How to Make Cuts in Jeans?

how to make cuts in jeans

Have you got a pair of old jeans? It might be your favorite one. They are so comfortable. However, what about the look? It’s casual, but not fresh. Just update the chinos. Do you know how to make cuts in jeans?

No, I don’t offer you to cut them into shorts. It would be too extreme. Cut-off jeans are suitable only for summertime. Ripped ones are ubiquitous. They look fashionable and spirited. So, let’s start your DIY project.

Ripped Jeans History

Which trousers style is in fashion now? Tapered, skinny and straight cut ones. Do you remember, what does tapered leg mean? Narrow fit pants help you look slimmer. They let you highlight your legs shape. According to Glamour Magazine, the tapered jeans are coming back, as well as low-rise models.

What about the jeans with holes in them? They started as a result of over-wear. The denim pants were initially designed for working-class people. However, since the 1970s, they became a part of self-expression.

Ripped jeans were especially fashionable during the 1980s. During the decade, the clothing became common and popular. It symbolized youth rebellion. Numeral celebrities were seen wearing distressed jeans. Rock and roll artists made the fashion a part of their images.

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Why are holes in jeans fashionable?

Since the punk era in the 1970s, jeans that have rips in the knees, hems that are fraying and purposeful distressed patches have been popping in and out of the denim fashion world. Holes have a rebel attitude as opposed to pristine unharmed denim that is disposed for dressier occasions.

Also, cutting holes in jeans, rips and shreds allow much comfier feeling that comes with a worn through feel rather than the stiffness of brand new damage-free jeans, and some people just think deliberate destruction is cool, effortless, and hip. Ripped knees can reveal extra layers beneath, because while over-shredding is not commendable, holes are neat for a casual day in the life outfit.

Although ridiculous amounts of ripping is not for everyone, models and celebrities incorporating the laid-back street style look into their wardrobe is a powerful plus. As do-it-yourself customizable punk badness and just being able to peep a little extra skin when warmer weather comes, are both reasons to explain why we see some type of distressed denim come in and out of style all of the time. But in the end, it’s all in personal style, and the confidence you have to wear denim that different than the norm, and was at one time originally in a different subculture.

What is Cowboy Cut Jeans?

The jeans that are called ripped are in vogue again now. They are classified as:

  • destroyed;
  • distressed.

Destroyed areas imply worn-out sections and holes. They are completely torn off. Are they imperfections? You can take advantage of these scuff marks. The tears may appear as a result of long wear. They can be obtained at the manufacturing site. Self-made holes would look even more original.

Distressed jeans imply threads inside the fabric. It can be abraded by bleach or friction. Cowboy cut chinos are initially durable. They are designed for long trips and adventures. Therefore, the jeans are comfortable and wear-proof.

The style implies tapered leg, high waist and a lot of pockets. Quite naturally, in some years on horseback, the areas on the knees wear out. You can support the process with a shaving razor or a pair of scissors.

how to cut holes in jeans

How to Rip Jeans and Leave the White Thread?

Denim is a strong, versatile fabric. It is often made of white cotton yarn. Therefore, fraying the surface with sandpaper releases white threads. Twill weave and indigo color are common. Meanwhile, the fabric is different by durability.

Denim Types (Washes)Thickness, in

Quite naturally, industrial washing influences the fabric properties. The jeans are treated by chemicals still during the manufacturing process. The denim is softened and the color turns into medium blue. It’s bleached and light blue tint is achieved.

So, do you want to rip jeans at the knee? It the process time-consuming? It depends on the chinos thickness. The tools selection can be diverse. A pumice stone or sandpaper would be suitable. A razor blade lets you cut vertical fibers. Horizontal ones can be left in place.

How to Distress White Jeans?

Ripped pants are commercially available now. However, if you want to make your look more unique or authentic, other options exist. You can distress the jeans by yourself, by:

  1. Bleaching them.
  2. Fraying the areas on the knees, hems, cuffs
  3. Cutting the holes.

Afterward, washing distressed jeans, be careful. They are to be washed infrequently, by hands. Machine washing is not recommended for the garments. The additional tear is to be prevented.

