Does Sterling Silver Change Color When Wet?

does sterling silver change color

In summer, you might spend a lot of time outdoors. Walking, hiking, running, biking activities are pleasant and lit. Will you wear your favorite jewelry? You may do it every day or on special occasions. But you shouldn’t worry about its fading or tarnishing. Does sterling silver change color? It does, but only in a brick of time. No cap, moisture, high humidity, air exposure cause the precious metal to turn gray. But it doesn’t damage your top-quality jewelry. Its surface discoloration is slight and slow. Besides, you can easily reduce the process or remove the tarnishing. Do you wonder how to do it? Keep reading the article to get some useful tips.

Can You Wear Sterling Silver All the Time?

Haven’t you seen your old friends for ages? If you stayed at home due to quarantine, it might happen. Now you can go out and travel easier. Will you have your summer vacations soon? Being a remote worker, you might like to forego them at all. According to FlexJobs’ survey, 21% of employees would prefer a flexible schedule.

Meanwhile, you can travel with your family or go out during your weekend. In Atlanta, summer break is in full swing now. The last day in local schools was at the end of May. Your kids should enjoy safe outdoor activities, like:

  • biking;
  • hiking;
  • camping;
  • canoeing;
  • sightseeing.

Anytime, you’ll be able to visit or accompany them, wearing your favorite jewelry. Does sterling silver fade? Due to normal tear and wear, any ring or bracelet may become less shiny. It happens due to exposure to moisture, impure air and chemicals. You can easily reduce their impact, both indoors and outdoors.

Weather and Situational Concerns

At home, you wouldn’t wear your favorite earrings. While doing household chores or working on your laptop, a bracelet is not necessary. You can even take your wedding ring off. Washing your hands or dishes, you’d keep it from moisture. Outdoors, it’s essential.

It signifies your social and marital status. Your earrings or a pendant accentuate your natural beauty, style and look. Going out, don’t leave your favorite jewelry sets at home. Weather conditions shouldn’t bother you. For example, in Atlanta, summer days are commonly hot and humid.


Severe thunderstorms are common. They may cause flash flooding and a muggy feeling. Does sterling silver rust in water? Your favorite jewelry would tarnish if you don’t protect it. Do it, using:

  • an umbrella;
  • a raincoat or a light jacket;
  • a lightweight, airy scarf;
  • a stylish kerchief.

A scarf keeps your delicate necklace dry. It prevents tarnishing and other damp issues. Additionally, breathable fabrics like cotton or linen are preferable. They keep you easy and cool, relieving sweating.

can you wear sterling silver all time

Does 925 Sterling Silver Change Color?

Wearing stylish, airy scarves outdoors is beneficial. In the daytime, when outdoor temperatures exceed 90 degrees F, it’s a lit option. It helps you to manage your curly hair and avoid a heat stroke. Additionally, you may avoid wearing face masks, replacing them with scarves or bandannas.

No, cap you would avoid wearing scarves while doing sports. Stylish, casual silver jewelry like small earrings would be still opportune. Can you wear sterling silver in the shower? Try to avoid it. Both humidity and chemicals in your soap are harmful. They make the delicate surface of your jewelry turn dark or gray.

Commonly, sterling silver is a durable, lustrous alloy. Containing 92.5% of pure silver, it’s hypoallergenic and healthy. Does sterling silver change your skin color? Top-quality, authentic pieces of jewelry should leave no green marks on your fingers.

The precious metal is inactive. Under normal conditions, it doesn’t react with oxygen in the air. Only the sulfur compounds can make the surface turn black. The remaining 7.5% of other metals, like copper or nickel don’t change the matter.

How Long Does It Take for Sterling Silver to Tarnish?

Silver is a beautiful precious metal: it dates back to the bronze age. Both ancient Greeks and Romans minted silver coins. Similarly, they crafted beautiful artworks, including armlets, anklets and rings. Silver helmets and breastplates were also useful. Now, you can see these artifacts in a museum. They still look stylish and lit.

Ancient people believed in the healing properties of precious metals. It might fight infections, improving blood pressure and thermoregulation of your body. The tarnishing process is slow. In a safe, dry environment it takes several years to become visible. A thin coating of non-reactive metal would prevent it.

The plating may contain:

  • rhodium;
  • gold;
  • platinum;
  • palladium.

How long does gold plated sterling silver last? A layer of anti-oxidation metal is beneficial. It improves both the appearance and durability of your favorite jewelry sets. They are easier to maintain and store. But pure gold is a soft metal. It may scratch and wear off easily. So, you are to handle these beautiful pieces of jewelry carefully. Touch them only with a soft cloth or cotton balls.

does sterling silver fade over time


What to Do with Silver Plated Items?

Top-quality pieces of jewelry are versatile and durable. They pair well with your casual or formal clothing. Your favorite earrings and bracelets are visually appealing. Above all, they are skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. Due to the addition of nickel or copper, the jewelry is strong and rust-resistant.

Sterling silver is healthy and visually appealing. In a safe environment, it’s virtually timeless. No cap, the best way to store silver jewelry is in a dark, dry place. Keep it in special jewelry boxes. Properly lined with clean, tarnish-proof fabrics, like flannel, they are environmentally sound.

Has your favorite ring or bracelet faded? Polish it gently, using:

  • soft, microfiber or cotton cloth;
  • soap and water;
  • baking soda;
  • white vinegar;
  • olive oil and lemon juice.

Even your toothpaste would do the job. The dark film on the surface is very thin: it’s easy and fast to remove. Affordable costume jewelry is more delicate. It might look as stylish and shining as sterling silver pieces of jewelry. But it requires cautious care: don’t use paper towels or tissues to avoid scratches. I prefer special jewelry cleaners and wipe them gently, in straight motions.

Bottom Line

Do you wear your favorite jewelry every day? Unless you stay at home, you should do it. Sterling silver rings and bracelets are virtually timeless. No cap, their surface may tarnish. Your cosmetics or home care products would discolor them. Do you enjoy slap, juicy foods? Profuse sweating and acid in it would deteriorate the shiny jewelry surface. But this tarnishing process is slow. It happens in a brick, lasting for 2-3 years, at least. Prevent it by keeping your jewelry in safety. Above all, protect it from moisture and chemicals. Besides, clean and polish it gently from time to time. This way, your pendant or earrings last long, gracing your daily walks and special events.

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