What Does Tripod Mean?

If you are a professional photographer, you can skip this article, because you probably know all about this piece of equipment. And you probably know the answer to the question: what does tripod mean?

Other readers will certainly find some interesting and useful facts here. Whether you are an aspiring photographer or an online seller who needs quality visual content for a website or social media, you are welcome to learn about a device that can make your life a lot easier.

What is a tripod: meaning and definition

In a broad sense, a tripod is a three-legged fixture designed to support objects. The idea behind it is to provide three points of contact with the ground, which ensure the ultimate stability.

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Tripod definition: photography

In photography, a tripod is a triple-leg stand that is used to fix a camera or a camcorder in a stable position. It consists of three telescoping legs, a vertical core (center post) and a head (sometimes sold a separately).

What is a tripod used for in photography?

Tripods have multiple uses in photography. In fact, this is an indispensable device for a professional photographer. Or someone intending to become one.

Generally speaking, a tripod is used to stabilize a camera and eliminate hand movement. That often results in blurred images.

If you are taking regular shots on a bright sunny day, this might not be such big of an issue. But sometimes the lighting conditions or your creative vision require that you take long-exposure shots. When you do so, the shutter in your camera stays open for an extended period of time. It is physically impossible to hold a camera perfectly still for that long. As a result, there will always be at least minimal movement. Or vice versa very considerable movement, depending on the weight of your camera and the shutter speed you choose. So a tripod is a must for long-exposure photography.

what is a tripod used for


What else is a tripod used for in photography?

  1. Panoramic photos. When you are making a panoramic photo, you need to move your camera along the horizontal axis, while maintaining it stable relative to the vertical axis. Therefore, you will need a tripod with a head that can pan.
  2. Video work. Unless you want your videos to look amateur, you should use a tripod when making them. This is the only way to achieve steady, high-quality images, free from wobbling and jerking.
  3. Self-portraits. If you want to make quality self-portraits, a tripod can be of great help. You can set up framing and composition, adjust the lighting, set the camera on timer and enjoy a perfect shot. So much better than taking a selfie with your smartphone!
  4. Professional Headshots. People need headshots for various reasons: resumes, online professional profiles, corporate files, etc. Taking headshots for clients can bring you a stable income. Of course, no such shots can be taken without a good product.
  5. Product photography. When you need to make a series of same-type photos of merchandise, a tripod can be very helpful. It will help you easily achieve the exact same composition, angle, and lighting on every picture you take.
  6. HDR photos. Such photos require that you take several shots of the same landscape, but at different exposures. Then these frames need to be mixed into one. It is essential that all the shots have the exact same composition and a tripod can facilitate that. When you hold a camera in hands, it will inevitably shift resulting in poor quality of a final image.

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Tripod head: definition

Tripod head is a component that attaches a camera to a tripod. Some tripods come with integrated heads. While in other cases (usually in high-end professional tripods) heads are sold separately. Buying a separate head gives you more flexibility. As well as allows you to assemble device that will best suit your needs.

What is a tripod head used for?

A tripod head allows a camera to tilt, pan and rotate, while the tripod stands still. The amount of movement depends on the type of the head and its quality.

How to find the best photography tripods?

Whether you need a heavy-duty camera tripod or the best lightweight tripod for backpacking, the market has plenty of options to offer. But how do you know which one is right for you?

Good samples share some common features. They are made of rigid, high-quality materials. Joints are sturdy and once locked in place, produce no wobbling. When buying a tripod with a built-in head, make sure it moves smoothly and allows for various types of movement. If you plan to travel with it, it is better to choose the one that gets really compact once folded. And last but not least: a good tripod cannot be very cheap, so don’t be stingy. After all, a tripod is an investment that will benefit you for years to come.


Now you probably know enough about tripods to figure out whether you need one. It is very hard to fit all the information in one short article, but we did our best. Now you the ball is in your court – there’s so much more to explore!

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