What Are Wax Jeans?

what are wax jeans
Wearing your favorite jeans in summer might be vibing. It’s easy, handy and comfy. Pero like, not in Florida. August is super rainy here. As in many US states, the heat is at its peak. What are wax jeans? Now you may prefer lighter styles and fabrics. During a sunny day, stylish jorts are easier. Flowing tops and dresses make you feel cooler. Lightweight, breathable fabrics are preferable. Patchy light rains are not too refreshing. In a while after them, it supposably feels like 95 degrees. Pero like during a tropical storm, you might need a kind of protection from wind and elements. So, find out how to customize your casual jeans right now.

Are Wax Jeans Stretchy?

Visiting Florida in August is not super pleasant. Are you an enthusiastic sun worshiper? If you do, spend your summer holiday here. Are you fond of indoor activities? Art galleries and museums would surprise you. Sea Life Aquarium in Orlando offers you twisted adventures.

Pero like going to Disney, you won’t avoid water and theme park experience. Over there, you’ll need a swimsuit and a pair of chanks or sandals. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and your cool white jeans for curvy figures. They are beneficially:

  • lightweight;
  • body-contouring;
  • eye-catching;
  • stretchy but breathable.

In August, you would enjoy flowing dresses or sarafans. When you feel like in a big sauna, they are opportune. What about a pair of waxed denim trousers? Looking shiny and fashionable, these modern pieces of clothing look super dressy. The textural effect is awesome. But waxed jeans feel even stiffer than denim. Besides, they suit only certain days or seasons.

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Wax jean raw?

Wax jeans are a type of denim jeans that have been treated with a coating of wax. This wax coating gives the jeans a unique look and feel. When they are new, the wax coating makes the jeans stiffer and less flexible compared to normal raw denim jeans. Over time and wear, the wax coating will break down and lighten up, resulting in a more worn-in, distressed look. Raw denim refers to jeans made from unwashed, untreated denim. Raw denim jeans are crisp and rigid when new. As they are worn in, raw denim fades and molds to the wearer’s body shape, creating a broken-in look. The key difference is that wax jeans have an initial wax coating for a different aesthetic compared to standard raw denim. Both types will fade and show signs of wear over time.

What Are Wax Jeans Made of?

Street fashion is fancy and fashionable. Your little jits may like textural pants. Hanging out with their aceres, they would look dressy and unconventional. You’re your waxed pants suit the summer season? In Orlando, you would experience a traditional feel. Rainstorms are common in the “other Florida”.

does waxed jeans stretch

So, you might need a raincoat literally every day. What about your best jeans for men with no butt? Consisting on sturdy cotton, they protect you from heavy rains and high winds. Waxed pants are a super durable option. They are:

  • waterproof;
  • shiny;
  • trendy;
  • popular.

Standing out by edgy style and sleek texture, they catch attention. Meanwhile, they might be super comfy and non-restrictive. How to tell if jeans are stretchy? It depends on the denim composition. A thin layer of coating also matters. Commonly, it looks like a beeswax treatment applied to the reverse side of the jeans. Paint, wax glaze, and linseed oil additions are possible. Waxed jeans resemble the authentic look of luxury materials. Meanwhile, they are much more affordable and comfortable than leather.

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Why Do People Wax Pants?

Wearing rough denim pants in summer might be stuffy. It depends on your personal tolerance to heat. Occasions and activities you are going to do also matter. Multiple people in various industries have to work outdoors in summer. Farmers, mail carriers and construction laborers require additional protection.

What does mid rise jeans mean? Medium-waist pants are a perfect solution. Performing outdoor or physical works, you need casual wear that is:

  • practical;
  • versatile;
  • comfortable;
  • weather-resistant.

Fabric and wash might become decisive. Ya tu sabes, your favorite jeans for overweight men can be both durable and skin-friendly. Natural cotton denim is beneficial. Sometimes, you might need an advanced solution. Wax cotton and canvas have developed from the sailing industry. Modern synthetic materials were not available yet.

