Best Flexible Tripod for GoPro

Do you want to get stable shots in winter? If you live in a northern state, enjoy snowy scenery. Montana, Wyoming, or Colorado let you feel festive atmosphere. Here, in Arkansas, winters are pretty cool. Traveling, being on the move is easier when it’s no ice or snow. Meanwhile, best flexible tripod for GoPro is helpful. It lets you spot winter wildlife and beautiful scenery.

Which flexible tripod model to select? Let me highlight several products I prefer. They are adjustable, portable and versatile.

1. XenvoSquidGrip: Best Flexible Tripod for DSLR

best flexible tripod for dslrDo you want to have professional-looking, steady shots? Quality of your photos and videos is amazing with this compact tripod. This travel companion is not the most lightweight. It’s stable and strong. The tripod holds even a DSLR camera. That is a full-size, heavy-weight device with bulky lenses.

Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t specify its load capacity. I believe this accessory is heavy-duty, because of its own weight. Lifetime warranty confirms durability. GoPro tripod mount adapter is available. It’s metal and reliable, able to position a pretty large camera.

Additionally, phone mount is amazing. Adjustable by tension and height, it’s versatile. The mount is compatible with all smartphones. Adjust its height by a dial. Thus, it fits your device by size. A spring-loaded clamp holds the camera firm. Its grip is perfect. It helps you to adjust the tension.

So, attach your action camera or a phone to a moving object, your bike or guitar. The mount clamps it on securely. Quite naturally, ball head is also made of metal. I believe it’s stainless steel. It’s beneficially rustproof and durable. Meanwhile, the head rotates 360 degrees, coming with a swivel. A joint enables 90-degree shots, being easy-to-position. The notch holds the camera steadily.

What I like the most are these flexible, textured legs. What is this innovative material? Known as neo-rubber or neo-plastic, it’s squishy and weather-resistant. The legs wrap around any object and enable reliable grip.

Useful Features

  1. Adjustable phone mount.
  2. Flexible neo-rubber legs.
  3. 360-degree positioning.
  4. Ultimate compatibility.
  5. 5-inch long phone mount.
  6. Lifetime warranty.
  • portable;
  • durable;
  • adjustable;
  • stable;
  • strong.
  • no instructional manual;
  • no Bluetooth button (remote control).

XenvoSquidGrip is a perfect tripod. Stable and adjustable, it enables perfect, steady shots. This accessory is versatile and functional. It’s beneficially portable and reliable. Use it to clamp your phone or camera, position at any angle you need and unleash your creativity!

2. UBeeSize Pro S: Best Flexible Phone Tripod

top flexible phone tripodDo you like traveling? If so, you need a handy lightweight tripod. S model by UBeeSize Company meets your needs. It’s best-selling, high-tech and easy-to-use. What is the tallest tripod? Even if we consider only cell phone stands, larger models exist. But its legs height is incredible. It’s up to 10.6 inches. Without the clip, the legs are 8.26-inches tall. Original version featured only 6.3-inch legs.

I would call this tripod the most lightweight and compact one. This portability is convenient. Flexible legs wrap around any object, like a perch, bicycle frame or uneven ground. They are octopus-style, perfect by design. Their core parts are thick, made of premium metal that is aluminum alloy. So, the tripod is waterproof, corrosion-resistant – rubber and foam coat the connector, creating padded surface.

Therefore, the legs bend in any shape. They make tripod stable due to non-slip, rubber feet. Quite naturally, it doesn’t match large cameras. Going to use heavy-weight, video or DSLR camera, better opt for another accessory. This tripod holds up to 2.2 pounds. It comes with a ball head joint, being 360-degrees rotatable.

It supports smartphones and GoPro cameras, locking them securely in place. A phone mount and GoPro adapters are included. The phone holder is versatile. It easily expands from 2.2 to 3.75 inches, fitting various iPhone and Android devices. Unfortunately, it’s made of plastic. So, it’s a bit flimsy. The tripod also works with lightweight digital cameras like Canon or Nikon.

Interesting Features

  1. Remote control.
  2. Metal, rubber-coated legs.
  3. Orientation adapter.
  4. Non-slip feet.
  5. 2-3.75” phone holder.
  6. Control range: 30 ft.
  7. 360-degree rotatable.

Meanwhile, this top-quality stand suits traveling and indoor applications. Fortunately, a US-based company produces it. UBeesize Designs offers a beneficial, 3-year replacement warranty for this model. It’s rigged and durable. Other UBeeSize products carry only a 1-year warranty.

Meanwhile, this photographer’s accessory is revolutionary. It comes with wireless remote control and lithium battery. Do you stand on a distance up to 30 feet from your camera? You can take incredible photos or videos. It suits wide applications, including selfies and group shots.

  • lightweight;
  • versatile;
  • durable;
  • stable;
  • functional.
  • small load capacity;
  • flimsy phone holder.

S model tripod by UBeesize Designs is lightweight, compact and durable. This version is upgraded, featuring tall legs and thick metal connectors. It’s versatile, fitting multiple phone and camera devices, but only lightweight ones. Remote control is a unique feature. It enables various shots, selfies, portraits, and videos.

3. JobyGorillaPod Action: One of The Best Mini Tripods for GoPro

top mini tripods for goproHave you got an action video camera? You are lucky, as you can use this amazing device in any environment. It’s tiny, lightweight, trivial to use. Your camera is rubberized, protected from elements. Meanwhile, it’s wide-angle, highresolution. So, you can capture your ski runs or mountain biking adventures.

