How Many Jeans Should I Own?

how many jeans should i own
Today, jeans have become an essential item of clothing for everyone, for both men and women, even children love these things. They have grown to be one of the most versatile and useful.

However, the question of the number of jeans in the wardrobe remains a burning issue. Jeans in different colors, styles, and lengths vary from season to season; one has the opportunity to acquire a few and the other has the opportunity to have a very large number.

In this post we will modify what jeans should have in your wardrobe and which model to choose over another, depending on your personal taste and lifestyle.

It is important to see that jeans – it is not only a wardrobe item, but also a way of life, they can be taken fat in different ways and appreciated for their own versatility.

Standard model of jeans

Jeans – is a versatile clothing that is not only very comfortable, but also used on a large scale as men and women. Jeans model has a variety of styles and colors, thanks to which everyone can choose something about their own taste. However, there are still the usual models of jeans that are considered popular among the proponents of the garment.

Straight Leg – Straight jeans fit very well to any shape and will not make fashion obsolete. This model is versatile and perfectly suited for every day, but also suitable for creating a more serious look.

Skinny – Skinny jeans are very suitable for women and young people. They tend to sit on the figure and look very fashionable and sexy. However, not everyone can wear skinny clothes because he emphasizes all the flaws of the figure.

BootCut – jeans that extend to the bottom, for example, the right ones that can be worn with boots or shoes. This model creates the illusion of long legs and looks very elegant. BootCut is perfect for those who want to create a more beautiful type.

Of course, this is not the model for all jeans. You can meet them in stores and wear them in everyday life. However, if you want to buy a traditional style of jeans, the above model will be the perfect election. All you have to do is choose the color and size you need and your wardrobe is ready to deal with everyday situations.

History of Jeans

Jeans are one of the most famous trousers in the world. But not everyone is aware that they disappeared not so long ago. The jeans situation dates back to the 18th century when the masses in the southern states of the United States were involved in the creation of cotton. To be able to sell them, however, the product had to be controlled by insects at some point. The result was a hard substance known as “denim”.

Later, during the yellow fever, miners began wearing jeans to keep sand from sanding their knees and thighs. And cowboys, who worked under standards of dust and dirt, used jeans as protection.

Today, jeans are firmly anchored in our lives and worn by everyone from toddlers to the elderly. They are available to everyone, highlighting their potential to be popular and comfortable at the same time.

How many pairs of pants should a guy have?

The recommended minimum number of pants for a man’s wardrobe is 5 pairs. This includes 2 pairs of jeans in dark wash and light wash, 1 pair of casual pants like chinos, 1 pair of dress pants, and 1 pair of shorts. Having 5 go-to bottoms makes mixing and matching outfits easy. Guys who need pants for specific contexts like work uniforms or athletic gear may require a few more pairs. But for the average man building a versatile casual and professional wardrobe, owning around 5 quality, well-fitting pants is ideal.

Jeans in different styles and versions

Jeans are the content of everyday clothing as well as a way to have the opportunity to highlight originality and temperament. When it comes to jeans in your wardrobe, it is important to consider different styles and versions.

Straight jeans are a classic fit for everyone. They fit very well on the hips and waist, do not pinch and are not tight. Because of the variety of colors, you can choose the best option for every excuse.

Skinny skinny jeans emphasize elongation and sexuality. Create a rocker look and combine perfectly with slippers, loafers, or heels.

Boyfriend jeans are loose and comfortable and perfect to pair with a top or ballerina. This style is very suitable for everyday wardrobe and heels or colorful devices to create a striking look.

Trousers with large bags, high waistband, wide legs and inserts are the most important characteristics of the original jeans with wide legs. They are combined with sneakers or sporty slippers and form a great contrast when combined with a beautiful blouse and heels.

If you have several jeans of different styles and designs, harmonize them in your own wardrobe and create a fresh image every day!

Who is Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans are skinny, close-fitting jeans. They have every opportunity to fit different body types, but additionally, look great on those who have fairly thin and long legs.

If you have smaller or shorter legs, choose skinny jeans with the best landing that optically elongate the legs.

Skinny jeans are also suitable for those who want to emphasize the shape of their hips and waist. In this case you can choose a model with a light “push-up” effect.

