What is Best Source of Electrolytes?

Do you want to be healthy? You are to stay hydrated. It’s especially important when you profusely sweat. Everybody knows about the role of nutrition and water consumption. But, what is the best source of electrolytes? Which fluids are rich in them? What is the proper time to consume them to replenish electrolytes? Let’s find it out.

what is the best source of electrolytes

What Are Electrolytes?

Are electrolytes minerals? I think they are solutions that contain ionic minerals. These particles are dissolved fluids. What are they? Any hydrating drink recipe includes:

  1. sodium;
  2. potassium;
  3. chloride;
  4. magnesium;
  5. calcium;
  6. phosphate;
  7. bicarbonates.

Actually, they are salts, dissolved in water. Quite naturally, best way to replace electrolytes in your body is to consume drinks rich in these minerals.

What is Role of Electrolytes?

Electrolytes include positive and negative ions. Each of them carries an electric charge. These cations and anions are distributed within your body, but not evenly. It causes metabolic processes or reactions.

Thus, according to the University of Florida Health, electrolytes:

  • control water distribution and balance;
  • regulate heartbeat and blood pressure;
  • send electrical signals;
  • are essential for muscle function;
  • maintain the PH level.

The proper electrolytes’ composition of body fluids is important to avoid imbalance and its serious consequences. They may include:

  • fatigue;
  • confusion;
  • convulsions;
  • headaches.

Do you want to avoid any health issues, especially when you go in for sports? Take best electrolyte drink for dehydration along.

electrolyte drinks sugar free

What Causes Dehydration?

When you sweat a lot, you lose electrolytes. Therefore, the special electrolyte drinks for cyclists are essential. An imbalance in your body can be caused by:

  • excess heat;
  • diarrhea;
  • vomiting;
  • eating disorders;
  • injuries;
  • kidney disease.

Thus, if you lose fluid due to any reason, you are dehydrated. It happens during the periods of physical activity. If you are wearing warm clothes in winter, you may lose more electrolytes.

How to Get Salt Back into Your Body?

What are the key minerals that are lost with sweating? Chloride and sodium are especially important. Remember about it when you are sick. Fever of diarrhea can make you get more fluid. Drink a lot of water every day. Keep to a healthy diet.

First of all, let’s check, how much water is optimal to drink. The quantity is about 8-12 glasses per day. However, it depends on multiple factors.

These recommendations are based on the research. It was conducted by the Institute of Medicine. The daily intake of beverages should not exceed 13 cups or glasses. Therefore, the best hydration pack for skiing comes with a not too large bladder. 2-3L capacity is quite sufficient.

Do Sex, Age and Activity Level Matter?

However, what is the difference? Are there any individual particularities? Men commonly move and sweat more than women. They lose fluids and need to replenish them. By the way, newborn children’s bodies are comprised of 75% water. The bodies of seniors contain about 50% of water. Staying hydrated is healthy and beneficial.

Meanwhile, do you live in a hot climate? Do you exercise a lot? How to stay hydrated while skiing? You are recommended to get 1.5-2.5 glasses of water additionally. Are 15 cups of beverages a day a compete maximum? Kidneys of an adult and healthy person are able to filter up to 15L of water every day. However, would it be comfortable? I would doubt it. Additional stops on the trail would be necessary.

What is a Natural Source of Electrolytes?

A healthy diet is beneficial. The healthiest foods include:

  1. bananas;
  2. avocados;
  3. spinach;
  4. coconut water;
  5. raisins;
  6. milk or yogurt.

I mean the foodstuffs that help you to replenish electrolytes. They are easy to prepare. I commonly use them to get more electrolytes in my diet. You can take some fruits or yogurt as a snack. Berries are also extremely healthy.

Quite naturally, plain water is the best source of electrolyte drinks. However, it should not contain a lot of sugar. On the contrary, salts should not be restricted. Taking teas or soups can be beneficial.

Which Sports Drink Contains Most Electrolytes?

Quite naturally, special sports drinks are available. They are designed to help you exercise longer. You recover from intensive activity faster and easier. How comes? You keep the body hydrated.

Are all sports drinks healthy? The ones that are rich in sugar and calories are not. On the contrary, the drinks may contain:

  • molasses;
  • water;
  • vinegar;
  • potassium.

You are to invigorate the body. Endurance is essential. Muscles are to be supported. However, sports drinks are recommended for strenuous exercise. They provide you an energy boost. These drinks are not essential for moderate workouts.

best drinks with electrolytes natural

What Drink Has Most Electrolytes?

The drinks are to be taken after the workouts. It’s the best time to recover. Do you want to maintain endurance on the trail? But for plain water, you can take:

  • chocolate milk;
  • tart juice;
  • green or black tea;
  • light (nonalcoholic) beer.

Quite naturally, beer can be taken only after the race. However, the beverage contains sodium. It’s beneficial for rehydration. Beer can be even healthy after high-intensity exercise.

As t the juices, they are refreshing. For example, cherry juice is rich in iron and nutrients like potassium. Orange juice is a great source of vitamin C. Tea can offer you some relaxation. Additionally, chocolate milk contains a lot of carbohydrates. It’s rich in magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

What is not beneficial for sure, is caffeine. Alcohol is neither recommended. They promote water loss. Coffee has a diuretic effect.

Common Judgment: What is the Best Source of Electrolytes

So, if you are going skiing, don’t forget to take some water along. How to carry water while skiing? A bottle can be useful. However, it will make you stop. Your both hands are necessary to open it. So, a hydration bladder is a great option. Using it, you avoid any health issues. Additionally, don’t forget about some healthy snacks. They help you if you feel fatigued.

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