How to Use Hydration Pack Bite Valve?

how to use hydration pack back valve
In September, the weather becomes comfortable, pleasant. It’s a good time to explore your favorite trails. Here, in Oregon, days are still hot and sunny. But why shall you go running, cycling or hiking when the mountain is out? Do it early in the morning when it’s pretty cool. Anyway, you must have some clean water every hour or two. How to use hydration pack back valve? Your backpack should be compatible with your handy water bladder. It’s important to select a top-quality reservoir or system. It has to meet your hiking or camping needs. The mouthpiece is its essential part: it controls flow of water. So, let’s discuss what factors affect your water drinking ease.

How Do You Get Liquid Out of Your Handy Hydration Pack?

Going biking, hiking or running, bring plenty of water along with you. When it’s not too hot, 17-25 fl. oz. of fluids/hour are necessary to avoid dehydration. During high-intensity workout, you may sweat hard. So, try to take a sip of liquid every 15-20 minutes.

What is the best source of electrolytes? Drinks like juice or milk are healthy and beneficial. They promote rehydration well, especially after the exercise. It should be remembered that plain water is still the healthiest choice. Adults and children consume it every day.

How do you take your healthy fluid on the go? User-friendly water bladders simplify this task, making it effortless. You have only to grab the available bite valve (mouthpiece) and sip water. These perfect reservoirs are handier than common, reusable water bottles. They make your best cycling hydration pack:

  • lightweight;
  • flexible;
  • sealed;
  • hands-free;
  • intuitive to wash and use.

Of course, your best way to carry water while running is in your backpack. Soft, flexible hydration bladders are beneficially low-profile. It makes them convenient and easily portable. Additionally, they come with drinking tubes, O-rings and mouthpieces. But not all of these reservoirs are equally easy to use.

Can You Put a Hydration Pack in a Regular Backpack?

Most modern, top-quality backpacks are beneficially compatible with popular water bladders. They come with a separate compartment. A special tiny opening for the flexible plastic tube is available on the pack side. Branded hydration backpacks provide stability that regular products don’t offer. Of course, sternum and shoulder straps improve it. But the bottles might bounce on the go.

Are you selecting your best hydration vest for ultra running? Size it properly. Extra weight won’t let you run as fast as you want. But you should not feel thirsty by the end of your marathon. The same situation is with your backpack. Calculate the necessary water intake. It is to correspond to your trip or hike duration.
During your trip, refilling your empty reservoir would be complicated. You are to find a source of clean water in the wild. Bite valve size also matters. Hydration pack mouthpiece cover might be available. It protects this important bladder part from dirt and dust on the trail. Large valves might be more difficult to sip water. Small ones are easier, but they allow insufficient water flow. Medium-sized items are the best.

Do Hydration Packs Keep Drinking Water Cold?

Refreshing during your day-time trip might be necessary. Opt for the special backpack features. During a sunbreak, due to hot and dry September weather, a sip of cold water is welcoming. So, your summer hydration pack should come with insulation. A reflective coating within its reservoir sleeve is necessary. A layer of thick padding like closed-cell packing foam is also helpful. It keeps water cold for several hours.

Can I put ice in my hydration pack? It’s possible if your useful bladder has a perfect, big opening. This amazing feature makes your top-quality reservoir easy to refill with water. It facilitates rinsing, washing, and cleaning. It’s possible also to pour ice-cold water from your fridge. Ice melts in about half an hour, but water is chilly till the very evening.

Apart from the insulation, don’t forget to check the available bite valve. There are 3 common types of locking systems or mechanisms, such as:

  1. Push-and-pull.
  2. Switch.
  3. Twist.

Hydration pack with push-pull valve is the fastest to use. It allows hands-free liquid flow. Switch-lock or lever system is also simple. It’s intuitive to operate when you are busy. Twist lock is the least intuitive. It makes you undertake efforts and turn the valve. When you are jogging or cycling, it’s undesirable.

How Do You Clean a Hydrapak Bite Valve?

At the level of usability, hydration bladders are different. Pressurized ones are beneficial. They feature built-in pumps that inflate fresh air to the second chamber. So, you are to squeeze or bite the plastic mouthpiece to sip some water. It comes out easily, able to gush forth, if necessary.

Non-pressurized items require your total involvement. They consist of only one chamber that holds water. You should press or bite the valve and slowly suck water to take a sip. These systems are unsophisticated and affordable, but they need frequent rinsing and washing. They are prone to clogging.

New items might come with strong, plastic taste. How do you use a CamelBak water bottle for the first time? It would better to rinse it with warm, soapy water. In time, the unpleasant odor disappears. Anyway, don’t forget you clean every water bladder twice a week.

It’s possible to involve:

  • hot water;
  • baking powder;
  • vinegar solution;
  • lemon juice;
  • bleach or special cleaning tabs.

Fill the bladder with any cleaning solution you choose. Let it soak. Clean the flexible tube and valve, lifting the bladder. It promotes intensive water flow. Let the efficient cleaning solution work on the parts. Empty the water bladder, wash it with soapy water, and rinse. You should keep your reservoir dry to eliminate mold and mildew growth.

Bottom Line

Are you selecting a new hydration pack? This task is not too intuitive. Consider its application that is running, short hikes or long trips. Backpack size, capacity, weight and design matters. But don’t forget about your hydration needs. An intuitive-to-use bite valve is beneficial. It lets you take a good sip of liquid as soon as you are thirsty and move ahead without any stops or delays.

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