveling or walking your dog. Festive occasions are no exception. Are you going out, to a restaurant or to celebrate a special family event? A Dressy, refined look is essential.

Will you hide your jeans under long tops? It’s possible. When it goes to leggings, you can do it. Wear them with tunics and dresses in summer. In winter, boots and sweaters would match any trousers or denim pants. Democracy jeans are another kettle of fish. Molding and slimming design make them beneficial. You’ll get a piece of a stand-alone and versatile outfit. It makes you feel confident in any condition.

Technology and Design Details

Jeggings by Democracy are flexible and curve-contouring. A signature, Ab technology makes them mold and hold your luscious curves. The jeans feature:

  • hidden elastic waistband;
  • slimming front mesh panels;
  • curved back yoke;
  • 6 curved pockets that provide booty lift;
  • mid-rise waist;
  • 30-inch inseam.

A zipper with a signature button fly is available. Together with true blue denim and elegant fading, it’s super cool. These super sophisticated details make the pants true and stylish. Additionally, I love this perfect color! It’s so pure and authentic!

  • soft, stretchy;
  • curve-contouring design;
  • beautiful blue color;
  • perfect, snug fit;
  • comfy.
  • may stretch out, getting baggy in several months of everyday wear;
  • mesh panel doesn’t withstand tumble dry exposure.

Final Verdict

Plus-size jeggings by Democracy are elegant and stylish. They fit pear-shaped, thick-thigh ladies. A signature, curve-contouring technology makes these denim pants flattering. Additionally, they are soft and stretchy, suitable for day-long wear.

8. Joe’s Honey: Flawless Bootcut Jeans

Late in life, you deserve the best possible quality. Your clothes are you be comfortable, elegant, and versatile. Authentic Joe’s jeans are not too affordable. But they are definitely worth it. Classic and beautiful Honey models stand out by their premium quality.

Fit and Technology

Soft, lightweight denim grants you the comfort you need every day. In summer, it’s a real catch! Hot, oppressive summer days arrive soon. Then, you’ll appreciate this matchless softness and breathability. Will Honey jeans last long? Thin, stretchy fabric stands up delicate or regular washings. But it touches your sensitive skin, without irritating it. Joe’s curvy bootcut jeans stand out by:

  • 98/2 cotton/elastane blend;
  • feminine bootcut style;
  • mid-rise design;
  • elastic, contoured waistband;
  • flattering curvy construction;
  • 18” leg opening.

Long, 33” and 34” inseams are available. If you are not a super tall lady, wear jeans with flats. Small, 2”-3” heels would be also suitable. Meanwhile, bootcut silhouette is classic and flattering. It provides a modern sleek look. Your legs look slender and long, while the jeans elongate your frame. Subtle sanding makes Honey jeans look even more trendy and elegant. Dark stonewash is beneficial for everyday wear. This way, your practical, versatile jeans are flawless. They fit great, being not saggy nor tight. Creative fashion designers, headed by Joe Dahan, make them skillfully. They manufacture their signature denim pants in LA. Distinctive style and redefined look are perfect. Just size them properly and enjoy flawless style and quality.

  • soft, breathable;
  • perfect fit;
  • slimming color and silhouette;
  • distinctive style;
  • comfortable waistband.
  • running long, the jeans might require hemming;
  • thin fabric that lasts up to 6 months, in case of daily wear.

Final Verdict

Authentic Joe’s curvy bootcut jeans are stylish and comfy. Coming with soft, lightweight fabric, Honey models feel great. They are not super durable, but flattering jeans and skin-friendly.

What Women’s Jeans Styles Are Trending Right Now?

A pair of jeans is an essential piece of clothing. If you are a man or a woman, it is to be in your wardrobe. You can use these durable trousers every day or just once a week. Do you already own 3 or 10 pairs? Anyway, a new article of clothing is necessary. How to wear boyfriend jeans over 50? They are to be comfy. Do they look a bit lose? It’s not only the modern trend. A relaxed fit adds some comfort. Meanwhile, selecting a new pair of jeans, consider it’s:

  • size;
  • fabric;
  • style;
  • color;
  • your figure type.

I think, when you are over 70, style and beauty are top-of-mind. However, what about health priorities? The clothing is to be soft, comfortable, and breathable.

Benefits of Cotton Jeans

According to the study, blended yarns are stronger, than cotton ones. They are more convenient in processing. However, cotton jeans are:

  1. hypoallergenic;
  2. non-irritant;
  3. dust-mite-resistant;
  4. non-flammable.