However, if you experience fullness in the hips and abdomen, choose a different model of jeans. Very tight skinny jeans look disproportionate when moving and there is every chance of causing discomfort.

Flared Jeans: What should you pay attention to when choosing?

Flared jeans are a bold model to add to your personal wardrobe. Like any other model, they have their own unique characteristics that must be considered when choosing and wearing them.

The most important character of flared jeans is the leg that extends all the way to the bottom. When choosing jeans, pay attention to the length of the leg and the width of the waist and hips. A bad idea is to only try on the shoes you wear to see how you look in a set.

Flared jeans can be paired with many different things. You can combine them with high-heeled shoes to look more gorgeous and slimmer. Another thing to pay attention to is outerwear. Remember to choose a tight top or blouse to balance the top and bottom. Stylized shoes or sneakers will ensure a more casual look, while a blouse and traditional shoes will provide an elegant look.

  1. Select jeans of moderate width at the waist and hips.
  2. Pay attention to the length of the trousers.
  3. Take the jeans with the shoes you have chosen.
  4. Combine flared jeans with heels and closed outerwear shoes and shoes.
  5. Play with devices and look brighter and trendier.

Boyfriend jeans: a wardrobe staple

Boyfriend jeans are fitted jeans for men that make a certain bouffant and lightweight. This wardrobe essential has become a classic because they fit every girl.

Boyfriend jeans follow an oversized trend that has been popular for years. They can be perfectly combined with low heels, ballerinas, and sneaker shoes. However, almost all girls like to wear boyfriend jeans with high heels.

Boyfriend jeans can be combined with different kinds of garments, from sophisticated T-shirts to enormous sweaters. You can also add items that accentuate your type, such as a wide belt or a stiff bag with a chain.

Boyfriend jeans are considered the best choice for everyday use, and there is every opportunity to freeze one of the basic components of each woman’s wardrobe. One or two well-known denim colors are a good start to installing a clothing collection The first thing to do is to load all the totals.

Taking Care of Jeans

To keep jeans in perfect condition, certain maintenance procedures must be followed. To begin with, jeans should have had cold water if possible. For example, do not use hot water and bleaching techniques. Because there is every chance of destroying the material.

Secondly, when washing the car, wash the jeans using careful mode and specific methods. If possible, use natural detergents without fragrances or dyes. Do not forget to turn the jeans before washing.

Third, do not leave the jeans in the sun after washing. This allows the fabric to disappear and go out. Hang jeans on racks to hang a cool, atmospheric space. Do not dry your jeans with a hair dryer or radiator.

Fourth, care must be taken when cleaning chemicals. This will break the material and the jeans will not be the sturdiest. If you are still daring with chemistry, choose a professional with a measured reputation.

Fifth, do not forget to iron the jeans on the wrong side. Do not iron jeans at high temperatures.

Taking care of your jeans will definitely help them stay in good condition for a long time.

Basic criteria for washing: what do you need to know?

Select the water temperature

Depending on the type of dust and the degree of contamination, the correct water temperature should be selected. Temperature ranges for washing are usually found on the laundry label. For example, cotton items can be washed at 30-60°C, while wool and cashmere should not exceed 30°C.


The correct amount of detergent should be used for each type of dust and wash. Do not apply powder, do not use too little of it, as the laundry cannot be washed completely. For example, do not pour very large amounts of powder. Because it may resolve completely and not forget the white print of the wax.


Some stains will not be removed by detergent alone. Bleach may be necessary. However, using bleach is not a good idea – it can destroy the fabric and discolor the color.

Washing and Time Selection

Follow label instructions to select the correct method and time for washing. The most important rule is not to overload the wash drying compartment, as the laundry may not be clean.

Immediately remove the laundry from the machine after washing and hang it in the pendant or dryer to avoid wringing. Before ironing, use an iron with the correct heat or steam generator to remove creases without damaging the material.

