Best Way to Carry Water While Running?

best way to carry water while running

Do you like running? It might be a hobby you enjoy on weekends. Accepting a Marathon challenge, you would prove you are capable of reaching any goal. Meanwhile, even when the weather is not hot anymore, you are to stay hydrated. What is the best way to carry water while running? There are several types of water carriers you might use on your run. Let me highlight their basic features, pros, and cons. I hope it helps you make your choice, considering your needs and several special factors.

Benefits of Running in Autumn

Aren’t you fond of running yet? You are to start it now. Why? Weather conditions are ideal in the fall. They suit any physical activity. I like this season very much. I adore running in November, because:

  1. Scenery around is beautiful.
  2. It’s not as hot as in summer.
  3. My favorite routes and trails are less busy.
  4. I’m going to take the Southern Oregon Turkey Trot.
  5. It helps me to avoid seasonal diseases.

Do you run 26.2 miles or a half-marathon already? 8 miles are not the longest run. I guess sneakers and light running pants would suit the weather. Best hydration vest for ultra running is also necessary. Some water must carry. Just try to be cautious on slippery roads and trails. Waterproof clothing and trainers are preferable.

Quite naturally, being always in a good mood, improving your immune system is essential during all seasons. Especially when you study or work in the office, physical activity is beneficial. As any woman, I want to look good at Thanksgiving Day and Christmas. Diet and everyday workouts help me stay fit and healthy.

Is It OK to Drink Water while Running?

staying hydrated while runningStaying hydrated is essential. Why? Your body is to maintain its normal temperature. Remove waste because your joints are to be lubricated. According to research, conducted by scientists from the University of Illinois at Chicago, dehydration may cause:

  • nephrolithiasis;
  • colorectal or bladder cancer;
  • headache;
  • heart stroke;
  • cramps;
  • dry eyes and skin.

You would need the best electrolyte replacement for runners. It helps you to avoid eye strain and spontaneous stops on the way. However, daily water intake is to be adequate and well-timed. Drinking water around your daily meals is preferable. It helps you to maintain your natural body weight.

Only over-hydrating before running could be harmful. It might overburden your heart and kidneys. Do you follow guidelines recommended by the National Academies of Sciences? They advise you to drink 2 glasses of fluid, 2 hours before running. Drink one more glass of water an hour before your workout. Additional replacement (1 glass) of fluid is necessary 15 minutes before you start.

How Much Water Should You Drink while Running a Marathon?

What do medical standards specify? According to the Mayo Clinic, men should drink more water than women. What is the reason? I think it’s due to extensive physical activity. In summer, during heat waves, not less than 12 glasses of water per day are to be consumed.

In the fall, when the temperature is about 45-55 °F, 7-10 glasses of fluid are sufficient. What to do while running? If you are an experienced runner, you know the answer. Being a beginner, check the chart below.

How Much Water is Too Much?

So, how long can you run without water? Training for 15 minutes every morning, you might avoid drinking on the way. A long rung would make you have a split of healthy fluid every 15-20 minutes. Post-run hydration should be more abundant. Every pound of weight you lose is to be compensated by 24 oz. of water.

What Drink Has Most Electrolytes?

So, now it’s clear how much fluid and when to take. Which liquids or beverages are healthy? Quite naturally, plain water is preferable. It benefits your digestion, nervous system, teeth, and skin. If you want to lose weight, clean water is a real catch.

How to stay hydrated without water?

Other highly recommended drinks are:

  • young coconut water;
  • orange juice;
  • carbohydrate-electrolyte beverages;
  • green tea;
  • milk.

Do you think sugary sports drinks are the best for hydration? They are worth to be mentioned in the list. According to research, these beverages are rich in glucose, sodium, and potassium. Meanwhile, as well as cherry or orange juice, they have a high pH level. Therefore, they might cause erosion of your tooth enamel.

Additionally, these beverages are full of sugar. If you don’t exercise and sweat hard, its amount would be excessive. Several drinks consumed every day might cause high pressure or diabetes.

Do you want to lose weight? It would be not your choice. Are you a marathon runner or an athlete, exhausted with daily training? 1-2 drinks after the workout are acceptable. They help you recover faster, repairing your muscle tissue.

How Do You Prevent Dehydration When Running?

Selection of fluid is up to you. Personally, I prefer green tea and coconut water. Now let’s discuss water carriers. Popular, highly recommended ones are:

  1. Handheld bottles.
  2. Hydration waist belts.
  3. Backpacks.

I prefer best running water bottle belt. This accessory is comfortable. Above all, it’s ergonomic and functional. Soft flask bottles are very handy. The most important thing here is the equipment with straps and holders. As a result, these carriers are great for your daily workout and short runs. Besides, it might act as weights to exercise.

However, this option doesn’t suit races. The bottles might distract you or cause muscle strain. Just store them in a belt. Put them inside together with your phone, gels, or keys. The weight of water is properly distributed. Additionally, you access it any time you need it.

It could be a backpack while you’re running. The vest is also perfect. In other words, a large capacity of water will be useful during the marathon. Meanwhile, select a lightweight accessory. A water carrier that suits hiking or cycling might be too bulky or not convenient during a race.

best running water bottle belt


What is best way to carry water while running?: General Impression

Are you going to take a race or marathon? Don’t forget to pick the best water carrier for runners. After that, consider the distance, your running style, form, and habits. Furthermore, calculate the exact amount of fluid beforehand. And most importantly, balance it out. Additionally, avoid too loose or too tight clothing. It might affect your access to water or cause friction. Are you ready now? In conclusion, to sum up, take part in the competition. Be healthy and fit!

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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