Best Way to Store Silver Jewelry

best way to store silver jewelry
St. Valentine Day is coming up soon. How are you going to celebrate it? Roses, chocolate and a touching greeting card is a must. Getting an exceptional gift like a necklace, bracelet, or earrings, you must be happy. But what is the best way to store silver jewelry? Your main man should appreciate your love and concern. He wants to impress and please you in this manner. In some years or decades, the gift might become your memorable treasure. It would be a part of your family history or love story. But you are to preserve your valuable article. Don’t wait until it tarnishes. Store your precious jewelry properly. How to keep it safe and secure? Let’s get into details.

How to Keep Silver Rings from Tarnishing?

St. Valentine Day celebrations might be not too grand or luxurious this year. Will you be able to book a table in your favorite restaurant? In 2024, it might be not possible due to lockdown. Even after reopening, some restrictions remain in force.

Winter storms snarl traffic in Northeastern states. They might keep you from going out. But your St. Valentine’s Day party should not be too pompous. Discreet dinner would be even more intimate and romantic. How will you express love to your boyfriend or husband? Choose a cool, personalized love-favor. Lay and decorate the table, cook something delicious.

Treasure his valuable gifts. How to keep sterling silver from tarnishing? Store your jewelry:

  1. In protective bags.
  2. Away from moisture and heat.
  3. Out of direct sunlight.
  4. In a shallow drawer or special jewelry box.
  5. Keeping it visible and easily accessible.

Necklaces and fine bracelets need delicate wrapping. So are your rings and earrings. Additionally, they are very small, easy to lose. Separate them, keeping every set in an original box. Special, anti-tarnish lining protects them from scratches and damages. Cleaning methods still require deeper insight.

how to keep silver rings from tarnishing


Why Does Silver Turn Black?

Have you got luxury sterling silver earrings or bracelets? They enlarge your jewelry collection. Silver becomes a part of your valuable and prized possessions. If formal, ceremonial events are not common during lockdown, take it easy. You can wear silver jewelry every day. It’s durable, trendy and versatile.

Additionally, this precious metal has undeniable health benefits. People use it as an antimicrobial agent for ages. It stands out by strong antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. But your gorgeous jewelry has several serious drawbacks. It’s soft, easy to scratch and sensitive to acids. Let’s look into its properties.

Does silver plated jewellery tarnish? Silver reacts to chemicals in the air like sulfur. Black film on the surface is silver sulfide. When the coating becomes thicker than 100 nm, it’s visible.

How to Clean Costume Jewelry?

Of course, alloy composition matter. Sterling silver contains 7.5% of copper or nickel. Jewelry of this kind stands out by sterling hallmark. Find the numbers .925 or words STER on its backside. These items are more durable, harder than pure, .999 silver. Copper makes it stronger and rigid.

Sterling jewelry is less prone to tarnishing than cheaper bijouterie. But you’ll keep it carefully, in a jewellery box with necklace hanger. These items are valuable, and you treasure them. Coin silver bears a stamp of .900. It contains 90% of silver and 10% of copper. Now it’s rare, as nobody uses silver alloys to make coins.

Costume jewelry features only a thin layer of precious metal. It’s affordable and less skin-friendly. But your silver-plated earrings or bracelets are:

  • flashy;
  • popular;
  • fashionable;
  • durable;
  • attractive.

Costumer silver looks virtually as beautiful as pure or sterling jewelry masterpieces. They are a bit lighter by color and heavier by weight. But it’s not easier to maintain them. Thin silver coating may wear off in some years. Base metal is not hypoallergenic. It shouldn’t touch your sensitive skin.

how to clean costume jewelry chains


How to Get Rust Off Jewelry?

Any type of silver jewelry might turn black. Copper oxidizes but it’s less malleable than precious metals. Nickel won’t cause tarnishing. Do you remember the stainless steel composition? Together with chromium, nickel increases alloy formability. It makes iron more wear and corrosion-resistant.

Silver is soft. Keep fine jewelry items apart to eliminate tangling issues. Additionally, avoid contact with items and substances that contain sulfur, like:

  • moisture;
  • perspiration;
  • chlorinated water;
  • rubber;
  • household cleaners;
  • newspapers;
  • chemically treated wood, latex and leather surfaces.

Keep your beautiful valuables away from sulfates and sulfur-based acids. Various solutions including perfumes, lotions and shampoos may contain it. Remove them from your hands before touching your favorite silver necklace or earrings. Smoke, sunlight and moisture might be damaging.

Airtight bags would be useful. But they should not contain sulfur-treated rubber or plastic. Use-special, anti-tarnish cloths and strips. Add chalk or silica packs to keep moisture away. Additionally, avoid contact of silver with sulfuric foods like eggs or onions. Even if you eat them, your sweat and perspiration may expedite silver tarnishing.

Bottom Line

How to clean old costume jewelry? If your sterling, antique or modern silver has become tarnished, don’t give up. Wash your bracelet or necklace in warm water with salt. Use some water, vinegar or special silver polish. Rub it with a soft cloth. But don’t apply toothpaste or vinegar. Both compounds might be abrasive. They could scratch or damage sensitive silver surface. Additionally, don’t neglect your beautiful jewelry. Rinse it with water every time after use. Wipe it carefully. Pack silver into a fleece-lined box or bag. This way, you prolong the life of your favorite valuables. Keep them shining and flashy and enjoy your special events!

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