Cotton clothing allows air circulation. For summer, this kind of denim is just ideal! Quite naturally, 100% cotton jeans are tight. However, they don’t bag at the knees. The jeans don’t sag when you wear them. Can a 60-year-old woman wear ripped jeans? I think no one can punish you for being stylish, even though you are already an mature women. Meanwhile, cotton is more suitable for distressing than a stretching fabric. It is weakened with bleach and multiple washes. Cotton may break in overtime. Do your old jeans look distressed? Just add several cuts. Follow the modern trend. How to make cuts in jeans? Very easy!

Are Other Yarns Necessary?

Polyester and elastane are perfect additions to the cotton fabric. Both yarns are synthetic. However, polyester doesn’t stretch. It doesn’t breathe and makes the jeans feel warmer. Additionally, the fabric doesn’t wear well. It may pill in some months. Elastane is a stretch material. It is also known as Spandex. Elastane is added to allow freedom of movement. This kind of denim doesn’t feel softer after time. The jeans are soft only when they are new. The fabric feels warmer than cotton. However, it’s not as warm as polyester. As to rayon (viscose), these fibers are luxurious. The fabric is known as “artificial silk”. Quite naturally, it’s semi-synthetic. However, it perfectly imitates the texture and feel of silk and cotton. The material is super soft and breathable. Rayon fibers absorb moisture even better than cotton. However, the fabric may:

  • fade;
  • shrink;
  • wrinkle.

100% rayon pieces of clothing would require dry cleaning. However, they are also easy to bleach. If you want to distress your jeans, this fabric is suitable.

What Body Type Looks Best in High Waisted Jeans?

All silhouettes are categorized into several body classes. They are defined as:

  • slim;
  • athletic;
  • curvy;
  • full-figured.

Your height also matters. So, if you are tall and slim, you can wear sexy and fashionable low-rise jeans. Mid-rise and high-waist jeans fit all figure types. As well as boot cut trousers do. Curvy women look great, wearing them. Flare styles also fit plus-size bodies pretty good. They skim your shape. No squeezing is experienced neither on the hips nor on the legs.

How to Wear Skinny Jeans over 50?

As to skinny jeans, they can show off your tall legs. They are quite suitable for hourglass-figured women. If your waist is narrow; your hips are about as wide as your bust, it’s the best case.

Right Now interesting information about best jeans for hourglass figure!
However, skinny fashion fits all body shapes. For example, if your hips are wider than your shoulders and bust, you may belong to Pear type. Select dark trousers. They make your legs look slender. Is your height short? Match skinny jeans with heels. Otherwise, prefer boyfriend jeans. They are great for the body types that are called “pear” and “cone”. Wear skinny jeans with:

  • heels or flats;
  • booties or sneakers;
  • sandals or chanks (flip-flops)on the beach;
  • classic coat in winter;
  • tailored jacket for evening meetings or work;
  • any long top you like.

Figure-flattering effect on the top is beneficial. It balances your wide hips and tight-fitting jeans. Bright, busy prints draw attention to your upper body. A long cardigan or body-skimming vest lets you achieve the right proportions. Match colors, selecting similar or neutral top shades. Finally, accessorize your outfit, by wearing scarves, hats, and sunglasses.

How Many Pairs of Jeans Should a Woman Have?

It depends on your style and living habits. If you like casual look of jeans, you would wear them everywhere. You might be physically active, always on the move or just vibing in your yard. You can exercise, preferring a cardio workout. Dancing, yoga, swimming, and walking are always beneficial. So, if you like the style, you might wear jeans 4-5 days a week. Your favorite pants still last not less than 2-3 years. Even on retirement, you need a special outfit for every occasion, like:

  • walking your dog in a park;
  • spending time with your kids or grandchildren;
  • family trips and celebrations;
  • hanging out with your friends;
  • shopping and household chores.

If you work, business casual style is acceptable in your office. On Fridays or if you have no meetings with your customers, you can wear them. Jeans differ by cuts, colors, and washes. You might prefer ripped or regular jeans today. It depends on your mood and day projects.

Benefits of Wearing Jeans

Do you like traveling? I don’t imagine anything to wear during a trip but jeans. They are versatile, comfortable, and relaxing. These pants are easy to maintain, stylish, and long-lasting. So, you should have not less than 4-6 pairs of jeans. I think every person can afford it. The very minimum is 2 pairs of lightweight stretchy jeans and 2 pairs of thick denim pants. When you wash them, another pair is necessary. During mild or cold winter days, you’ll need extra warmth and a soft feel.

Additionally, you need blue, white and black colors, straight, skinny and boot-cut pants. Totally, about 10 pairs of different jeans should be in your wardrobe. In this case, you would feel well-equipped and dressed to the teeth. Quite naturally, all of them should be not too tight and comfortable. Breathable, cotton is beneficial. Your favorite pants are to fit you and look stylish. It helps you survive extreme summer heat and feel great in winter. I hope, realizing your needs makes your shopping easy and efficient.

