MeFoto Roadtrip vs Globetrotter Tripod

Are you going to travel around the USA? Do you want to visit Santa Monica or Hope Valley, NC? Do you anticipate to capture bears or a common raven in Yellowstone? A compact travel tripod helps you. Just let’s compare MeFoto Roadtrip vs Globetrotter before you make your choice.

MeFoto Tripod Manufacturing Background

Why don’t you make your pictures professional-quality? Take along a lightweight, foldable tripod. Which one? What special is about the MeFoto brand?

Actually, these tripods are made by Benro Company. They are produced in China. Quite naturally, the company is international, represented by MAC Group. It’s large and reliable. The company focuses on the needs of professional photographers and filmmakers. It’s a customer-oriented company. So, why MeFoto tripods are rated so high?

Tripods Brands Benefits

The tripods are:

  1. lightweight;
  2. flexible;
  3. stable;
  4. compact;
  5. colorful;
  6. easy to set up.

They are covered by 5-year warranty. It means that the tripods are really durable. They are long-lasting and hard-wearing. A solid grip is ensured. The capacity is impressive. The payload is up to 26.4 pounds. It’s sufficient for mirrorless, DSRL and action cameras. So, what are the basic models?

MeFoto Comparison Chart

According to the video, the basic difference is in height. What are the models compared? I think that they are both from the Classic series.

So, what do we see, comparing Mefoto Backpacker vs Roadtrip vs Globetrotter classic models? Difference by height is obvious. Globetrotter is the highest. Backpacker is the lowest. I would say, this model is not the best for tall people.

However, it’s not the most important. What about the materials? How do they work on the tripods’ weight and durability? Is the look different?

Principal Differences

So, the Backpacker model is the most compact and lightweight. It’s perfectly foldable, fitting the most suitcases and backpacks. Is it what you need for a walking trip? Nevertheless, in the Classic series, it’s available only in aluminum.

Are you looking for a Mefoto Backpacker Carbon Fiber item? Check the S Collection. What a compact item! It weighs only 0.99 pounds! Unfortunately, the difference is also in the loading capacity.

Thus, Mefoto GlobeTrotter supports the highest possible weight. It means it’s suitable for larger and heavier-weight cameras. For example, full frame and DSRL equipment. The tripods are easily convertible to monopods. The stand becomes good for shooting a moving object. Are you capturing a sports event or a bird flying? No tools are necessary. Roadtrip model is convertible, as well. Backpacker is not.

Aluminum vs Carbon Fiber Tripods

As for me, the difference in materials is much more significant. Carbon fiber tripods are more expensive. Does it mean they are better? What about durability? The loading capacity doesn’t depend on the material. Only on the model.

Meanwhile, carbon fiber is stiff and lightweight. It’s better in terms of:

  • dampness;
  • stiffness;
  • thermal conductivity.

Tripods made of carbon fiber are stable and high-performance. According to the recent research, these fibers are low-density, strong and chemical-resistant.

On the contrary, their counterparts, for example, Mefoto Classic Aluminum Backpacker are damage-resistant. What about the colors? They are more diverse in aluminum items. It implies a wider selection. The tripods are easy to personalize. Is it decisive? Maybe, but what else?

difference in materials tripods


Common Features

Yes, the plate is the same. It’s the Arca-Swiss style. That is, universal and quick-release. What about the other similar features? They include:

  • twist lock legs;
  • Q-series ball-type head;
  • carry case;
  • pan lock knob;
  • center-column hook;
  • anti-rotation system;
  • 360-degrees panning.

Tilt angle may be different. But all MeFoto items are elegant, convenient and heavy-duty. What about the other brands? For example, Manfrotto?

Mefoto Roadtrip vs Manfrotto Befree Comparison

Manfrotto is an Italian company. It’s a highly reputed tripod manufacturer. History originates from the 1960s. Company founder was a photo reporter. His name was Lino Manfrotto. I guess it’s worth respect. This person knows the professional photographers’ needs pretty good.

So, Manfrotto Befree series tripods stand out by:

  1. perfect design;
  2. non-round tubes;
  3. convenient angle-selector button;
  4. compact ball-head.

These items are more lightweight and portable than the tripods from MeFoto. The max. height is only up to 56.7 inches. The loading capacity is up to 8.8 pounds. Meanwhile, Manfrotto range is really high. The series are numerous.

Yes, most products from BeFree series are made from aluminum or from carbon fiber. However, the other materials are also available, for example,

  • magnesium;
  • canvas;
  • technopolymer;
  • leather.

You can select any head or lock type you like. On the contrary, Mefoto Globetrotter vs Manfrotto Befree is:

  • taller;
  • high-capacity;
  • solid-built;
  • perfectly retractable.

5 sections are available, in comparison with the 4 leg sections of the Manfrotto items. Meanwhile, the products of both brands are weather and vibration-resistant. All of them are backed by 5-year warranties. The basic features like central column and level locks are built-in.

Mefoto Ball Head Replacement Tips

It’s easy. Tripods are user-friendly. No set screw is on the mounting plate. You just need to purchase the replacement part. Then:

  1. Tighten the knob.
  2. Turn the head counterclockwise.
  3. Remove it.
  4. Take the new head.
  5. Turn it clockwise.

Pan locking mechanism might be a bit tough. Use a pair of gloves.

So, now you know the difference between the top tripod models. What would I recommend to you? It depends on your needs and the trip schedule. Just consider the product height, load capacity, and weight and enjoy photography.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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