How to Tell White Gold from Silver?

how to tell white gold from silver
Are you fixing to buy some valuables? There are multiple reasons to do it. Wear jewelry while going out. Formal events like weddings or special dinners are worth it. Do you reckon it’s easy to identify true items or sets? They are to be durable, healthy to wear and beautiful. How to tell white gold from silver? You won’t do it easily, by eye. If you often deal with jewelry, you’ll grasp the basics in a brick. Meanwhile, there are some essentials to realize. Keep reading to get simple tips on how to differentiate precious metals. I hope it helps you to avoid fakes and frauds.

Why and How Shall You Wear Your Stylish Jewelry?

If you are to stay at home, it’s temporary. Now, coronavirus restrictions are not too tight anymore. In Georgia, authorities are loosening them. So, you can get together safely and hang out with your friends. Restaurants are open for indoor and outdoor dining.

Are you hesitating about wearing your favorite jewelry? It would be essential for formal or special events. Family parties, functions or weddings make you look chic. Your fine designer or antique items may also suit casual occasions.

Best way to store silver jewelry is in a dry, dark place. Clean it carefully and keep it away from moisture. But your beautiful earrings or necklace may oxidize. If you don’t wear it regularly, it won’t shine. Make them sparkle by:

  • creating black background;
  • choosing simple patterns;
  • mixing crystals and precious metals;
  • adding crystals.

Nature-inspired jewelry looks beautiful, especially in spring and summer. It adds a classy touch to your look and style.

How Does Pure White Gold Look Like?

Silver-colored jewelry is very popular nowadays. It provides stylish sheen and versatility. In Chinese philosophy, silver symbolizes the moon. It reckons to stimulate tranquility and calmness. Silver-tone jewelry looks fresh on pale and lightly tanned skin. It accentuates your outfit, suiting a variety of occasions.

Even if you are not living in high cotton, you would easily afford fine, elegant jewelry. Meanwhile, you are to tell precious metals apart. Similarities in color may make shopping tricky. But differences in composition, price and durability exist.

White gold is a more expensive, luxurious option. No cap, it’s not a pure precious metal. It’s an alloy that consists of:

  • pure gold;
  • nickel;
  • palladium;
  • copper;
  • zinc or silver.

What is the stamp for white gold? It determines its finesse level or pure gold content. White gold jewelry should contain 50% of yellow gold, at least. 75 % of the precious metal or “.750” hallmark is the highest purity grade.

how can you tell gold from silver


How to Tell the Difference Between Silver and White Gold?

White gold jewelry is sophisticated and luxurious. Mirror-like surfaces let it shine brightly: no cap, it’s a popular choice nowadays. Happy pairs may notice white gold in their engagement rings: wedding bands often contain this lustrous alloy. It lasts longer than pure gold.

Soft and malleable pure gold metal requires additional strength. It scratches easily, being difficult to process. Mixing it with tiny amounts of nickel or palladium is beneficial. It increases the durability of your jewelry. Additionally, rhodium coating elongates its lifespan.

Thus, in comparison with silver jewelry, white gold is:

  • brighter;
  • more lustrous and expensive;
  • damage-resistant;
  • durable;
  • stackable and versatile.

Sterling silver vs white gold vs platinum is more affordable. This budget-friendly option is still beautiful and hypoallergenic. It’s comfortable and pretty lightweight to wear every day. But silver scratches easily, being soft. Additionally, it tarnishes in a brick, requiring regular maintenance. You’ll have to clean your rings and bracelets. This way, you get back their beautiful shine and attractive appearance.

How Can You Tell if Something is Solid Silver or Silver Plated?

Platinum is another durable, white metal. Do you reckon, your wedding bands require the highest purity? The symbol that represents your commitment and love should be strong and reliable. It’s a beautiful and hypoallergenic solution.

Non-reactive, corrosion-resistant jewelry is beneficial. It doesn’t cause allergy, skin irritation or inflammation. Noble and luxurious, platinum jewelry is worth investment. But it’s a rare and, therefore, costly option. Additionally, platinum is dense and comparatively heavyweight. Jewelry of this kind might be uncomfortable to wear.

Losing its brilliant shine and luster in a brick, white gold and platinum rings are still durable. They are easy to maintain and sturdy. Silver-plated jewelry is a more affordable, lower-end solution. Meanwhile, it wears out and flakes off in some years or decades. Your sensitive skin shouldn’t touch these surfaces.

How long does gold plated sterling silver last? The thin gold layer is vulnerable, and it scratches easily. You are to touch your jewelry gently. Thus, be attentive, selecting new products in a jewelry store. It lets you recognize inexpensive, costume items skillfully.

how much jewelry is too much to wear


How Do You Test Silver with Vinegar?

Sterling silver is a top-quality, long-lasting option: it stands out by bright, beautiful white color. These earrings and necklaces are a bit softer than their silver-plated alternatives. They look a bit darker, colder in tone than white gold or platinum items. Containing about 92.5% of pure silver, they withstand everyday wear.

Proper care makes your beautiful jewelry last for ages. How to recognize genuine items? No cap, they should contain a typical hallmark. Above all, the letters STG, STER or numbers “.925” distinguish it. Besides, leopard head or lion passant mark would also become reliable purity proofs.

If you are not sure, try to do one of the simple tests, such as:

  • acid;
  • magnet;
  • soft cloth;
  • professional examination.

Will a magnet stick to silver? It will not attract precious metals. This way, you tell cheaper, silver-coated jewelry apart. Ferromagnetic elements, like iron or nickel, reveal the fake. A drop of nitric acid helps to test the purity of your ring or charm. If it’s authentic, it shouldn’t change color at all. Black marks on a soft cloth after jewelry polishing don’t count.

Bottom Line

Are you fixing to buy new, beautiful jewelry? It should suit your complexion, skin tone and hair color. Jewelry shade, shape and design are a matter of taste. Meanwhile, materials matter. Natural, pure metals are beneficial. Both white gold and sterling silver jewelry are durable and skin-friendly. They are lit, looking beautiful and shiny. Your earrings or charms last long, gracing your special and casual occasions. But you are to set fakes aside. They shouldn’t be costly, eviscerating your pockets. So, examine every new product properly. Test it to make an informed choice. Wear your favorite jewelry every day and turn heads.

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