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best hydration pack for skiing reviews

A ski trip can be pretty long and exhausting. Especially, if it’s a professional trip. What would you need to surpass your physical limits? The best hydration pack for skiing is essential.

Quite naturally, a reliable lift pass, professional closing, and ski equipment would be necessary. However, you are to avoid any dehydration issues for sure. So, what is a suitable skiing hydration pack? What shall it feature, but for a capacious water bladder?

Best Hydration Pack for Skiing in 2024

What is the most lightweight and breathable fabric? Let me review 7 high-grade packs, available on the market. I’ll try to highlight their basic benefits and properties.

1. Snoblast Pack: Best Camelbak for Snowboarding

camelbak for snowboarding Are you an amateur or professions skier? Do you prefer short-time or day-long mountain trips? I think a lightweight and compact pack is a great solution for you.

It’s handy, easy to access, versatile. Actually, it’s not a small back. It’s rather big. The gear capacity of 21L is quite sufficient. Snowboard backpack with hydration is perfectly padded, pretty soft. It’s stylish by design. 2L bladder capacity is not bad. It can supply enough water for a long day. By the way, I like its shape. It’s designed to take up the smallest possible space.

Features and Specifications

The packs’ unique features include:

  • tri-zipper opening;
  • great expansion panel;
  • innovative Crux Reservoir;
  • adjustable straps;
  • reliable back frame.

There is a lot of room inside the pack. You can place any stuff you need inside. There are multiple comfortable compartments you can use for: lunch, wallet, sunglasses, hat, snowboard, helmet.

You can open the pack from the bottom, on the side or from the top. Small compartment on the top is really great! Finding the necessary stuff there is so fast and easy!

Crux Reservoir would require additional attention. It features an ergonomic handle, being:

  • leak-proof;
  • easy to refill;
  • insulated from freezing temperatures.

Interesting Information

If you want, you can take 20% more water per sip. It helps you to avoid unnecessary stops on the way. The fabric is also weather-resistant. It’s easy to clean because of the PU coating. The snow is not cumulating between your back and the pack. No bouncing is experienced during the snowshoeing practices.

But the material inside is as soft as a terrycloth. The 4 color options available are universal. They would definitely match your skiing clothing and footwear. Turkish Tile is charming. Black is elegant and everlasting. By the way, the pack on the video below is red. I guess you can select this color, as well.

  • handy;
  • comfortable;
  • freeze-resistant;
  • fast to access;
  • lightweight.
  • a hose is a bit short.


So, I recommend the backpack to all active people. I think it’s the best hydration pack for snowboarding. If you like moving even during the extreme winter weather, it helps you to feel safe and comfortable.

2. Camelbak Powderhound Pack: Good Camelbak for Skiing

camelbak for skiingDo you prefer quick ski trips? This perfect backpack would be ideal for them. It’s a bit smaller than the SnoBlast model. So, you would not put inside your shoes or snowboard. The pack looks pretty slim and compact. These properties can be quite beneficial when you are exhausted.

As well as the Snoblast pack, Powderhound is:

  • handy;
  • comfortable;
  • lightweight;
  • zippered;
  • easy-to-adjust and access the stuff.

The main compartment is large and convenient for multiple stuff. You can place your gloves, some food, keys, goggles or essential gear inside. An advanced back panel is available. It keeps the snow away from your back, making you feel comfortable.

Particular Qualities

Additionally, the pack features:

  1. a zippered pocket;
  2. diagonal external carry for the ski;
  3. a large helmet carrier;
  4. stability belt.

A compartment for avalanche gear is available. The pocket is handy. It lets you place there your smartphone or wallet. The tabs are intuitive to grab even in extreme outdoor conditions.

Meanwhile, the water capacity is 3L. It could be enough for not less than 10-12 hours. The bladder is: easy to refill, handy, leak-proof, intuitive to sip.

It is equipped with the innovative ergonomic handle. The reservoir is insulated. It is sheltered against elements and cold. Just keep the back and the hose closed. The water doesn’t freeze.

The colors available are pleasant and diverse. Chile pepper should be designed for women. Olive is preferable for men, hunters, and sportsmen. Black is perfect for everybody as it’s classic.

Powderhound backpack comes with a lifetime warranty. Quite naturally, the limited one. I think all Camelback ski backpacks do. The company was established in 1989, in Petaluma, Ca. It specializes in hydration products and military supplies.

