What is a Fluid Head Tripod?

Are you fond of nature? In February 2021, you might have a rare opportunity to shoot unique videos. Have you ever seen snow in Arkansas? It may fall in light mix, dissolving in the sun within an hour. Right now, you can capture weather changes on film. But you need dependable photographic equipment. What is a fluid head tripod? This part of camera support system is smooth-moving. It lets you do fluent pans, avoiding jerkiness. The head is versatile, so you might opt for it, seeking to save weight. Will you prefer your regular ball head? Let’s discuss benefits and applications of both types.

What Type of Tripod Head is Best?

Extreme winter weather may make you stay at home for a couple of weeks. A major winter storm blasted many US states. It comes amid strong winds, freezing rain. and heavy snowfall; record snow accumulations exceeded 14 inches in Arkansas. Icy road conditions could induce you to take your time.

I hope, you are not out of kilter due to the weather. On Wednesday, it might keep you from traveling. It’s starting to warm up right now. In some days, we enjoy typical for February 40-50 degrees. On weekend, it’s warm and sunny already. Why don’t you grab your best lightweight hunting tripod and take the road?

Select a tripod head beforehand. It’s a critical part of the system. Multiple types are available, such as:

  1. Gimbal.
  2. Pistol.
  3. Panoramic.
  4. Three-way.
  5. Geared.

Are you a landscape photographer? Heavy-duty tripod legs matter. They maintain stability on rugged and uneven terrain. Meanwhile, you may prefer a specialty video fluid head or a simple ball type.

what type of tripod head is best

Do I Need a Ball Head for My Tripod?

Taking sharp photos and crisp videos in snow might be challenging. First of all, you are to keep your batteries and gear clean, dry, and warm. The snow is too bright, especially if it’s sunny already. So, you are to find a white balance and set your camera properly.


Taking long exposures on a snowy day might be tricky. Neutral density filter and your tried-and-true tripod let you control them. Smooth camera movement is also vital. An advanced hydraulic-based system enables it. Is a ball head tripod better? Let’s get into details.

Tripod ball head vs pan head is more compact and lightweight. Fluid gear is neither not simple. But it’s adjustable, heavy-duty and advanced.

Can I Use Fluid Head for Still Photography?

Being a tourist or a traveler, you might put a value on ease of movement. Heavy weight to pack or tote is not desirable. Are you a beginner or an amateur photographer? Your horse sense implies using a lightweight, easy to maneuver tripod head. It might be simple, but adjustable, easy to attach the camera and use.

The most popular ball head might be your choice in this case. It lets you compose and take quick shots with no delay. Will it make you compromise precision and picture quality? It depends on your priorities. What is a tripod used for? 3-way axis control provides an accuracy of adjustments. In the field of architecture and real estate, it’s indispensable.


A top-quality fluid head might be also lightweight, but not compact. It comes with several essential features, like:

  • counterbalance;
  • tension control;
  • level bubble;
  • fluid cartridge or chamber;
  • drag control.

Thus, fluid head enables smooth camera movements. It offers a 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt rotations. Fluid-like dampening mechanism is beneficial. Meanwhile, you can adjust both tilting and panning tension or drag. It makes the system versatile.

can i use fluid head for still photography

Can You Change a Tripod Head?

During a long trip or film shoot, you may solve different photography tasks. Capturing sports events or mountain hill panoramas requires particular approach. Thus, you may take several tripod heads along and replace them on the way. Fixing to do it:

  • remove available tripod head by turning it counterclockwise;
  • unscrew and pull it off;
  • assemble a new, suitable head;
  • adjust the tripod height and lock it in due place;
  • tighten its pan knob;
  • turn your tripod head clockwise;
  • tighten the screws.

Your best travel tripod for mirrorless camera is compact and lightweight. Foldable design lets you fit it into your backpack easily. But it’s steady, not easy to tump over. Rubber feet and advanced leg-locking mechanism ensure essential stability. It’s easy to position and set up wherever you like.

Thus, it takes only some minutes to replace the head. Tripod head of any type is to come with a quick-release plate. It lets you attach and dismount your camera fast and easily. This part is to be reliable, metal, hefty and durable. Just don’t forget to test the head by moving around. No screw should remain loose.

Bottom Line

Being a tourist, you would prefer a small and versatile digital camera. Together with a compact tripod and ball head, it lets you take memorable shots. But setting professional goals, you would aim at perfection. Fluid head is preferable in terms of performance. It lets you achieve matchless slow and fast whip pans. Spring is round the corner already. So, prepare all the necessary gear. Get ready to take the road and capture your unbeatable pictures.

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