Which is Better: Silver or Sterling Silver?

which is better silver or sterling silver
Where are you get to getting this summer? You may enjoy your family holidays or have a busy schedule. Go out, visit a restaurant, to taste your local slaps. Upcoming music concerts and jazz festivals are worth your attention. Anyway, you are to look beautiful, wearing jewelry. Let’s discuss which is better silver or sterling silver. Are you fixing to choose and buy new earrings or pendants? If so, you would ask this question over and over again. In the fashion world and jewelry making, it’s obvious. No cap, the top quality of your favorite pieces of jewelry is time-proven. Do you want to fully realize it? Keep reading the article and think about your new purchase.

Why Don’t You Wear Casual Jewelry at Home?

I hope, you are a friendly, slime person. If your daily routine has changed in the last few years, it’s not a big deal. The changes might happen due to Covid-19, delivery of a child or so. Are you a remote worker now? You are lucky! According to the recent PwC survey, this approach is successful.

Both executives and employees appreciate its flexibility. Being a skillful professional, you won’t get to get to return to the office too soon. Meanwhile, working from home, create a lit, creative feeling. Are you on camera? Arranging a video conference, see about your:

  • grooming and style;
  • workspace background;
  • lighting;
  • mood.

You know your best way to store silver jewelry is to wear it every day. Quite naturally, you are to polish and maintain your favorite accessories properly. Meanwhile, having a meeting with a customer, you are to look presentable. Your lit silver jewelry suits everyday wearing. It matches your casual style and even athleisure clothing. Style your hair, wear your stylish glasses and sky is the limit.

Do You Wear Your Silver Jewelry Outdoors?

In summer, you may keep working or be on vacation. Even if you have a flexible schedule, don’t skip it this year. 72% of Americans have decided against it this year. A recent survey by Value Penguin proves it. Long trips and flights are becoming less popular.

Don’t promote the trend, keep on traveling. At least, go out more often. Spend weekends with your kids and close ones. If you haven’t seen your friends in a brick, hang out with them. In Atlanta, summers are hot and muggy, but not as humid as in Florida.

Temperatures exceed 90 degrees F. Hurricanes and tropical storms happen. Thunderstorms and heavy rains are often in July and August. Meanwhile, in our fashionable city, people like colors and patterns. Women like to accessorize their flowing dresses with:

  • fashionable pumps;
  • modern silver jewelry;
  • stylish sunglasses;
  • cool cotton bucket hats.

You may wear heels or flats, casual jeans or fashionable dresses. It should be remembered that modest casual jewelry matches your every outfit. No cap, it suits any occasion, trip, or event.

can I wear sterling silver everyday


Which is More Expensive Silver or Sterling Silver?

A pair of stylish, beautifully designed heels suits city walks and dates. They grace your image during special events or unconventional meetings. Flats or comfy hiking shoes are essential during long trips. Jeans or shorts and t-shirts are always opportune, as well as your stylish jewelry.

Do you prefer going out at night? Later in the evening, the weather is much cooler and enjoyable. It feels pretty balmy and lit. You may lounge in a restaurant or at Piedmont Park. Do you guess, wearing your favorite jewelry at night is dangerous?

Sterling silver is pretty affordable. In comparison with pure precious metal, it’s only a bit more:

  • durable;
  • practical;
  • versatile;
  • elegant and shiny.

It’s workable, giving talented jewelry makers and designers endless creative freedom. Don’t worry. Your beautiful jewelry attracts attention of your companions, but no robbers. A recent public safety improvement made Atlanta much safer. Unless you collect antique silver coins or own a jewelry store, you are out of danger.

Is Sterling Silver Real Silver?

No cap, pure silver is a unique chemical element and metal. Lustrous, shiny material looks beautiful, suiting multiple applications. Its reflectivity has caught interest of ancient people more than 50 centuries ago. It gave the precious metal aesthetic appearance and luxurious look.

Additionally, silver is known for its outstanding properties, like:

  • thermal and electric conductivity;
  • hypoallergenic use;
  • antibacterial action;
  • low reactivity;
  • high malleability and ductility.

At normal conditions and temperatures, true silver is chemically inert. It doesn’t rust, reacting with oxygen or water. Sulfuric derivatives and hot, concentrated acids are the only exceptions. Therefore, silver is a skin-friendly, healthy material. You would wear the jewelry every day, 24/7.

Unfortunately, pure silver is far too soft for jewelry making. It’s easy to mold, scratch or damage. In a pure state, the metal is sparsely in use. Ancient Romans and Greek applied silver to mint coins. Do you think, they used 100% precious metal? I would doubt it.

is sterling silver good quality


What is Best Type of Silver for Jewelry?

Ancient coins played the role of money in the past. I believe handmade artworks were softer, easier to shape. No cap, couldn’t be pure silver. Coin collections are available in the majority of famous museums of the world. They have recognizable images, meaning that time will never tell their age.

Modern silver coins contain 10% of copper since 1837. Liberty Seated Half Dime concept legalized it. What about your casual jewelry? I hope, it consists of sterling silver. Containing 92.5% of noble metal, this lit alloy is:

  • durable;
  • perfectly wearable;
  • lustrous and reflective;
  • versatile;
  • affordable.

What is highest grade of sterling silver? No cap, your beautiful jewelry is top-quality. If it features marks, like “.925” or STG, you are lucky. It means it contains a large amount of pure silver that is soft and glossy. The slight addition of other metals like copper, nickel or zinc is essential. It increases the strength and hardness of this lit, top-grade alloy.

Pros and Cons of Sterling Silver Jewelry

Do you feel like going crazy and chilling out this year? I guess when large gatherings and parties are becoming risky, it would be untimely. Will you avoid attending them? No way, just make them safer and easier. What about your image? Luxurious, extravagant clothing and accessories might be inept.

