How to Get Plastic Taste out of Hydration Bladder?

how to get plastic taste out of hydration bladder
Do you like running? In summer, it might be especially challenging. In July, it’s sunny, and temperatures soar into the upper 90s. Will you have long runs or short rides on your favorite trails? In the hottest days, it’s difficult, but not dangerous. You just need to feel airing, consuming some water on the way. But, how to get plastic taste out of hydration bladder? New reservoirs may spoil your fres hwater taste: it’s not strange, because these soft-sided containers consist of plastic. In summer, you would feel it clearly. How to get rid of it? Let me offer you several solutions to fix the issue.

Is It Safe to Drink Bottled Water that Tastes like Plastic?

You are to keep your body in good condition. If you like raining or train for a marathon, you should realize the need. Jogging, cycling, and other aerobic exercises promote your overall mental and physical health. So does clean water. You need to drink it regularly and in sufficient quantities.

70 oz Camelbak bladder meets your long-ride needs. But what kind of water is the healthiest? Tap water is safe. According to the CDC Centers, several common water treatment methods eliminate contamination. Bottled water is to meet national safety standards, too – the FDA Administration regulates it. Plastic containers may still pose health risks.

Some of them release chemicals into your water. Heat melts plastic, causing reactions. So, choosing your best way to carry water while running, consider not only the type of container — material matters.

Different Types of Water Tanks

Soft, recyclable PET water bottles and not bad. Their properties prove it. Cheap PET items leach chemicals into your water. When temperatures exceed 158 degrees, it’s possible.

How Do Hydration Bags Work?

While running, you would need a hands-free kit. It allows you to drink effortlessly on the go. Store water in a flexible container inside the bag. The best cycling hydration pack keeps it cool for some hours. Insulation materials and fabrics promote it. Backpacks are beneficial thanks to included hydration bladders.

These useful containers are:
how do hydration packs work

  1. Lightweight.
  2. Space-saving.
  3. Easy to carry and sip water.
  4. Versatile.
  5. Intuitive to maintain.

So what is basic hydration bladder material? This soft, squishy plastic is TPU. Most water bladders for camping consist of this type of plastic. Thermoplastic polyurethane is flexible and durable. It mimics advanced properties of rubber, being strong and stretchy.

Thus, your best hydration vest for ultra running gives you flexibility and ease of use. Above all, modern elastic fabrics enable breathability and essential coolness. Moreover, every top-quality hydration pack or vest contains a hydration sleeve or department. It contains a hole to insert the tube.

How to Clean Hydration Pack?

TPU plastic is weather-resistant. It withstands sunlight exposure, abrasion, and tear pretty well. Load-bearing capacity of hydration bladders is high. If you carry some stuff during your ride or hiking trip, it doesn’t damage the plastic. Additionally, TPU is completely safe, non-toxic.

Bladder capacity and size matters. I prefer 2 liter Camelbak bladder. It meets your hiking needs. Wall thickness and type of seal matters. Your handy container includes essential parts, such as:

  • large opening;
  • bite valve (mouthpiece);
  • hose or tube;
  • push button for quick tube disconnection.

Backpack itself doesn’t require frequent washing. Try to keep it away from moisture, dirt, and dust. How to clean hydration bladder tube? Rinse it every day. Wash it with soapy water regularly. Do you need to scrub its interior? It’s necessary to do every month or so. Remove the bite valve, wash and clean the parts thoroughly.

How Do You Clean a New Hydration Bladder?

If you use it for the first time, it might give water a moderate plastic taste. Several initial runs with it could be not very pleasant. What are the reasons of these disagreeable smells? It might happen due to the air trapped in the tube. Its diameter is limited, so it would take a while for water to pass through it.

Contact with a mouthpiece is uncommon for beginners. If you are sensitive to the taste, it would displease you. Fortunately, not all hydration bladders are the same. How to clean and dry source widepac? Materials are similar. But every leading manufacturer (like Camelbak or Osprey) has its unique technologies.

Widepac hydration systems by Source stand out by taste-free PE film. Its glass-like surface is smooth and easy to wash. Water tastes fresh all day long, even when summer weather catches you with stiffing heat.

How to Dry Hydration Bladder?

I would highly recommend you to buy a top-quality product from a famous brand. Does the parcel smell plastic? Odor should not be very strong. Anyway, you need to rinse the bladder with a lot of clean water. Pay special attention to the tube and mouthpiece.

If you still feel the smell, use other cleaning solutions, like:

  1. Mild soap.
  2. Vinegar.
  3. Lemon juice.
  4. Tomato ketchup.

Denture tablets would be helpful too. Add them to warm water. Leave overnight in basket cases. Do you think freezing removes chemical smells? It does until the bladder remains cold. I would not advise you to use bleach. The chemical kills bacteria, but it’s toxic.

Finally, using outdoor products, such as hydration bladder, prefer dishwasher-safe items. Dishwashing is a perfect cleaning method: it’s convenient and efficient. Besides, it prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. Put the bladder on the top rack, angle its opening towards the spray arm. Select a gentle cycle and mild detergent. Then dry the bladder, allowing free airflow.

Conclusion: How to Get Plastic Taste out of Hydration Bladder?

Long summer rides could be challenging. During heat waves, avoid midday sun. Stay in a black spot, finding a shade of a tree or building. If you still prefer to keep your body in good condition, go on training. Prefer chilly morning and evening hours and don’t forget about hydration. A top-quality, large capacity hydration pack lets you avoid heatstroke. It shouldn’t smell plastic. If it does, rinse it, using these simple tips and enjoy your rides!

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