Difference Between Skinny and Slim Fit Jeans

The way jeans fit your body defines the overall impression of the outfit. There are five basic types of fit: skinny, slim, regular, relaxed and loose. Today we are going to talk about skinny and slim fit – the ones that often get mixed up. So what exactly is the difference between skinny and slim fit jeans?

The difference between them seems vague and many people end up buying the wrong fit. So if you want to avoid mistakes in the future, let’s cast a light on this seemingly trivial question.

What is the difference between slim and skinny jeans?

skinny fit stretch jeansIf we place all types of jeans on a scale from the tightest to the loosest, the skinny fit will find its place on the left-most side. Slim jeans are just next to the right. They are still quite tight, but a little roomier than skinny jeans. At this point, some of my readers might assume that they have already learned everything there is to know about skinny and slim jeans. The truth is, the names do not matter a lot if you shop at physical stores, where you have an opportunity to try on all kinds of jeans before making a purchase.

Online shoppers, however, need

  • to rely on labeling;
  • to rely on classifications.

Or maybe you are just curious about such things. In any case, we are going to explore the difference between skinny and slim jeans in detail.

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What is a skinny fit?

Skinny jeans fit your body so snugly that they literally seem like a second skin (this is where the name comes from). Such jeans are made of very stretchy fabric so as not to restrict the movements. Besides, this is the only way to allow skinny jeans to be put on and close properly.

Skinny jeans fit snugly in a waist, hips, thighs, and calves. These jeans will sit perfectly on the waist (or lower, depending on the rise), without this unattractive gap between the waistband and your body.

With skinny jeans sizing is everything. If you choose the right size they will fit as they were tailor-made for you. Ideally, there should not be any gaps, wrinkles or slack in the crotch area. Only in that case skinny jeans will look good and flatter your body.

So, skinny jeans meaning?

  • Skinny jeans refer to fitted pants that are narrow through the entire leg and taper completely at the ankle.
  • They have a skinny, second-skin fit that hugs the body from hips to ankles. There is little space between the denim and the wearer’s legs.
  • Skinny jeans usually have stretch in them, like 1-3% spandex or elastane, to mold tightly to the legs. The stretch allows mobility.
  • The slim, sleek silhouette flatters and elongates the legs, giving a taller, leaner appearance.
  • They create a smooth, tailored look versus a baggy or billowy fit through the legs. Some versions are molded like leggings.
  • Skinny jeans first emerged in the punk rock scene but went mainstream in the 2000s. They remain popular today as a versatile fashion staple.
  • They come in a variety of rises, colors, distressing and ankle widths to suit different styles and body shapes.

In summary, skinny jeans are snug all over and sharply tapered at the ankle for a chic, slimming effect. They contour the legs for a put-together, elongating look.

Who can wear skinny jeans?

who can wear skinny jeansSkinny jeans are not for everyone. These jeans reveal and accentuate the shape of your hips, thighs, knees, and calves. In case there is something you would rather hide, there are other types of jeans to look for. Skinnies are designed for literally perfect bodies, with a fair amount of muscles and slight curves. They do not look good on skinny ladies either. Thin legs will look even thinner in snug jeans. Of course, this is a matter of taste, but in our opinion, that is not flattering.

What to combine with?

Long tops, tunics, oversized sweaters, hoodies and t-shirts, relaxed jackets, cardigans and anything else that goes down to your hips or even lower will work. Unless you want to create a somewhat provocative outfit, you should avoid tight tops, short and cropped tops, fitted blouses, and knitwear. Dressing up in tight clothes from head to toe is only appropriate in a gym. In everyday life, it just looks odd and tasteless at best.

What is slim fit jeans?

Slim fit jeans are generally not as tight as skinnies, but still rather form-fitting. Such jeans contour hips and thighs and may or may not fit tight around the legs. These jeans have larger leg openings than skinny jeans and do not cling around ankles. Some models have tapered leg design, others are straight.

Slim fit jeans are usually made of stretch denim, but with a little amount of spandex or lycra. They do not have to be as stretchy as skinnies, but still should be able to provide comfortable wear.

Slim fit jeans meaning?

A new style of jeans known as the slim fit are becoming very popular against the traditional fits. Slim cut jeans are made to hug your contours and give you a slim tapered look. These are made to be less baggy than original cut jeans, but have a larger leg opening than skinny jeans. These jeans usually are made out of a stretchy material, to give you a slimmer look. This new type of jean is slender and gives you a body fit appearance. Not everybody has the same fit, every style and every brand are different. They have been used for casual and sometimes semi-formal depending on the occasion.

Slim fit jeans are for people that like the look of skinny but hate how tight they get. Also who like a baggy jean, these would be the perfect fit. Slim fit jeans are the most popular jeans sold every year. From kids to the elderly, everyone wears slim fitted jeans. Robert Julius, Betty Sue, Allison Banky all like the way the slender cut jeans fit. Everyone wears them because of how comfortable they are.

Who can wear slim fit jeans?

Slim jeans are more versatile than skinnies and look great practically on all body shapes. Women of all ages can wear such jeans on any occasion. However, this is probably not the right type of jeans for a 60-year-old-woman. When buying slim fit jeans, you need to make sure they fit your hips. Unlike skinnies, these jeans can be slightly loose around knees and thighs. You can size up or down as needed, and your jeans will still look good.

How to style?

Slim jeans do not look and feel like a second skin. So you can style them almost with anything. If you are looking for white jeans to hide cellulite, the slim fit is a good choice. Since such jeans do not stretch as much, they do not accentuate curves, which in many cases is a big plus.

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FabricStretch denimSlight-stretch or non-stretch denim
TightnessVery tight from hips to anklesTight at hips and thighs, looser around legs
Leg designContouringStraight, tapered or skinny
StylingLong, oversized/relaxed tops and outerwear.Versatile

Slim straight jeans vs. skinny

When we talk about straight vs. skinny jeans (women’s) we need to differentiate skinny fit and skinny leg jeans. “Fit” refers to the way jeans contour hips and thighs. Slim fit jeans can be either straight leg, tapered leg or skinny leg. For instance, Express slim fit jeans are offered in both straight leg and skinny leg versions. This might seem just too confusing, but once you try several pairs on, you will feel the difference.

What is athletic fit jeans?

Similar to slim fit are athletic fit jeans. The difference is that the latter are designed to fit muscular hips and thighs. This type of jeans is better represented in men’s lines.


As you can see, making a distinction between skinny and slim jeans is not rocket science. We really hope this information will help you make better shopping and styling decisions.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

  1. Hi Jennifer,I really enjoyed reading your article about skinny Jean’s. I have a question I am a male and I have been looking to start wearing skinny jeans, after looking at men’s I feel the fabric and fit are not as nice as the skinny jeans I have tried on in the women’s skinny jeans, do you think it’s okay for a man to wear woman’s skinny jeans?

    • Hey Robbie,
      I see no reason not to do this! I have many friends who wear women’s jeans. Why not? So discard all prejudices and feel free to wear women’s skinny jeans, because it is in them that you feel comfortable.

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