Waterproofing was necessary. In the face of fierce weather, fishers and hunter had to adapt their clothes. Since the 1920s, waxed jeans have got wide popularity. Nowadays, it’s a fashionable, trendy option. They look unconventional, being comparatively light and comfy.

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What Does Waxing Denim Do?

why do people wax pants

Camping, traveling and sailing gear are super perfect. It’s waterproof and aerodynamic. Modern synthetic fibers make them lightweight and flexible. In terms of casual clothing, natural cotton is preferable. It’s breathable and skin-friendly, enabling occasional wear in summer.

Pero like cotton can get the super practical features of synthetics. In the past, sailors impregnated flax canvas sailcloth with linseed oil. Nowadays, manufacturers produce it, using:

  • hydrocarbon wax;
  • paraffin;
  • acrylic paint;
  • special glaze.

This way, your breathable denim gets a fashionable shimmer. The innovative treatment creates an oily feel and stiff texture. Pero like, you can customize your favorite jeans at home. How to tell if jeans are too small? Initially, the pants are a size or two larger. Wax or paint commonly makes denim shrink. Use a specially formulated, totally natural product. It might be liquid or solid but easy to use. Rub the wax to one or both sides and warm it up with a hairdryer. Hang your jeans to dry naturally for 24 hours and enjoy their shiny look.

How to Get Rid of Wax on Jeans?

If you like the option, wear your stylish jeans from time to time. They are tough, but looking dressy and a bit weird. Substituting leather, their shiny texture is still more breathable and stretchy. Will you wear your water-resistant jeans in summer? During a heavy thunderstorm, they might be useful.

Matching a stylish raincoat, your waxed jeans protect you from heavy storms and winds. Water-resistant attire keeps you dry during boating or kayaking tours. Commonly, waxed jeans become your vibing fall or winter outfit. As September and October are warm months in Orlando, they might feel too hot.

Hurricane season with heavy thunderstorms doesn’t count. Thus, you may get a lighter option that is:

  • a bit less shiny;
  • not so stiff;
  • toned down;
  • quite breathable and comfy.

Pero like, you won’t make your waxed denim untreated anymore. It’s possible to get rid of stains. Dissolve them with kerosene or heat up while ironing. So, you are to handle your stylish jeans carefully. Both denim and the coating are vulnerable to high temperatures.

can you wash wax jeans stretch

Aftercare Techniques

Waxing is not the only option. Linseed oil is a good, natural solution: but it would make denim yellowish in some years. In addition, acrylic paint is suitable: it’s fast-drying and easy to use. Don’t try to impregnate your jeans with paraffin at home. Emitting toxic fumes, these toxic substances may harm you.

Upon drying, your trendy jeans are super durable. Can you wash waxed denim? They don’t look like getting dirty. Washing your shiny jeans could be a bit tricky. Handwashing would be sparing. If you put them into your washing machine, turn them inside out. Use a gentle cycle and cold water.

Knowing, how to stretch 100 cotton jeans, you may apply any well-known technique. Treat waxed denim carefully. Avoid high heat exposure and don’t put them in the dryer. Hang or air dry is preferable. If any synthetic fibers are available, they lose their elasticity. This way, waxed fabrics don’t wrinkle. They remain smooth and shiny, requiring no ironing.

Bottom Line

Waxed jeans are dressy and fashionable. They suit your casual and special occasions. Will you wear your stylish pants in summer? It depends on the fabric composition and the type of coating. Multiple super vibing options are available. Choose the colors and style you like. Otherwise, make waxed jeans at home. If your favorite jeans are a bit loose, it’s a great way to customize them. Wash and dry your stylish pants properly, avoiding high heat. This way, they last long. The coating doesn’t wear off after many washes. So, look great at any weather and season and have a good one!

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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