Best Lightweight Hunting Tripods

Do you like hunting? It’s a great hobby. I hope you prefer this activity not to get food. But living in a large city, you might be leery of all its hassle. So, you need some relaxation and time to bind with your buddies. But don’t forget to take a trail camera and your best lightweight hunting tripod along. A spotting scope would be also useful.

In the fall, it lets you see beautiful colors and foliage. Perhaps, you are lucky to notice a nice and fat deer or coyote. You’ll need a compact, lightweight, but stable and durable tripod to capture all of this beauty. But it might be a tricky task. Above all, the portable device lets you walk and move quickly: as a result, quiet and fast opening and installation opportunity is beneficial. So, let me introduce my favorite cameral tripods I like using during my trips. I hope, it helps you to take a picture of your dreams.

1. K&F Concept TM2324: Best Lightweight Tripod for Backpacking

lightweight tripod for backpackingIn November, when the weather is rainy and cool, hunting trips are a bit challenging. You are to equip well, wearing rubber boots and waterproof pants. A durable, non-rusting tripod is also essential. It helps you to capture squirrels or birds over yonder. When you travel along a river bank, it might be wet and cloudy.

For example, I like walking along Arkansas River Trail. It winds through lovely green plantings. Travel tripod by K&F Concept is the best thing I can take along. It’s lightweight and foldable, fitting my backpack easily. I like its stylish look and outstanding performance.

Features and Characteristics

This compact stand is like an ant. It can lift and carry 10 times over its weight. What makes it possible? Magnesium aluminum tubes are purdy solid and reliable. It’s easy to carry and use. When I fold my perfect tripod, its length is not more than 18.1”.

Thus, weighing less than 3 pounds, K&F stand supports large DSLR cameras. At least, it easily handles my professional Nikon hardware device. Let me specify its basic characteristics:

  1. 4 sections;
  2. maximum length: 61.6”;
  3. 1” metal ball head with 360-degrees panoramic opportunities;
  4. 22 lbs. load capacity;
  5. invertible central axis;
  6. rapid release locks.

Tripod comes with smooth but stiff joints. It unfolds and installs easily. So, it becomes rock solid. It won’t tump over, even when the weather is windy. I like its reliable ball head and clear scale. Additionally, the parcel includes a top-quality, protective tripod bag.

  • lightweight and portable;
  • easy to install and shoot;
  • stable;
  • able to take a panoramic picture;
  • tall legs.
  • plastic Quick Release Plate;
  • a pan handle would be useful.


When you go hunting or traveling outdoors, compact tripod by K&F Concept is a real catch. It’s lightweight and reliable. Consisting of non-rusting aluminum alloy, tripod legs are durable. Additionally, you get the necessary stability to take any nature pictures. It might be panoramic, portrait or macro photos.

2. Geekoto CT25Pro: Best Camera Tripod for Hunting

camera tripod for huntingWhen it goes about backcountry activities, durability matters. You would need a sturdy tripod, able to withstand harsh winds and vibration. Therefore, carbon fiber is the second perfect material. It’s even stiffer and more corrosion-resistant than aluminum.

Craftsman tripod by Geekoto is a paragon of portability and stability. 8 layers of high-density, incredibly strong material make it flawless. Its surface is scratch-resistant, so tree offshoots won’t damage it. Weighing about 3.5 pounds, Geekoto stand is still purdy lightweight and foldable. But it’s also very dependable and solid.

Outstanding Features

In field conditions, thick legs are beneficial. Rubber feet at the bottom make your tripod grippy. This non-slip option is essential on mountain trails and muddy forest meadows. But what I like most about this item is its adjustability and flexibility. You can use it as a tripod and a monopod.

It’s easy to change leg angle, according to your current needs. Press orange button on the top of every leg, and select any of 3 available positions. If you are a landscape photographer, tripod height might be critical. It helps you shoot on embankments and streams more efficiently, avoiding exhausting bending.

Additionally, you can easily transform your tripod into a monopod. Using wide central axis screw, therefore. Commonly, this product stands out by:

  1. Adjustable, 19”-79” height.
  2. Thick, 4-section legs.
  3. ¼” quick-release plate.
  4. 5 lbs. loading capacity.
  5. 360-degrees panorama ball head.
  6. 81-inch-high monopod option.

Geekoto perfectly adjusts to uneven ground, ensuring excellent stability and sturdiness. It lets you feel comfortable at any shooting position. Tripod features hefty, top-quality whole-metal mount and ball-head. So, it’s pretty durable, comfortable to carry and use.

  • stable and solid;
  • multi-function;
  • adjustable;
  • comfortable height;
  • smooth operation.
  • not the lightest due to hefty mount;
  • tricky ball head adjustments.


CT25Pro tripod by Geekoto is portable and durable. It features thick, carbon fiber legs and hefty metal ball head. This item is perfectly flexible and adjustable. You can easily change its legs position or transform tripod into monopod. Additionally, its height range is outstanding.

