What is a Tripod Used for?

I hope, your hands are not shaking. It may happen if you carry heavy luggage. Are you excited? Are you seeing a breathtaking scene? Or a unique animal? A special, supporting device for your camera is necessary. So, what is a tripod used for? Let’s find it out.

What is a Tripod?

Are you concerned about picture quality? You would need a tripod for sure. What is it? This device can be defined as:

  • a stand;
  • support;
  • a strong object;
  • a device to hold or steady a camera.

It definitely has 3 legs. Is this appliance functional? It is used to stabilize and elevate various equipment. That is, it’s versatile. However, is it so simple? Best lightweight tripod for backpacking is space-saving. The legs telescope. It lets travelers use them anywhere they are. But what for?

When Should a Tripod Be Used?

The stands are commonly necessary to support cameras.

They are used mainly by:

  • travelers;
  • photographers;
  • hunters;
  • scientists.

But for the cameras, the devices support other equipment, for example, laser levels. They are essential for construction and other level detection tasks. The supports are helpful in astronomy, as well. How would you locate a binocular or a telescope? Monitoring can last for years.

However, be careful with the hunting application. According to the US Code, it’s allowed for the citizens older than 16. You are to purchase a special license beforehand. So, let’s come back to our short-time shooting tasks.

Is Tripod Necessary?

When do you need stable support for your camera? This device performs several functions simultaneously, that is:

  • stabilizing;
  • leveling;
  • elevating;
  • lighting.

Yes, that’s right. Strobes and reflectors are mounted on the stand. They are to be located solidly.

why use a tripod in photography

What about the benefits of using a tripod? They include:

  1. stable camera position;
  2. large depth of field;
  3. longer exposures;
  4. better image quality;
  5. night photography illumination;
  6. panoramic shots maintenance;
  7. self-portraits making.

The use of a tripod stand in photography is really essential. It helps you avoid stress during shooting. The camera is not shaking. A tripod is helpful to create:

  • HDR images;
  • time lapse photographs;
  • life compositions;
  • nature shots;
  • sunsets.

Capturing of a sports or wildlife event may be a bit complicated. Precise compositions are not easy to make. You would need to free your hands, find the right angle and level the camera. Additionally, you are to be flexible and creative. If you are using any telephoto lens, they are to be steady.

What is a tripod used for in photography? Extremely slow or fast shooting exposures are expedited with the device. Then, you can take any photo you like: a panorama, sunset or self-portrait. So, let’s check what the best travel tripod for video looks like.

The Necessary Options

A tripod is commonly made of metal (aluminum or steel), plastic, wood or carbon fiber. It usually comes with the legs that are either:

  • fixed;
  • or adjustable.

Adjustable legs are essential if the ground is uneven. Otherwise, the stands with the fixed legs (of the same length) are quite acceptable. Thus, the best lightweight hunting tripod is commonly adjustable in height, made of aluminum and rigid. It weighs from 2 to 4 pounds (without the head).

The other essential tripod parts are:

  • leg locks;
  • points or feet;
  • sections;
  • plates;
  • adjustment knobs.

Meanwhile, the head assembly is crucial. It determines the tripod application. That is the equipment that it supports.

heavy duty tripod head guide

What is a Tripod Head Used for?


Head is a central tripod part. It’s used to attach the camera or another device. It is to be completely stable. This part allows the device orientation. Camera position changes only when you need it.

Basic tripod head types are:

  • ball;
  • pan;
  • joystick;
  • gimbal.

Ball mounts are beneficial for panoramic imaging. They are great for small and lightweight cameras. Head can be rotated in 360 degrees, on all axes.

Pan and tilt heads are designed for macro photography. They can hold large cameras, making slight changes in the specific direction. The most precise control can be ensured.

Gimbal and joystick ones are easy to adjust. They are preferable for portraits. So, what is a tripod stand used for video? Pan/tilt units are commonly recommended.

How Does a Tripod Work?

The device consists of legs that are multi-angle and a head. A central column may be available. It ensures additional stability. So, the item is easy to store and transport, but sturdy and easy to use. Fewer legs sections commonly imply better steadiness. Twist leg locks may be preferable. They are low-profile. So, if you want the tripod to be compact, the performance may be compromised. It may be not.

What is Tripod Position?

So, do you need to install your tripod now? In this case:

  1. Select the location.
  2. Extend and secure the legs.
  3. Check the level.
  4. Attach the camera.
  5. Adjust the angle.
  6. Take your pictures!

Setting the legs up, most importantly, don’t forget about the points. They are commonly stationary, fixed. So, no problems. Now, think about your camera settings. The timer is to be on. A remote shutter release can be useful.

When to Use a Tripod Shutter Speed?

Shutter speed is a consolidated parameter that determines 2 important factors:

  • image brightness;
  • motion blur.

It determines the exposure time. Light passes through the sensor. Lens is closed and open by the shutter.

Shutter speed depends on the camera aperture (f-number). Therefore, its sensitivity to light that is measured in ISO units also matters.

Now we know what a camera tripod is used for. This device is to be lightweight, folding. However, it’s also strong and reliable. Select the one according to your preferences and enjoy your hobby or professional activity.

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