What Colors Match with Silver Jewelry?


what colors match with silver jewelry

September is a great time to work, go out and travel. In Atlanta, the weather is still pretty balmy and warm. In the daytime, the temperatures are in the 80s. So, you can enjoy the pleasant warmth and sunshine. Don’t forget about your fashion accessories. What colors match with silver jewelry? Your classic necklaces and earrings are timeless. Precious metals are ever-lasting and tasteful. Silver pieces of jewelry are modest and elegant. They suit virtually all occasions and events. Wearing them every day, you look elegant and stylish. So, let’s discuss how to match silver with clothes. A couple of handy tips would simplify these tricky daily tasks.

Weather and Climate Concerns

In September, you might have to work hard. After Labor Day weekend or your vacation, it’s a must. Choosing your formal outfit after a short break might be tricky. Fortunately, your silver jewelry is versatile. It goes well for a formal suit or a little black dress. Knowing, how to tell the difference between silver and stainless steel, you are lucky.

This way, you avoid any juug or fraud issues. Top-quality genuine pieces of jewelry are easier to match. They are skin-friendly, standing out by attractive shine and beauty. No cap, the weather is pleasant in September. Will you have some time to go out these weeks?

If so, you would commonly wear:

  • your favorite jeans;
  • short and long sleeve T-shirts;
  • stylish casual dresses;
  • comfortable sneakers or flats.

Silver jewelry goes with any clothes style well. It mixes well with formal and casual garments. When it’s still warm, and revealing dresses are opportune, it’s perfectly visible. Any necklace or earrings design goes well. Color matching issues are always necessary to keep in mind.

How Do You Style a Silver Necklace?

Later, in fall, you’ll have to wear warmer and thicker clothes. Outdoors, you may cover your stylish jewelry with:

  • pullovers and sweaters;
  • fluffy scarves;
  • light rain jackets.

Do you have to wear masks? No cap, outdoors, you do it voluntarily. At least, in Atlanta, it’s still a recommendation. Thus, you’ll need to select your jewelry painstakingly. It might be tricky to find the designs and types that match high-necked fall clothing.

Shall it be catchier now? It depends on the style and the occasion. Silver jewelry is pretty versatile and durable. What is the strongest necklace chain type? Its style and design matter. Together with a durable clasp, it holds your jewelry in place. Consider also its thickness and length.

No cap, visiting a special event, like a Music Midtown Festival, you may look cute and creative. You can layer your chain necklaces, wearing them over your thin sweater. An original, fancy pendant is on target. But don’t overdo it, avoiding showy or garish impressions.

how do you style a silver necklace worth


What Does the Color Sterling Look Like?

Sterling silver is a lit, beautiful alloy. It’s lightweight and durable. Standing out by its signature color, the pure jewelry is versatile. Its bright, metallic and shiny shade is notable. So, your stylish jewelry mixes with your formal blouses and dresses well.

Unfortunately, sterling silver may tarnish in a brick. It happens only in several years or decades. During heavy rain or thunderstorm, you may need to cover it with a scarf. Some weather protection is essential. In an hour or two, you take the scarf off, making your beautiful necklace visible.

Which style: bold or modest will you choose? It depends on a couple of factors, such as:

  • occasion;
  • day part and light conditions;
  • your face type and skin tone;
  • your occupation or activity you do.

With formal style, minimalist and light textures are preferable. Monochromatic garments look elegant. So are those that come with simple, vague patterns. They don’t distract the eye from your face or your classy jewelry.

What Colors Does Silver Go with?

Silver jewelry is even more popular than gold chains and necklaces. It always looks beautiful and elegant, accentuating your fashionable look. Chic and timeless gold looks gorgeously. But it’s more difficult to pair and style. Your elegant silver jewelry pair well with virtually all styles and garments.

It’s easy to wear, suiting any occasion and event. It blends the best with neutral colors, like:

  • black;
  • white;
  • gray;
  • brown;
  • crème or ivory.

Silver always looks lit with classic black and white combinations. Silver jewelry complements your garments, accentuating your elegant style. No cap, it’s a kind of metallic-based color. It resembles gray, working well with all its shades. This lit palette is never overwhelming. Moreover, these tones have a relaxing, soothing effect, promoting conversations.

No cap, yellow gold also matches neutral colors perfectly. It works with black or gray, looking gorgeous on dark background. It also works well with bright colors, like red, emerald green, yellow, purple and pink. What about your silver chains or bracelets? Quite naturally, some limitations exist.

what color does silver goes with


Does Gold Go with Silver?

