Is Sterling Silver Good for Sensitive Ears?

is sterling silver good-for sensitive ears
Do you wear earrings? These stylish pieces of jewelry are pretty popular. They enhance your natural beauty. Tiny casual jewelry are acceptable anywhere. Modest pieces of things suit any occasion, being versatile and practical. Is sterling silver good for sensitive ears? You may wear your lit, old-shoe earrings constantly. Lightweight, soft and skin-friendly items shouldn’t hurt you while you are sleeping. You might walk in the shower with your beautiful earrings on. Do you select a special, eye-catching jewelry touch every day or night? It should match your fashionable, flowing dress or casual outfit. Nevertheless, your lit earrings should cause no skin irritation or itching. Let’s discuss which options and metals are the safest to choose.

Pros and Cons of Wearing Earrings

Do you prefer to be active this summer? Even if you are busy, don’t keep from going out and traveling. You might lounge in a park or enjoy a picturesque hiking trail. By the way, you can catch spectacular, stunning views, getting around Atlanta. Piedmont and Mason Mill Parks offer you a lit wildlife viewing experience.

Doing sports or working hard in your office, don’t forget about your fashionable image. On hot and muggy summer days, you shouldn’t look ugly like ten miles of bad road. Fashionable, stylish earrings perfectly match your breezy dresses. They benefit you by:

  • accentuating your beauty;
  • catching attention to your face and eyes;
  • defining your self-confidence;
  • letting you express your personality.

No cap, you are to clean your favorite pieces of jewelry from time to time. Does sterling silver rust in water? Commonly, it doesn’t oxidize. But summer challenges are lavish. Direct sunlight, sweat and moisture make your shiny earrings fade or tarnish. Health benefits and risks are a different story.

Do Earrings Improve your Vitality?

Don’t take your small common pieces of jewelry for granted. Earrings have a long history behind them. Known since the Minoan civilization, these stylish items are time-proven. Ancient people used them as body decorations, amulets or religious regalia.

Luxurious and gorgeous jewelry had symbolic and social purposes. It signified the power of queens and the marital status of women. Additionally, earring therapy bases on acupuncture. It might:

  • boost your energy;
  • enhance vision;
  • improve your vitality;
  • work on the reproductive health of men and women.

Ancient East is no exception. Persian and Egyptians preferred silver and gold jewelry. Inlays of natural gemstones were good practice. Which is better silver or sterling silver? The pure metal is soft but healthy. Its antimicrobial properties are outstanding.

What about the piercing? Located slick in the center of your ear lobe, it ensures your lit vision and health. No cap, piercing can be painful. While healing, it requires special care. Sensitive skin is a great concern. Materials, metals and coatings matter.

do sterling silver earrings irritate ears


What Metal is Good for Sensitive Ears?

A new piercing is a tiny wound. You should keep it open and clean until it heals completely. In summer, it’s especially vulnerable. Extreme heat, exposure to ocean or rainwater may irritate it. If your skin is sensitive, prone to allergies or acne, clean the cut several times a day.

Does it swell or itch? Clean the area around with rubbing alcohol. It shouldn’t last long. As soon as the piercing heals, don’t shy away from wearing your beautiful earrings. I guess you should do it every day. Do you doubt it? You can feel plumb comfortable, wearing these pieces of jewelry.

How comes? Quite naturally, a lick of conditions or limitations exists. Your healthy earrings are to be:

  • lightweight;
  • top-quality;
  • tarnish-resistant;
  • soft and skin-friendly;
  • free of lead and nickel.

Authentic sterling silver jewelry is up to quality. No cap, it would require polishing in a brick, that is, every 2-3 years. Cleaning might be a lot more often. Do it regularly, weekly or so. Meanwhile, if your casual earrings are nickel-free, they shouldn’t cause allergies.

Do Healthy Metals and Allows Exist?

Top-quality pieces of jewelry are timeless. Noble metals are unique elements. Why did ancient people widely use them? These metals occur in nature, in relatively pure form. They stand out by lit resistance to oxidation, corrosion and chemical attacks. What are they? The list includes a lick of metallic elements, like:

  • gold;
  • silver;
  • platinum;
  • silver;
  • palladium.

Is gold or silver better for sensitive ears? I would advise you to use them in the safest, purest form. As a base metal, each of them is perfect. They are non-reactive, featuring outstanding electrical and thermal conductivity. It means noble metals can regulate your body temperature.

On a hot summer day, gold jewelry alleviates your sore skin. It boosts blood circulation, promoting relaxation. It may reduce the severity of hot flashes. Additionally, medicine uses noble metals as antimicrobial agents. In their natural form, they are too soft to withstand daily wear. Copper is a real catch.

what metal is safe for earrings


Do Sterling Silver Earrings Irritate Ears?