Preserving the color and shape of pants: useful tips

  1. Avoid frequent washing. If he washes frequently, jeans may fade and stretch.
  2. Let your jeans air dry. Drying them in the sun may cause them to blur and dry in a tumble dryer. Hang your jeans on a rack to dry in the air. If you decide to dry your jeans with a dryer, select the “soft dry” program.
  3. Pay attention to the ironing temperature. Ironing at the highest temperature can destroy the paint as well as cause an annoying shine to the jeans. If heat is not in doubt, use the “cotton” setting.
  4. Fold the jeans the correct way. Do not fold jeans four times. This is because it can cause wrinkling and folding. Fold them in half, then fold them in half again. If possible, have the jeans hanging on a rack.
  5. Follow the instruction labels. The label on the back usually tells you the best way to take care of your jeans. Follow these tips so that your jeans retain their personal color and shape as long as possible.

When not wearing jeans in your wardrobe

Although jeans are considered one of the most celebrated wardrobe components, there are times when it is better to ignore them.

  • Formal Occasions: If you need to attend a formal event, jeans do not fit the dress code. In that case, we prefer to wear more formal clothing such as training suits or suits.
  • Weather: In warm weather, wearing jeans can be uncomfortable. In this case, choose a lighter material such as linen.
  • Smart Type: If you work in an industry that requires the best professional appearance, jeans have the opportunity to paint the wrong picture of you and your company.

However, if you do not pay attention to these cases, jeans are still a necessary part of each wardrobe and he has every opportunity to be a favorable choice for most everyday situations.

Jeans for office: how to choose and carry?

In today’s world, jeans are no longer associated with everyday mannerisms and elbow sway. The right model of jeans has every opportunity to be a good option for your office wardrobe.

To begin with, you need to make sure that the right office jeans will work for you for a long time. Pay special attention to the value of the model you choose, if you pay luggage at work and style and history are favorable. Do not overestimate your personal size. Choose products that are impenetrable. A little more free-cut is more favorable for long-term movement and more aesthetic.

For this study is the more preferred option. You can wear a stiffer blouse, shirt or jacket with shoes in a traditional denim style. You can also mix and match styles and saturated colors.

Of course, you can apply a traditional color scheme that is not unnecessarily chic in office style, but complements a variety of textures such as fabrics, accent racks, and embroidery to make the effect of your chosen jeans more exciting and profitable. The office vibe is not strongly boned by sweatshirts, canvas pants, or bold artificial leather boots.

Jeans for dressed looks: when and when not to

Jeans are a versatile part of everyone’s wardrobe. They are paired with a variety of tops and shoes. Exactly what is the value of jeans at a parade event, though, that allow you to perform all kinds of images for work, walking, leisure, etc.?

Of course, it all depends on the narrative and meaning of the format. If it is a wedding or a rich ball, jeans are probably not in order. In these cases, choose an image of formal clothing to meet the formal dress code.

However, there are events where jeans would be perfectly appropriate. These are, for example, collective events, restaurant meetings, friends’ birthday parties, and rendezvous. The key, therefore, was to have jeans that are uncontaminated, smooth and of a desirable color and style. In this case, they are not only appropriate, but can also attract you a catchy and unforgettable type of attention.

Jeans that are offered only for dress occasions still need to be taken into account. These are jeans that feature a floral pattern with rhinestones with pins and leather inserts, or the traditional blue-colored jeans with narrow navy blue blue stripes. With these jeans, even the most formal events will look elegant and sophisticated.

Q: Can I wear jeans to work?

ANSWER: It depends on the company and the dress code. If the company allows you to wear jeans, you may put a few pairs in your wardrobe for work. However, if the dress code prescribes a more formal clothing pattern, work jeans are not permitted.

Question: How many pairs of jeans are for daily use?

ANSWER: It is sufficient to own two or three pairs of jeans for daily use. However, if you prefer variety in the jeans you wear, you can add a couple more to your wardrobe.

Question: What style pants choose overweight people?

Answer: For overweight people, we suggest choosing jeans that are high and straight cut. This style flattens the belly and legs and creates a more proportionate body image.

Question: Is there a difference between jeans for men and women?

Answer: Yes. Jeans for women generally have a narrower pipe, wider hips, and a more limited cut across the legs. Men’s jeans typically have straighter pipes and wider hips.

Question: What color should I choose for my jeans?

Answer: Traditional blue jean colors are the most versatile and fit almost all clothing. However, if you need more versatility, you can choose jeans in other colors: dark, gray, beige, etc.

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