Why Is My Silver Ring Turning Dark? Omens, Superstitions and Science

why is my silver ring turning black
There are many superstitions about why a silver ring is darkening your finger. But what is associated with the blackness of this metal and what properties does it have? There is the concept of compatibility with substances with mystical properties. This mainly explains the origin of the omens and their consequences for the owner of the silver ring.

Magical Properties of Silver

Silver is another metal whose specific magical properties are attributed to antiquity. Today, silver is widely used in medicine to purify water and oxygen. So what is so special about it?

For centuries, silver has been used as a weapon against evil (witches, vampires, etc.). Today, it is also used in amulets. This is because it has a specific function.

Cleanses the aura of his owner and heals bio-sugar energy – protects against the influence of dark forces, does allows to heal spells and curses, especially from diseases related to the violation of energy flow. Heals wounds – stimulates spiritual integrity – rejuvenates and strengthens the body.

IMPORTANT: Dark marks on the finger from contact with the silver ring have a negative effect on the owner and indicate the inclusion of the protective properties of the metal.

A darkened or blackened ring is a bad sign. It means that the metal protected the person from misfortune or magical influences. Silver absorbed negative energy.

Why a Silver Ring Turns Black – a Scientific Explanation

But science finds another explanation for this phenomenon. The copper present in the precious metal is oxidized by the secretion of sweat. Since it is rarely present in healthy people, the rings continue to maintain their white color. However, in the course of bodily changes, especially hormonal dysfunctions, the work of the sweat glands is intensified. This could be due to pregnancy or endocrine disorders, for example.

magical properties of silver


Other Reasonable Explanations Exist in the Area of Sweating

Dark colors in jewelry can also occur in people who exercise or do physically strenuous work in high humidity. Exposure to high humidity leads to oxidation, which in turn affects the quality of the alloy, even the dark color of silver. Levels of certain additives – increased acidity of the body caused by internal organ diseases such as liver, kidney, gallbladder, etc. can lead to changes in sweat that may darken the silver of certain substances or metallic elements.

IMPORTANT: You are left to choose what you believe in, and consequently how to restore the gemstone to its correct shape.

Myths About Silver Jewelry

Folk omens regarding why a finger silver ring is tanning are not the only predictive indicators of a negative outcome. This applies to other items.

If the problem happens to a young single girl, she will not find true mutual love if she has a “wreath of kindness” on her. If the owner of the jewelry is a man, he is doomed to remain single. Perhaps someone will have done what he could create a spell to bring about such a fate. The “Preserve and Protect” ring is a symbol of faith and protection from superior forces. Power outages at this facility warn of upcoming misfortunes and unpleasant situations. They affect the financial sector, health, housing, and relationships with parents’ relatives. The dark color of the earrings warns about the evil eye or degradation inflicted on the mistress. Tanned wedding crosses repelled attacks by blacks. It is not strange if it disappears later. If cutlery (spoons, forks, and other utensils) are tan, it means the house has been contaminated by evil spirits.

myths about silver jewelry


How to Avoid Negative Consequences

To avoid negative consequences, you must clean your jewelry and your own energy. You have removed the blackness, but you cannot get rid of the problem without changing your state of mind. If your ring is dark as soon as you wear it on your finger after aura restoration, your health should be checked urgently. It may be asymptomatic or not yet noticeable.

The omen of why your finger ring turns black, although bad, is evidence that the mystical properties of the metal have been manipulated and softened to beat fate. The magical influence did not destroy life as the ritual performers had originally planned.

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