3. Siriu AM-254: Sturdy Compact Tripod for Spotting Scope

sturdy compact tripod for spotting scopeAre you a bird watcher? It might be not easy to notice a duck or sandpiper yonder, in a distance. You’d need a spotting scope to enable the necessary clarity and magnification. Do you like digiscoping? If you hook your camera to a scope, it lets you capture amazing images.

Being unaware of your presence, deer and hawks would behave naturally. Perhaps, you’ll be lucky to capture or shoot a dangerous animal, like a bear. From a long distance, it would be completely safe and fascinating. Thus, you need a very strong, stable tripod. Load capacity matters.

Interesting Information

AM-series tripod by Siriu is what you need. It perfectly suits any travel and field photography application. It’s waterproof, lightweight and vibration-resistant. The product specifications are impressive:

  1. 10-layer carbon fiber.
  2. 5 lbs load capacity.
  3. Adjustable height: 3.07” – 47.2”.
  4. Weight: 2.25 lbs.
  5. Tube diameter: 0.6” -1.02”.
  6. 6-year warranty.

Are you going to install your reliable tripod on the ground? Replace its non-slip rubber feet. Metal spikes enable a stable, secure mount in the field environment. When it rains, waterproof seals protect leg tubes from dust and moisture. If you want to mount a scope, tripod head is not necessary.

Attach it directly to the large, aluminum quick release plate. Common spotting scopes have standard, ¼” threads. But reversible cap screw might be useful if you prefer custom devices. Additional connections would be also serviceable if you use several accessories. In windy weather, hang something heavy on snap hook. It lets you stabilize your camera and scope weight.

  • stable;
  • lightweight;
  • compact when folded;
  • reliable legs with waterproof sealing;
  • adjustable height and connections.
  • to mount a scope, you might need an additional connector or L-bracket;
  • not very high, so an optional central column might be necessary.


AM-254 tripod by Siriu is beneficially stable and reliable. It features vibration and temperature-resistant carbon fiber legs: protected by waterproof seals, they withstand harsh weather conditions. This item has no ball head included. But on the other hand, it’s easy to adjust thanks to convertible screws and connections.

4. InnorelArtcise AS80C: Best Hunting Tripod for Spotting Scope

hunting tripod for spotting scopeIf you have heavy equipment to mount, an ultra-stable tripod is necessary. It’s essential to eliminate the slightest tremor, shake and vibration issues. The system should be as stable as possible. Have you got a professional camera with telescopic lenses? Select a heavy-duty travel tripod to support it.

Outstanding Benefits

Shall you compromise portability and usability? Not at all. AS80C tripod by Innorel is only a bit heavier than the most lightweight counterparts. It weighs about 4 pounds, being easy to carry and install. But it’s much sturdier and stronger than a common 3-legged travel stand.

So, let me specify basic distinctive features of Artcise AS80C:

  1. 5” – 63.8” working height.
  2. Load capacity: 44 lbs.
  3. Tube diameter: 0.8” -1.3”.
  4. All-metal, stainless steel top platform.
  5. Folding length: 22.8”.
  6. Warranty: 5-years.

Carbon fiber legs are thick and sturdy. In this case,8 layers of top-grade polymer are enough. Your advanced tripod by Innorel supports your camera and scope efficiently. All its parts are metal. CNC machining technology makes them precise and well-fitted.

AS80C tripod is easy to adjust. It comes with large, beefy knobs that let you retract or extend the legs. Rubber feet suit urban conditions. For landscape photography, unscrew them easily. Replace rubber feet with sharp stainless steel spikes (foot nails). This item includes no ball head. If you use it to support various equipment, like a scope, binoculars and camera, it’s a wise solution.

Nevertheless, Artcise tripod comes with several adapters and accessories. It includes a handy phone clip. Large bowl adapter helps you change shooting angle of your equipment: it’s quick-leveling and adjustable.

  • heavy-duty;
  • ultra-stable;
  • easy-to-adjust;
  • dust-resistant;
  • upgraded and feature-rich.
  • not the most compact and lightweight;
  • bowl is too large to operate it easily.


Artcise AS80C tripod by Innorel is heavy-duty. It comes with thick, dust-resistant legs. Therefore, it’s perfectly stable and solid. AS80C can support your heavy-duty equipment, though it was a camera or spotting scope. Multiple accessories and adapters make mounting and adjustments easier.

5. SLIK Pro CF-635: Compact Tripod for Backpack Hunting Applications

compact tripod for backpack hunting applicationsTraveling deep in the forest is not too easy. If you want to observe or hunt wild animals or birds, you are to be patient and smart. This task requires basic orienteering skills and high mobility. Therefore, consider an extremely lightweight tripod.