Meanwhile, the company founder, Michael Eidson, was a cyclist. He was competing in the bike races in Texas. During the race, he’s got some hydration issues. Thus, the first product idea occurred to him during the competition.

  • slim and lightweight;
  • easy to reveal the stuff;
  • great water capacity;
  • comfortable;
  • durable design.
  • the reservoir may leak if you don’t close the valve.


So, the items, sold by Camelbak Products, LLC are initially designed for runners, walkers, and bikers. I would recommend the Powderhound pack also for travelers, hikers, and skiers, of course. I guess it’s the best hydration pack for day hiking.

3. Camelbak Phantom 24LR: Finest Hydration Pack for Cross Country Skiing

hydration pack for cross country skiingThe pack is designed for winter sports. It can be called a snowboard hydration pack. It’s storage or total capacity is 24L. Are you slim and small in stature? Wouldn’t the backpack too large for you? Isn’t is bulky? Would you feel comfortable during the challenging winter activities?

Actually, the pack comes with several unique features. They make it extremely stable and comfortable. They include:

  1. a lumbar reservoir;
  2. a load-bearing hip;
  3. several perfect pockets;
  4. a waist belt;
  5. a tuckable loop;
  6. adjustable straps.

Quite naturally, a perfectly sticking back panel is available. So, when you are carrying the pack, it’s extremely comfortable. The load is stabilized and kept low for easier skiing experience. The shoulder straps are adjustable and padded. Therefore, the pack hugs your back’s contour. It’s kept close to your back. A hip belt helps a lot. It supports the weight. It’s also adjustable.

As to the pockets, they are multiple, capacious and functional. They are: on the side, to the front, on the top as well as in the central compartment.

Fortunately, all of them are zippered. The side pocket is pretty small. Its external fabric seems to be thin, but durable. However, you can place your phone or some money into the pocket.

Interesting Information

Front pocket is designed for gear. It’s called “Avalanche”. But you can place any stuff or tools there. What I like in this pocket is ease of access. Zippers are designed with handy cords. They can be even of the different, bright color.

The central compartment is really capacious. A lot of items fit there. For example, a puffy jacket or coat, a hat, etc. Additionally, a google pocket is on the top.

As to the helmet system, it’s really thin and lightweight. However, it’s strong. I think, if you prefer it to be bright, this option is possible. Just ask the seller about it. The ski carry is available on the front. It can be essential for a ski backpack with hydration.

  • low weight position;
  • weather-resistant;
  • roomy;
  • comfortable;
  • adjustable.
  • can be too large for slim people;
  • the fit might be not too exact.


By the way, what is bladder looks like? It’s capacious. The volume is 3L (100oz). Like all Camelbak items, it’s insulated, equipped with the handles, easy to refill. When it’s empty, it’s completely low-profile. What a great feature!

4. Oasis Hydration Backpack by Teton: Best Hydration Pack for Climbing

hydration pack for climbingThe pack is pretty small. However, it’s not low-profile. Actually, the backpack is not designed especially for winter sports. The bladder is not insulated. Thus, the item can be used during all seasons. For example, it’s good for running, camping or climbing. 2L hydration reservoir is sufficient for a daylong or overnight application.

Useful Accessories

The unique pack’s features include:

  • reflective elements on the back;
  • built-in whistle;
  • a rain cover;
  • soft, ventilated pads on the back;
  • compression waist and hip straps.

The fabric is pretty good, durable, rip-stop. I would tell, it’s quality is decent. Its honeycomb pattern looks pretty good. The colors, but for the black one, are bright. You are visible on the road. Sometimes, it’s essential. For example, when you are cycling or hiking in the twilight. A water bottle can be attached to a hip cord.

A helmet can be tied to a cord system. What a great idea! Quite naturally, the pockets are multiple and functional:

  1. 2 mesh ones on the sides;
  2. a pretty large, main one;
  3. a low-profile front pocket.

Actually, you can place pretty much stuff to the pockets. Even a can of fuel and a pullover. However, it’s quite bulky. An insulated, heavy barrier is inside, between the compartments.

  • versatile;
  • lightweight;
  • bright and visible on the road;
  • a rain cover included;
  • several zippered pockets.
  • no frame;
  • the hip belt and the pull handle are soft, but not padded, thin.


So, the pack is recommended for all active people. Men, women, and teens can use the pack. It’s quite comfortable. I can highlight it among the top-rated hydration packs for runners. However, the item is not adjusted to freezing temperatures.