Precious metals are perfect. Most importantly, these metallic elements are inert and non-reactive. Besides, they are pretty resistant to air, water, acids, and salt. Especially, gold is. Do you get to getting to the seaside right now? Vibing on the beach of Miami or Jacksonville, you wouldn’t take your gold wedding ring off.

While swimming, you may do it in order not to lose or damage it. Your beautiful earrings may remain on. Coming with reliable fasteners, they won’t drop out of your ears. Small, casual jewelry won’t handicap sunbathing. It withstands heat without causing any discomfort.

Is sterling silver ok for sensitive skin? It’s the second metal in terms of malleability and ductility after gold. So, it has similar properties. In comparison with gold, silver is only a bit more:

  • lightweight;
  • volatile;
  • reflective;
  • affordable.

It’s perfectly inert and non-toxic. Do you like large, eye-catching pieces of jewelry? Consisting of silver, they are plumb light to wear. Your fashionable earrings won’t pull on your earlobe, causing any pain. No cap, I mean the purest 92.5% content of sterling silver. If the rest is only copper, you are lucky.

Which is Better for Earrings Stainless Steel or Sterling Silver?

Other metals in the sterling silver composition make the difference. For example, 7.5% of copper doesn’t deteriorate its lit properties. No cap, it classifies as a noble metal. Thus, pure copper is soft, malleable and inert. Standing out by warm, reddish-orange color, it’s beautiful.

Copper may oxidize, turning your sensitive skin green. But it’s still safe and hypoallergenic. As all noble metals, copper is:

  • soft;
  • malleable;
  • lightweight;
  • thermally conductive.

As well as silver, copper has distinctive antimicrobial and antifungal properties. Copper allergy is plumb rare. Nickel is another thing. How to tell the difference between silver and stainless steel? These shiny pieces of jewelry may look virtually the same.

Quite naturally, you recognize sterling silver. It stands out by quality marks and lit softness. Both alloys may include a tiny lick of nickel. Silvery-white, ferromagnetic metal increases corrosion-resistance of alloys. But contacting your skin, it might become hazardous. Will it harm your skin? In certain amounts, it may cause an itchy rash or skin irritation.

earrings stainless steel vs sterling silver


Is Sterling Silver Earrings Good for Sensitive Ears?

When it goes to jewelry, health benefits are to be a top priority. I prefer noble metals and their high-grade alloys. Do you wear copper bracelets? If so, you may believe they relieve pains, joint stiffness and inflammation. It causes enzymes. Contacting with a copper surface, your sensitive skin absorbs them.

No evidence proves the therapeutic value of copper. An investigation didn’t confirm it. Nevertheless, copper is a skin-friendly metal, as well as gold and silver. Quite naturally, the durability of your jewelry and ease of maintenance matter. Do you opt for stainless steel (its surgical grade) and titanium earrings?

They might be long-lasting and scratch-resistant, but not too skin-friendly. You shouldn’t worry about their appearance and maintenance even in a brick. No cap, the best way to store silver jewelry imposes keeping it away from air and light.

Do you wear your favorite earrings every day? Taking them off at night, put your tiny pieces of jewelry in a special jewelry box. Wrapped with a soft, lint-free cloth, it prevents scratching.

Can Sensitive Skin Wear Sterling Silver?

Fixing to buy a new pair of fashionable earrings, don’t worry about allergy. All modern jewelry sold in the USA is to be nickel-free. The same situation is in Europe. The EU Nickel Directive regulates its amount. The jewelry you get contains no more than 0.05% of hazardous metal.

At least, the ear-piercing studs of your earrings do. Sterling silver alloys are no exception. Nevertheless, some risks of infections and skin irritations exist. It may occur, regardless of metals and materials. Do you want to prevent it? If so, try to:

  • keep your ear lobes clean;
  • wash them every day with warm water and mild soap
  • disinfect them every day with alcohol;
  • rotate your earrings gently, enabling oiling.

Newly pierces ears require special care. Try to avoid swimming, knocks and bumps during the healing period. Replace your pillowcase every day, keeping it clean. Additionally, try to use sleeper earrings. Small and lightweight, they are comfortable to sleep in. Both studs and hooks are hypoallergenic. They are plumb safe and healthy.

Bottom Line

Are you fixing to buy a pair of new earrings? Tiny and elegant or gorgeous and eye-catching, they are to be safe. Opt for hypoallergenic metals and alloys. Safe and healthy, they keep your sensitive ears from allergies and rashes. Sterling silver is a plumb skin-friendly solution. Having signature antimicrobial properties, it fights infections. In a hot, summer day, it regulates your body temperature and blood circulation. Sterling silver earrings look beautiful, matching any style and outfit. Does it tarnish? It happens only in a brick. No cap, cleaning and polishing might be tiring. Do it every month or year to keep your jewelry looking shiny. It doesn’t concern your sensitive skin. Sterling silver earrings won’t irritate it. So, prefer safe, healthy jewelry and keep well.

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