How Long Does Gold Plated Sterling Silver Last?

how long does gold plated sterling silver last

What kind of gift would you like to get from your Valentine this year? Flowers, chocolate biscuits and teddy bears are beyond compare. A simple greeting card might be extremely touching. Beautiful words of love would make you treasure it for years. Bijouterie is not a common gift, especially pure jewelry. How long does gold plated sterling silver last? Your beautiful valuables are soft but durable. They last not less than 2-3 years. When top layer of metal wears out, your necklace or pendant loses its sizzle. So, keep your memorable jewelry carefully. How to store it safely? Keep reading this article to resolve the question.

Will Gold Plated Sterling Silver Turn Green?

Do you think that pure gold is perfect? It’s true to a point. It’s shining, luxurious and everlasting. Gold doesn’t lose its value in decades and centuries. Therefore, it’s a good investment. Additionally, wearing gold can benefit your health. It’s inert and non-toxic.

Pure gold is hypoallergenic. Dermatologists prove it. Gold doesn’t react with your body fluids and tissues. Additionally, people believe that the noble metal has healing properties. Ancient doctors used it to treat alcohol addiction, heart and skin diseases. But only the purest gold helps.

Is gold plated considered fake? There are several basic types of gold. It could be:

  1. Solid.
  2. Filled.
  3. Plated.
  4. Layered.
  5. Vermeil.

Jewelers measure fineness of precision metals in Karats. 24K mark implies that the piece contains 99.9% of gold. But it’s too soft to make jewelry. 10K-18K might suit making engagement or wedding rings only. Gold-filled valuables are the most expensive and intense. It has a pure gold layer that makes not less than 5% of its weight. The core consists of base metals, such as copper, brass or nickel. Oxidizing, they might tarnish or cause allergy.

How Long Does Gold Plated Sterling Silver Last?


Does Pure Gold Over Sterling Silver Fade?

Composition and thickness of the top layer of precious metal matters. Actually, gold doesn’t rust or tarnish. It’s non-reactive, never combining with oxygen or elements in the air. Only a mixture of hydrochloric and concentrated nitric acids can dissolve gold. Noble metal is extremely malleable, ductile but not brittle.

Does gold plated sterling silver tarnish? Silver is less ductile than gold. It may turn black but not deteriorate. Gold coating doesn’t let it react with sulfur. But it wears away easily. Quite naturally, longevity of your jewelry depends on its type.

You can beat one ounce of noble metal into a thin sheet or draw it into a 50-miles-long wire. It won’t fracture. Gold doesn’t fade, but its layer may wear or scratch off easily.

How Long Does Sterling Silver Plated Jewelry Last?

Modern, gold plated bijouterie is not too luxurious. It’s more affordable than solid gold bracelets or chains. Meanwhile, it’s trendy, looking as shiny and elegant as pure valuables. It’s intuitive to make and long-lasting. As usual, you can’t avoid some weaknesses. Costume jewelry tarnishes soon.

Thin layer of pure gold is prone to scratching and flaking off. Nickel inside it is not hypoallergenic. Copper might turn green. Reacting with moisture and gases, it oxidizes. So it’s not the most long-lasting choice. Does sterling silver jewelry ever rust? It may tarnish, coming in contact with sulfur.

Gold is a stable metal. It’s inert and non-reactive. Therefore, vermeil is a perfect solution. It features:

  • hefty, 2.5-micron precious metal layer;
  • not less than 10K gold purity;
  • base material in the form of sterling silver;
  • 925 hallmark;
  • micron plating technology.

In comparison with flash electroplating, it’s more innovative and perfect. You get a thicker and smoother layer of gold. Measuring it, manufacturers produce luxury watches and vermeil jewelry. Thus, it lasts and shines longer.

How Do You Keep Gold Plated Items from Fading?

Costume jewelry looks the same as solid gold during the first years of use. It delights you with noble elegance and shine. But soft, delicate layer of gold is prone to scratching. Therefore, handle it gently, touching only with:

  • soft microfiber cloth;
  • cotton balls;
  • clean and dry hands;
  • their original box lining.

Avoid exposure to perfumes, moisturizers and lotions. Let your skin absorb them before putting on your valuable bijouterie. Can you wear sterling silver in the water? Taking shower, while wearing earrings or bracelets is not wise. Perhaps, it won’t spoil your solid, 10K-14K jewelry. It might stop shining as brightly as before but nothing more.

Other items are more vulnerable to various exposures. Shampoos and other chemicals might be harmful. They would damage thin gold layer. It flakes off or scratches. Going to swim in a pool or ocean, don’t forget to take your favorite jewelry off. A wedding ring is no exception. Salt or chlorinated water eats golden layer away. It makes shiny surface dull and pitted.

does gold over sterling silver fade


How Do You Stop Sterling Silver from Rusting?

Containing 92.5% of pure silver, your jewelry is totally safe. It doesn’t irritate your skin or cause allergies. It may even heal wounds and skin conditions. Silver stands out by antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. It prevents flu and other infections.

Thus, you should not keep sterling silver from touching your skin. Do you prefer jewelry of this kind? No marvel, as these earrings and bracelets are:

  • affordable;
  • trendy;
  • healthy;
  • versatile;
  • durable.

You know that the best way to store silver jewelry is in a cool, dark and dry place. Stable temperature and low humidity are beneficial. Silver is a vulnerable, soft metal, as well as gold. So, avoid using newspapers or tissues. It may scratch or damage the beautiful surface.

Commonly, silver lasts longer than gold. Silver items don’t deform or fade so easily. But it tarnishes, turning black. Therefore, gold coating is beneficial. It makes your luxurious jewelry shine and protects it from harmful exposures.

Bottom Line

How long do sterling silver rings last? I am sure your perfect jewelry is durable and trendy. With proper care, it remains beautiful and bright, metallic by color. Why don’t you opt for gold vermeil? It’s perfect as a happy medium of jewelry cost, look and longevity. Store your memorable rings and necklaces carefully. Avoid scratches and exposure to chemicals. This way, they remain shiny for years, embellishing your special occasions.

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