5. Metatron 2L: Excellent Hydration Backpack for Skiing

hydration backpack for skiingThe pack is a kind of pretty large ones. The bottom is fairly wide. The shoulder straps are quite sizeable, padded. The pack is versatile. It’s suitable for cold and warm climates. The item is designed to expedite any activities: hiking, camping or skiing.

The backpack features:

  1. 8 various compartments;
  2. attractive design;
  3. adjustable straps and buckles;
  4. breathable fabric.

Additional Facts

The pack fits not bad, actually. So, it can be efficiently used even for running. However, is a frame available? I think it’s absent. One pocket is detachable. It’s traditionally used for cash, phones, and cards. Two ones are on the sides. An additional water bottle can be secured there. The inner pocket is small, zippered. You can keep your keys or wallets there.

A front pocket is easy to access. Quite naturally, there is space for some food, essential items, etc. However, the pocket is not small. I guess a small pocket on the top would be quite expedient. A compartment for gloves or goggles would be useful.

Meanwhile, the bladder is thin. Its capacity is just normal, 2L. As for me, I don’t see anything innovative in it. The opening is wide, it’s beneficial. The tube cover is insulated. The other feathers are just standard.

  • large;
  • adjustable;
  • multiple compartments;
  • a detachable pocket available.
  • a bit large for slim women or teens.


So, I would recommend the pack for men. It’s too large and bulky for slim women. It would suit any outdoor activities.

6. MIRACOL Hydration Backpack: Lightweight and Durable Hydration Backpack

lightweight and durable hydration backpackDo you like extreme sports? Exploring new trails and hills during your weekends is exciting. Are your favorite mountain peaks covered with snow already? If you live in a northern state, enjoy skiing. If it’s still raining in December? Don’t give up adventures. Just equip your backpack for a long hike.

Consider buying and using this hydration pack from Miracol. It’s lightweight and convenient. It offers you a lot of room. If you are a slim and short woman, the pack fits you. Just tighten the waist belt, adjust the chest strap. However, it suits tall, athletic-built people better.

The pack weighs only 1 pound. If you don’t overload it, it doesn’t bounce on the run. Mesh pads on the back are breathable, ensuring comfort. The backpack includes several layers of top-quality fabrics. Is it not waterproof? Basic material is nylon. It’s water-resistant and durable.

Thermal insulation layer is also provided. It lets you keep water and liquids cool for up to 4 hours. The backpack includes multiple pockets that fit all your necessities. Waist pouches provide easy access to your cards, keys or earphone. Do you love music? Listen to it on the run.

However, don’t forget about your health and safety. Whistle buckle and reflectors make you visible or hearable. I hope you don’t lose your way, hiking or skiing on remote trails. But in winter, when it’s dark and cold, these features might be essential. I also like this bright blue color. It’s cheerful and energizing.

Interesting Characteristics

Quite naturally, you are to stay hydrated. Fortunately, water bladder is included. Its capacity is not too high, only 68 oz. or 2L. It’s still durable and very convenient. Equipped with a wide mouth, it’s easy to refill. Quite naturally, its material is FDA-approved, BPA-free. Using multiple BPA-based materials is already prohibited. The flow tube is insulated, easy to sip water.

  • lightweight;
  • comfortable;
  • a lot of roomy pockets;
  • handy waist pouches;
  • thermal insulation.
  • tough latches on the straps;
  • hard-to-clean-tube.


I recommend this backpack to tall, athletic-built men and women. It’s lightweight, roomy and handy to use. It suits various outdoor activities, including hiking and skiing. Water bladder is included, meeting all your hydration needs.

7. Dakine Heli Pack: Compact, Minimalist Snow Pack

minimalist snow packDo you live in a northern area? In some states like Alaska or Minnesota, it’s still cold and snowy. If it’s already warm in your region, go to a ski resort. Alta or Snowbird benefits you with charming weather conditions. Deepest snow in the USA grants you perfect skiing experience. So does your Heli backpack.

It’s beneficially compact, low-profile. Many of its useful compartments are external. Only a laptop/hydration sleeve and a small, goggle pocket are inside. Does this backpack include a water bladder? Unfortunately, not. It’s only compatible with a hydration system. The sleeve is pretty wide, fitting 15” laptops and 3L bladders.

Additional Accessories

Its external features are numerous and helpful. They include carries for your:

  • shovel;
  • ski;
  • snowboard.

Attach your snowboard vertically. It might be pretty wide, but not heavier than 15-20 lbs. Long skies are easy to carry if you locate them corner-wise.

