Why Did My Silver Chain Turn Dark?

why my silver chain turn dark

Silver jewelry enthusiasts will often wonder what causes the dark color on silver jewelry. Why do some objects retain their brilliance for years, while others tan only a week after purchase? And is it a tanning process due to health issues or an underlying “bad eye” or is it due to poor quality silver? In different cases, these questions may make a statement, but let’s look at the causes of darkness and whether there are things that can change.

Why Does Silver Turn Dark?

Silver objects and external stimuli. Silver metal reacts strongly to sulfur and becomes darker. In this case, look for this element in environment – silver jewelry 925 has copper in its composition, which interacts with sweat containing sulfur and begins to oxidize, causing dark rings and earrings.

Thus, silver of the highest standard 999 is not prone to dark colors, and bright dark colors are characteristic of jewelry made in 925 and characteristic in jewelry made in the 875th standard metal.

Sulfur is also a component of water and air, the composition of which varies with the climatic zone. But in any case, perspiration is the main irritant of silverware. If a ring, pendant, or other silver jewelry is worn for sporting activities or exposed to constant pressure, its color will be marred much faster. Excessive sebum production also affects the color of silver jewelry. The composition of perspiration changes when medicated with the disease.

Another thing is the negative effect of cosmetics on silver. To avoid tanning of jewelry, you should always take them out before makeup or showering. Ocean water can also cause silver tanning.

Consequences of Improper Silver Care

Silver jewelry will literally tan immediately after cleaning. The reason for this is that cleaned surfaces react more easily to oxidation when in active interaction with perspiration. For this reason, it is not recommended to wear your favorite rings or earrings immediately after cleaning. It is advisable to keep them in the case for several days so that a protective layer can form on the surface.

It could also be a problem with non-proponent brushing of silver products. Forget the use of toothpaste in combination with a toothbrush. Such cleaning will make a petty bourge on the silver surface and promote in stains.

The best way to clean silver jewelry is to use special solutions. You can read this recipe in the article “How to Take Care of Silver Jewelry”.

how to take care of silver jewelry


Is Rhodium Jewelry Good Quality? Can they Darken?

Rhodium is a high-grade metal often used for plating jewelry. It’s strong and resistant to tarnishing or scratching, with an attractive shine. Rhodium plating can last several years before needing replacement; however, over time the shine may fade off and require replating. While some rhodium-plated jewelry may darken with age, this is not often the case and is usually preventable with proper care and upkeep.

Rhodian silver jewelry watch is very popular today and many people believe that it keeps its beautiful shine and prevents it from darkening forever. Of course, the white rhodium coating protects the silver surface from anything tasty. But it is not a panacea: it is not a cure-all.

Not all surfaces with rhododendrons can be coated – pieces with bold designs, curves, or fiends will not be coated with rhododendrons and rhodium surfaces will not be repaired – pieces will break, tear, or crack Then there is no safe way to weld it.

Is it Normal to Darken Silver?

I can assure you that jewelry tends to get dirty, as do pants and dresses. And like dirty clothes, jewelry must be “cleaned”. That is, cleaned regularly.

Should Tanned Silver be Treated as Diagnostic?

There is a myth that the dark color of silver in a person is a sign of illness. There is some truth in that. It is believed that excessive consumption of onions, garlic, alcohol, and thyroid disorders may alter a person’s sweat production in a more aggressive way. After all, if you like silver jewelry and it looks perfect, there are simple instructions to follow.

Do not bathe or shower with jewelry – Take off rings and bracelets when washing dishes or wet cleaning – Do not place boxes of silver jewelry next to fragrances. Silver for sea baths (by sea water) – remove rings, bracelets, and chains when you go to the gym to work out. Take careful care of your silver jewelry and enjoy its perfect look and shine for a long time.

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