What Kind of Jeans Should a 65 Year Old Woman Wear?

At 65, comfort becomes top priority when choosing jeans. Look for these features in order to find a flattering, age-appropriate pair:

  1. High rise that sits at your natural waist to prevent gapping in the back. Mid to high rise is ideal and covers your belly button.
  2. Stretch fabric with 2% spandex or more for ease of movement. Jeggings and flexible denim work well.
  3. Straight or bootcut leg that flatters your shape without clinging to the thighs and calves. Avoid skinny jeans.
  4. Darker washes like indigo that are thinning rather than light denim which can emphasize lumps and bumps.
  5. Classic 5-pocket styling versus embellished back pockets or embroidery. Keep it simple.
  6. Length that hits at the ankle bone with little to no stacking. Size down if jeans are bunching at the ankles.
  7. Loose, relaxed fit through the hip and thigh for comfort but not overly baggy. Structure from knee to hem.

Brands like NYDJ, Levi’s, and Chico’s have great options. Seek out “mature” fits meant for aging bodies. The right pair provides coverage and structure while allowing you to move and feel great at 65!

What are the Best Petite Jeans for Over 60?

Finding jeans that fit and flatter after 60 can be difficult, especially if you have a petite frame. Here are some top choices:

  1. Look for jeans with “short” or “ankle” length inseams between 26-28 inches. Popular brands like Levi’s, Loft, and Banana Republic carry short sizes.
  2. High-rise is ideal for petites to get coverage and prevent gapping at the waist. Look for rises 10 inches or higher.
  3. Stretchy denim with at least 2% spandex provides comfort and flexibility for daily movement. Styles like jeggings work well.
  4. Darker denim is thinning and elongating on the legs. Stay away from light washes, whiskering, and distressing near the hips.
  5. Straight leg or bootcut work better than skinny jeans, avoiding tightness in knees and calves. The slight flare balances proportions.
  6. For casual wear, cropped jeans ending at the ankle are flattering on petites, creating the illusion of longer legs.
  7. Good fits to look for are Levi’s 721 High Rise Skinny, Loft Curvy Skinny, and NYDJ Petite Relaxed Fit.

Tailor and hem jeans to the perfect ankle length if needed. Finding the right rise and cut for your petite shape is key after 60!

General Conclusion

I recommend the models from True Religion as the best jeans for a 60-year-old woman. They are made of cotton, hypoallergenic and breathable. Additionally, they are light-colored and boot cut. The jeans from ARIAT are hand-sanded, natural, and slim-silhouette. Paige’s jeans are luxurious and pretty soft.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

  1. You can find specific designers who cater to the more mature women. For instance, Diane Gilman, a.k.a. The Jean Queen, makes jeans specifically for mature women. I have tried her jeans, and they are an excellent fit. The jeans are not tight and concentrate on hiding flaws like the tummy area. If you haven’t noticed, cold shoulder tops have been around for a few years now. The reason is that the cold shoulder shows the best focal point of the body. It is also easier to wear than the off-the-shoulder top.

    • Hi Laura!
      Thank you for your comment! You can certainly try on jeans from this brand. Only I didn’t see jeans just for belly-in, unfortunately.

  2. Hi Jennifer, I’m 60. And I dont tend to wear a roundish belly. Which is sore if I wear jeans tight there. And it seems all of them are, unless they’re elastic waist which I feel silly in. Leggings are better but the heat in
    Austin, TX makes it impossible for me. So, jean shorts & a few long jeans are my goal. Bellbottoms, are my preference. I used to love painters pants too. I loved Levi’s 501’s but w/ severe arthritis the buttons are impossible most days. Again they all hurt. (They say it’s scar tissue. I disagree)
    1 question is why? if they’re directing the jeans for us, does everyone almost always use models w/tight, flat tummies? Makes me pass right by them. Not buy them.

    But thank you for your article. It was informative. However I’d like to know if anyone’s making jeans for Women like me? Ones we can afford, less than 45-50$? I’m positive I’m not alone in my body type.
    Last question: did anyone else ever have the idea that our medical insurance should cover bras? If your young, small up top you may not get it…yet. Many Women have back problems from having heavy chest area. Esp Women on Medicare etc w incomes lower than $900. If we had good quality, pretty bras at a younger age, our backs may be healthier longer in life. Let’s take begin this discussion @ bras in main stream media? Please?

    • Hey Kathryn
      Unfortunately, many women have these problems.
      Therefore, you need to try to choose for yourself the most comfortable jeans to wear.
      I want to suggest you try a few options.
      I want to clarify that flared jeans in most cases have a high waist, take note
      Here are some free variations

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