Quite naturally, the pack is water-resistant. It consists of durable, 600D polyester fabric. The pocket for sunglasses and goggles comes with soft fleece lining. The backpack withstands freezing temperatures up to -25 degrees Fahrenheit. It carries a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Additionally, the snowpack is comfortable. It comes with adjustable sternum and waist straps that offset your load. A wide web belt and a rescue whistle are available. A spine protector is optional. What about the colors? Manufacturers offer 13 perfect options. I think the black one is versatile. It suits everybody. Dakine rates 10001479 model especially for women. This offer stands out by pleasant teal, green and wood rose colors.

  • slim, low-profile;
  • comfortable;
  • durable;
  • feature-rich;
  • versatile.
  • not too much room and few internal pockets;
  • you are to buy a water bladder and a spine protector additionally.


Heli is a great minimalist pack. It’s versatile, suiting your skiing or hiking trips. Its pockets are not too large or roomy to accommodate all your stuff. But is holds your equipment such as ski, shovel or snowboard. So, I recommend it to men and women. Select the color, according to your preferences and have amazing adventures.

Buyers’ Guide

When you are going skiing, you are to avoid any dehydration issues. Exercising in cold air, you lose water. It happens when you breathe excessively. If you are wearing warm clothes, you sweat more than usual.

According to ESPN Network, dehydration makes you exhausted. It can cause an injury. Additionally, according to UMRC University, dehydration causes dangerous health issues, such as:

  • dry skin;
  • light-headedness;
  • rapid heartbeat.

So, drinking a lot of water is essential. Water bottles can be useful. However, it takes some time to stop and open them.

What are Hydration Bladders?

Hydration reservoirs are quite beneficial. They are:

  1. low-profile;
  2. easy-to-drink;
  3. comfortable;
  4. lightweight.

The bladders feature long, flexible hoses. They let you drink some water hands-free, in non-stop mode. The useful features are bite valves, wide capped mouths, dust covers.

Insulated bladders are preferable for skiing and winter sports. Snowboarding water backpacks are usually equipped with the reservoirs of this kind. They beneficially keep water from freezing.

Hydration bladders are commonly made of flexible plastic or rubber. Quite naturally, the material is to be non-toxic, BPA-free. I would also select the material that is FDA-approved. However, the certification is quite uncommon for hydration bladders. Alternatively, it can be just not specified properly.

Hydration Packs: Basic Options and Considerations

A good ski pack is to be:

  • waterproof;
  • stable and balanced;
  • robust;
  • fitting perfectly;
  • adjustable.

A suspension system is essential, especially if the load is heavy. Or if the pack capacity is large. Additionally, the special carries for skis or snowboards would be useful.

Ski Pack Materials

Waterproof, lightweight and durable fabrics are used for backpacks’ sewing. The common ones are polyester, nylon, twill.

Polyester is fast-drying, abrasion-resistant. It’s strong and heavy-duty.

Nylon is water-resistant, durable and stretchy. It’s wrinkle-resistant. Additionally, it’s stronger and softer than polyester.

Twill is less common. This fabric is textile. It stands out by the diagonal weave. It’s lightweight but waterproof. A thick, heavy-duty twill is suitable for packs.

In terms of denier, 600D fabrics are the strongest. They are heavy-duty and thick. 300D fabrics can be used, as well. They are more lightweight, smoother than 600D materials.

How to Fill Up the Bladder?

The packs I recommend come with advanced bladders. The reservoirs feature wide mouths and sturdy handles. So, they are easy to fill. Meanwhile, doing it on the trail can be a bit challenging. You would need to use a bottle, a cup or a water filter therefor. If you find a source of piped water, it’s a godsend! It would make the bladder filling simple.

How to Clean a Snowboarding Hydration Backpack?

The packs are not machine-washable. Do you remember? They are waterproof and weather-resistant. So, if a pack gets dirty:

  • soak it in water;
  • add some mild soap;
  • wait for half an hour;
  • rinse the backpack;
  • hang it for air drying.

Clean the hydration system, the mouth, and the tube. A brush could be necessary. Rinse them properly. Turn pack inside out for drying. It helps to prevent mold forming. Keep the backpack dry afterward. It prolongs its life.

General Verdict

Best hydration pack for skiing is definitely a product from Camelbak. All 3 of them are insulated, leak-proof and handy. Packs differ only by capacity and some features. The items by Metatron and Teton Sports are significantly inferior in comfort options and weather-resistance. They are preferable for camping and hiking.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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