Pro CF-635 by Slik is not the most heavy-duty. It supports only a small action camera efficiently. But it’s beneficially versatile, intuitive to use and install. Walking on a country or hiking trail, you may take your mind off your tripod. It’s light as a feather, so you carry it without effort.

Basic Features

Pro CF-635 is not a full-sized tripod. It’s easy to use and convenient to carry. This product comes with:

  • 8-layer carbon fiber legs;
  • efficient anti-rotating system;
  • 5 leg sections;
  • handy twist locks;
  • reversible central column.

This masterpiece of Japanese engineers weighs only 1.9 pounds. When you fold it, its length makes 14.5 inches. But if your camera weighs no more than 6.6 pounds, travel tripod supports it easily. This product comes only with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. But it’s still purdy durable, stable and strong.

Pro CF-635 tripod is not a very convenient accessory for a tall person. Its maximum height is 51.5 inches. But on the other hand, it suits low-angle shooting, being adjustable and user-friendly. Besides, it comes with a useful carry bag. Of course, it fits any heavy-duty, sports backpack. So, you’ll have only to buy a suitable head and travel light.

  • lightweight and portable;
  • versatile;
  • strong;
  • tough, durable legs;
  • quiet in operation.
  • might be a bit uncomfortable for a tall person;
  • center mounting screw is easy to lose.


Pro CF-635 tripod by Slik is compact and lightweight. It suits traveling, hunting and other outdoor applications. Weighing less than 2 pounds, it’s still quite strong, durable and adjustable.

Buyers’ Guide

When do you usually go hunting? It’s a perfect activity that lets you take your mind off sorrowful thoughts. It keeps you fit and energized. So, if you go on a hunting trip, I am sure, you prefer October or November time. Fall is a legal hunting season in all US states, including Arkansas.

Now you can get a hunting license and permission and go to the authorized area. Will you really kill an animal? If your belly thinks your throat’s been cut, you may do it to get some food. You might also like to feed the hungry or to control wildlife in your neighborhood.

Hunting is not only an exciting hobby but a great challenge. Have you already studied a trustworthy field optics research tripod review? You’ll need purdy stiff and strong equipment. It’s necessary to avoid shaking in the wind. A reliable spotting scope is essential to avoid the risk of failure and accident.

Benefits and Special Aspects of Hunting Tripods

Finding a reliable accessory for extreme outdoor activities might be a daunting task. When you are going to shoot or capture a wild animal, every minute counts. You are to be quick and move without making noise. Additionally, some animals like deer may detect your smell. You’ll have to consider the wind direction.

Thus, a hunting accessory is to be as stable. It should be as heavy-duty, as your best travel tripod for mirrorless camera. It’s necessary to support your professional equipment, like spotting scope. Digiscoping has similar, purdy high requirements. But your hunting tripod should be also:

  • lightweight;
  • compact;
  • adjustable;
  • fast and quiet to setup and use;
  • waterproof;
  • durable and long-lasting.

Of course, deployment speed matters. Shooting bipod vs tripod is a bit faster to install and easier to use. But, it doesn’t have all three axes to stabilize your equipment. Monopod is preferable if a hasty setup is necessary. It’s useful to take a shot when you suddenly see a dear. Hunting tripods have their undeniable advantages.

How to Choose a Tripod for a Spotting Scope?

Tripod is your handy accessory in field conditions. It takes some time to deploy it. But in tall grass and rough terrain, a three-legged stand is reliable and stable. If you use a powerful, precision spotting scope, it’s sensitive to shaking. Even your breath or arms tremor would move it, making the picture blurry.

Thus, selecting your durable hunting tripod, consider its basic parameters, including:

  • weight;
  • height;
  • load capacity;
  • legs and head material;
  • tube diameter and sections number.

It should be as adjustable and versatile as your best flexible tripod for gopro. A stand for hunting applications might have no head included. Various useful adapters, clips and brackets are to be available. But if you are a tall person, prefer a comfortable, high enough tripod. It lets you be agile, avoiding muscle strain and fatigue.

Other Considerations

You might already know how to choose an ultralight tripod and head. Thus, materials matter. Aluminum is an affordable and springy solution. But carbon fiber legs are preferable in harsh weather conditions. They are scratch and moisture-resistant, stiff and soft-to-touch.

If you want to take a panoramic shot, ball head is preferable. It’s harder to fix, but portable, compact and flexible. Tilt and pan tripod heads have their benefits. They are larger, able to support your professional, heavy-weight equipment. These parts let you take more precise images.

I also prefer twist locks. They are a bit slower to use but compact and durable. Additionally, they are quiet that is important while hunting. Consider also the feet, central column and top plate design. Just try to avoid flimsy, plastic parts. Opt for top-quality, reliable products.

Bottom Line

Before going hunting, consider using portable and stable tripods. TM2324 by K&F Concept is lightweight but solid and smooth to setup. CT25Pro by Geekoto is adjustable and wind-resistant. AM-254 by Siriu is compact and waterproof.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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