While traveling, you should not put your stylish jewelry aside. Silver coordinates with casual jeans and T-shirts. It won’t cast them into the shade. But doing sports, you’d opt for comfort and ease. Short, thin, less refined necklaces and stud earrings are preferable.

They mix with elaborate dresses and clothes. Sometimes, busy shapes and patterns do the job. Silver jewelry won’t overshadow them. Are you fixing to hang out with your old friends? If you haven’t seen them in a brick, it would be a great event. A cocktail party or festival may make you look brighter.

Now, you can choose more flair earring designs, such as:

  • dangle;
  • teardrop;
  • hoop;
  • huggy;
  • barbell.

These styles go well with low-necked dresses and blouses. With turtle-neck sweaters, they remain visible. So, you can mix sterling silver with colored gemstones. Green amethyst, onyx and kyanite do the job. So are gorgeous blue topaz and aquamarine. They complement and enhance your silver jewelry. Mixing it with gold is possible too. But yellow gold might clash with many colors of your clothes. It would outshine or tarnish them.

What Color Goes with Sterling Silver?

Due to the shining, shimmering look of silver, you may associate the jewelry with winter. It doesn’t concern the weather. Metallic is a kind of cool color. Besides, it reminds us about snow and charming winter holidays. Silver is also lit for warmer months, pairing well with navy blue or all shades of denim.

Resembling gray, it matches all cool colors perfectly. So is white gold. Do you know how to tell white gold from silver? Luxurious rings and bracelets stand out by mirror-like surfaces. They are durable and lustrous. Due to its similar appearance, it pairs well with the same neutral colors.

As well as your favorite silver jewelry, it wouldn’t look the best with pastel colors, like:

  • lilac;
  • pasty pink;
  • light green;
  • pale purple.

Your elegant jewelry may lose its visibility on soft, vibrant background. Bright tints like luminous green or yellow would eat it up. Gorgeous, noble gold won’t fade. It remains in the limelight, creating eminent, bold combinations. This flawless outfit lets you make a statement, expressing your creative personality.

does silver go with tan skin tone


Does Silver Go with Tan Skin?

Both precious metals are lit. They are skin-friendly, looking elegant and beautiful. Do you want to mix them together? Some fashion rules consider it unacceptable. Do you want to break them? It’s possible if you don’t keep these rings or bracelets in close proximity.

The accessories that consist of both gold and silver are exceptions. I would still avoid keeping these pieces of jewelry together to prevent oxidation. So, white and yellow gold look better in combination. Additionally, your stylish jewelry should match your eyes, hair and skin tones.

Sterling silver is preferable if you:

  • are blonde or brunette;
  • have blue, green or gray eyes;
  • are proud of your cool or pale skin tone.

It looks fresh on your unsunned, pale skin. Is it possible in September? No cap, if your skin burns easily, you’d like to protect it from sun exposure. Meanwhile, you’d prefer neutral outfit colors. Try to match a vibrant white or blue top with your silver necklace and earrings.

How to Choose and Wear your Silver Jewelry?

Standing out by cool skin tone, blonde or brown hair, you belong to winter or summer season type. Blue veins on your thin wrist would be a distinctive mark. It’s strange, but after your vacation, your skin might not get darker. You would not stay out in the sun long, preferring other activities.

Thus, silver jewelry is your lit choice. You should wear it every day, any season, enjoying your elegant look. Are you still not sure if you style them properly? Tips on how to wear your silver jewelry are not too complex. Try to:

  • match it with neutral outfit colors and navy blue;
  • consider the occasion, time of the day and your skin tone;
  • prefer simple patterns and shapes;
  • in an office, wear short, thin necklaces and stud earrings;
  • pair them properly together and with other accessories.

A matching phone case or bag does the job. A classic addition, like a face mask chain, would accessorize it too. No cap, it can be no better than silver-plated, but the color matters. In fact, feel free to try things out, expressing your personality.

Bottom Line

Silver jewelry is versatile and elegant. In your professional environment or outdoors, it won’t look too showy or garish. Wear it every day, choosing the earrings or necklace according to your mood and occasion. Sterling silver jewelry is lit. It suits everybody, going with all fashion styles well. No cap, your skin tone matters. In September, if it’s still dark or tan, you may prefer gold jewelry. After a short vacation, it may take a tan, remaining cool. So, sterling silver is a good choice. Match it with neutral white, black and gray tops or dresses. It will complement them properly. Select the suitable types, sizes and designs. Add an elegant final touch to your stylish look and turn heads.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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