Meanwhile, what about the white jeans? Are they made of light denim? Has the fabric softened by bleach? The jeans are to weight at least 20 ounces. They would stand distressing quite good.

How to Distress Skinny Jeans?

how to distress skinny jeans

What is so special about skinny jeans? They are made of stretch denim. They fit your legs and thighs snugly. So they would look saggy in the knees just in several hours of use. In some months, natural tear and wear would do the job.

Otherwise, you can rub the areas with tools like a cheese grater or razor blade. How to make ripped jeans without sandpaper? A bleaching solution helps you to thin the denim. It makes the color fading and the fabric frayed. In this case, don’t forget about the protective measures:

  • put on a mask;
  • wear rubber gloves;
  • cover the table and floor;
  • place a trash-can bag to block the pants back from distressing.

A sponge can be used to apply the solution. Stop bleaching by placing the jeans in the bucket with clean water. Wash them and let them dry under the direct sun.

How to Distress Jeans with Cheese Grater?

The tool can be used to make holes with uncommon edges. It gives the fabric faded, old look. You get a random cluster of small holes. Therefore, place the jeans on a table. Underlay an old towel or a piece of cardboard. Shave the fabric with a cheese grater. Grate in several directions.

How to distress black jeans, men’s or women’s? Other tools can be also used. For example, you can take a piece of coarse sandpaper and rub the fabric. This method works well for seams and pockets. Pumice stone is good to be used along cuts.

How to Cut Big Holes in Jeans?

They can happen naturally. However, you can make them by yourselves. It saves you some money. So, how to cut holes in jeans on the knees? A pair of sharp scissors or a knife would be necessary. A box cutter can be useful, as well. So, place the jeans on a flat surface. Mark the areas and start rubbing them.

Be creative. However, be careful, as well. Don’t cut white threads. The side seams are to remain intact.

Use tweezers to remove marked threads. Razor helps you to fray the edges. This way, you scrape target areas. Don’t forget to get a piece of chalk or a pencil to mark every place you want to rip. Do it clearly to avoid inaccuracies. You can easily make some changes. But narrowing the holes down accurately might be challenging.

Have you already made cut several holes in your favorite old jeans? Now it’s a good time to:

  • add a finishing touch to finalize the look;
  • reflect on the results;
  • wash your renewed, trendy jeans and let them air dry;
  • try them on, look in a mirror and smile.

Have you achieved the style and look you wanted to get? It’s important to realize the fashion trends you prefer and imagine the final look on the occasion. If something goes wrong, don’t give up. Think about the other things to do. When it goes about style and fashion, at least a few alternatives always exist.

What is Your Easy Way to Make Ripped Jeans?

Ripping your comfortable, stylish jeans is not a mission. You’ll need only some minutes to distress them. Sewing experience, several creative ideas, and inspiration would be helpful. Even if you don’t like the place of a blow out in your jeans, you can easily fix the hole.

Attach a patch to the ripped area. If you don’t want it to be glaring, cut off the frayed edges. Use matching threads and short stitches. Press the fabric from the outside to smooth the patch out.

Do you still want to distress this or another pair of tomgirl or skinny jeans? Select one of the easiest jeans ripping methods as a basic one:

  • fraying bottom edges;
  • making holes;
  • removing threads;
  • scraping;
  • distressing the pockets;
  • bleaching off.

Textile bleaching is an important stage of textile production. This way, denim gets its natural color and soft feel. Are you going to do it at home? Do it carefully, in a well-ventilated area to avoid inhaling toxic fumes. Other methods are intuitive. They give room for your creativity and contrarian thinking.

Overall Impression

Now you know how to distress jeans men wear every day. If you do it by yourself, it’s less expensive than buying distressed chinos. Additionally, your image will be original with unique garments. So thy any method you like and be fashionable!

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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