Anyway, you shouldn’t look ugly, like ten miles of bad road. Modest and attractive sterling silver jewelry is quite the thing. Beautiful earrings or bracelets let you stand out of the pack. With proper maintenance, they last for 20 years, at least. Authentic jewelry provides timeless value and unrivaled health benefits.

Nevertheless, even the highest-quality pieces of jewelry have their pain points. They are prone to:

  • tear and wear;
  • tarnishing;
  • scratching and bending;
  • fading and discoloration.

Do you use your favorite jewelry every day? Your active lifestyle doesn’t work against it. As a result, sterling silver rings or bracelets can accompany you during your trips and events. They withstand sudden knocks and pressure. In a brick, they may turn gray or dark, requiring polishing and daily maintenance.

pros and cons of using sterling silver


Can I Shower with Sterling Silver?

If you go to the seaside this year, you are lucky. Swimming and sunbathing are lit, relaxing activities. They refresh you, boosting your energy level. Where do you go? Your road trip might be not long but exciting. For example, in Atlanta ocean beaches are not available. You can enjoy water recreation only by the side of the Chattahoochee River.

Some miles on the way, and you are in Jacksonville or Topsail Beach. Enjoy swimming and relaxation or fishing and wildlife viewing. Meanwhile, no jewelry, even the most expensive, won’t withstand ocean water exposure. Salt damages it, causing erosion and tarnishing.

Excessive sweat during hot summer days may do the same. Does sterling silver change color? Moisture, heat, and fumes can make it darker. So, I commonly take my beautiful rings off while:

  • taking a shower/bathing;
  • doing dishes;
  • swimming;
  • cooking or baking.

Don’t wear them in a sauna or a swimming pool. Steam and chlorine promote tarnishing. Your casual jewelry would require wiping down and storing in a dry place.

Can Sterling Silver Be Fake?

Authentic, top-quality jewelry requires regular maintenance. You are to store it in airtight containers, covered by soft, colorfast cloth. From time to time, you are to clean your favorite earrings and necklaces. Keep them away from harsh chemicals. Your common detergents, perfumes or body lotions may promote tarnishing.

Nevertheless, it happens only in a brick. Your beautiful jewelry is sturdy: it lasts for decades, avoiding depreciation. Sterling silver may become a bit dull. But you easily remove the tarnish, with warm water or a special polishing cloth. Authentic jewelry is pretty affordable.

Meanwhile, fakes are common. How will you recognize the people, going to juug on the market? You can only tell the fake jewelry, using:

  • a magnet;
  • a white soft cloth;
  • nitric acid;
  • an ice cube.

The precious metal is non-ferrous. Normally, it won’t stick to a magnet. It shouldn’t react to acids, remaining white and shiny. The high thermal reactivity of silver would make ice melt fast. Will it leave black marks on the cloth? No cap, it will. Authentic sterling silver oxidizes, so you should store it in an airtight box.

tarnish free sterling silver chains

What Kind of Silver Chain Does Not Tarnish?


Choosing a long necklace or a chainlet for your pendant might be a tricky task. Wherever you go, it would draw attention to your face and decollete area. This stylish piece of jewelry should perfectly match your clothes, highlighting your look. Its pattern, size, weight and width matter.

No cap, your chain and pendant are to be similar by color and materials. But coming with large and bold or fine, tiny links, your chainlet is to be strong enough. Its sturdiness is necessary to support the pendant of your choice. Which type of silver allow would suit the application to the best advantage?

I would prefer the jewelry, plated with non-reactive metals, like:

  • rhodium;
  • gold;
  • platinum;
  • palladium.

How long does gold plated sterling silver last? A thin layer of noble metal enhances the durability of your beautiful jewelry. It wouldn’t fade or tarnish easily. But your chainlets or necklaces aren’t easier to maintain. Its delicate plating may wear off in a year or two. Quite naturally, its thickness and composition matter. But you are to handle your favorite pieces of jewelry carefully. Avoid scratches and moisture exposure.

What Should I Look for When Buying Sterling Silver?

If you are fixing to choose a buy a new jewelry set, it’s a wise decision. I guess you should please yourself with nice little touches of this kind as often as possible. They enhance your mood, complimenting your casual look. You may wear your necklaces, earrings, chainlets and bracelets on daily basis.

They should flatter you to the best advantage. It is to match your:

  • style;
  • clothes;
  • face shape;
  • skin tone;
  • hair color.

Quite naturally, your preferences, season, and climate matter. Sterling silver is a workable metal. So, the variety of designs, sizes and shapes is endless. The affordability and shiny appearance of the jewelry make it popular. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check its authenticity.

Choosing a ring or a chainlet in a local jewelry store, research it. Make sure your seller is reputable and experienced. Study the available documentation and recommendations. Find the due hallmark on the base or back size and examine it. This way, your beautiful jewelry lasts long. It graces all your average days and special events.

Bottom Line

Are you fixing to buy a new, casual jewelry set? Sterling silver is a good pick. This alloy is the highest grade: it’s durable enough to withstand daily wear. Sterling silver chains support your eye-catching pendants easily. Besides, they are versatile and hypoallergenic. Do you have other choices? Pure, Argentium silver is too soft and not workable. Gold and rhodium-plated earrings are not very long-lasting. A thin layer of non-reactive metal may scratch or wear off in a couple of years. So, choose, buy and rejoice in your sterling silver jewelry. When doing this, follow a few simple rules. Above all, take it off while swimming or bathing. Besides, store your rings and chains properly. Moreover, keep them away from chemicals and moisture. Thus, they last for decades, remaining beautiful and shiny.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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