GorillaPod Action tripod by Jobyhelps you to position your camera anywhere. It comes with flexible, easy-to-bend legs, made by ABS plastic, rubberized rings; they are octopus-style. These legs wrap around any horizontal or vertical bar. They are thick, a bit less maneuverable than padded ones. Meanwhile, they provide perfect stability, due to rubber foot grip. I think ABS legs are easier-to-clean than squishy ones. When you work in the field, it matters.

Joby offers several GorillaPod tripods. Their range is pretty wide. All of these items are designed for videography and photography. Are they manufactured in China? I would doubt it. Joby is an American company. Its location is in Petaluma, California. Manufacturing camera accessories since 2006, the company develops its strong brand.

GorillaPod tripods are lightweight and compact. They are easy to use, practical and durable. Integrated ball heads provide 90-degree tilting, 360-degree panning capabilities. Action Video tripod is one of the new products. It stands out by thick and long legs, quick release mounts.

Can a GoPro fit on a tripod? A mount for GoPro is a necessary accessory. Quite naturally, it’s available in the parcel. It makes the tripod versatile, compatible with all action cameras. Loading capacity of Action Video model is not the best. It holds devices that weight up to 1.1 lbs. Do you have a large or heavyweight camera? Please, check the guide.

Features and Specifications

  1. Integrated ball head.
  2. Bubble level.
  3. GoPro mount.
  4. Standard ¼” -20 tripod clip.
  5. Wrappable legs.
  • sturdy;
  • compact;
  • lightweight;
  • easy-to-fasten;
  • versatile.
  • small load capacity;
  • to position your smartphone, buy a GripTight Mount additionally.

Do you want to record sports events or outdoor performance? This top-quality tripod meets your needs. It fits all action cameras. This accessory is compact and lightweight, easy-to-carry. Thanks to ball head, it has no limits in tilting and panning angles. So, I highly recommend it to travelers and field photographers.

4. Joby Gorillapod 3K: Strong Flexible and Lightweight Tripod

strong flexible and lightweight tripodI am sure, you figure on capturing several great images during your vacations. You may also want to do a movie or show about your trip. Are you a traveler or a nature photographer? A portable tripod by GorillaPod is your right choice. It’s versatile, compact and flexible.

One more device by Joby meets the target. GorillaPod 3K looks very similar to GorillaPod Action. It features flexible rubberized legs. They consist of durable ABS plastic. 3K tripod features the bubble level and a compact ball head. Quick-release clip makes it even faster and easier to adjust and use.

But this product is much stronger. It comes with a bit longer legs. The difference is only in tenths of an inch. But it’s about twice heavier! 3K means that the kit or stand can support a larger camera. It might be a mirrorless or DSLR device, camcorder, or so. If your camera weighs less than 6.6 pounds (3 kg), the tripod holds it.

Additional Information

The 3K tripod is versatile. It comes with the same, ¼-20” standard mount. As well as its lightweight counterpart, the product enables 90-degree tilt, 360-degree panning. It ensures precise control.

3K tripod comes with wrappable legs that enhance stability in any terrain. You can grip the legs, wrap them over a tree, bench or stand them on the surface. The only difference is their strength. Aside from ABS plastic, the legs contain top-quality TPE material. It makes the joints firmer and more secure.

  • high load capacity;
  • secure leg joints;
  • strong;
  • flexible;
  • versatile.
  • a bit heavier and bulkier;
  • joints are slightly stiff; they are not fast to bend.

If you have a heavier, mirrorless camera, prefer GorilaPod 3K tripod. It’s flexible, compact, and handy, as well as Action model. But it’s loading capacity is higher. Therefore, you get the necessary stability and versatility.

Buyers’ Guide

A compact tripod is handy. It may be even more lightweight than your best tripod for mirrorless camera. When you are on vacation, go skiing or take a walk, a portable accessory is essential. Above all, wrap its legs on any object that is tree or fencing frame. After that, select any angle, in a horizontal or vertical perspective; as a result, secure your GoPro camera or smartphone. And that’s it! Fast and easy take amazing close-up photos with it.

Go Pro technology is a great invention. It lets you capture steady footage on the go. Your small action camera is lightweight, but it features wide-angle lens. Its performance is powerful. Do you compare it with mirrorless or DSLR cameras? Quite naturally, it lacks some dials and buttons. Its manual control is limited.

Meanwhile, are you a sportsman or a traveler? You would need a compact, lightweight device. What is a tripod used for? It elevates or stabilizes your camera. Flexible tripod is an accessory that fits traveling and sports applications. It’s beneficially:

  • lightweight;
  • compact;
  • versatile;
  • adjustable;
  • durable.

It’s not as tall as a standard camera stands. Additionally, flexible tripods support only lightweight devices. Is it possible to take sharp and bright videos or photos with your smartphone? Maybe so, if it packs a high-resolution camera. Meanwhile, use your phone to share them. Control your action camera in hard-to-reach places. Go Pro apps for Android and iOS enable this functionality. Tripods with remote control features are also useful.

How to Choose a Flexible Tripod?

Your camera needs support. What does tripod mean? I believe you remember it. A three-legged fixture enables taking sharp photos in low-light and extreme conditions. It enables panning. Telescopic legs are its standard features. Bendable, octopus-style ones are unconventional.

Meanwhile, flexible accessories are rather sturdy. How to select the one that meets your needs and fits your device? Consider its:

  • portability;
  • stability;
  • material;
  • loading capacity;
  • mount type;
  • packability.

Quite naturally, ball heads and non-slip feet are beneficial features. When you have a trip, compact size is also preferable. Choose a tripod that fits your pocket and provides sufficient stability.

How Do You Use a GoPro 3 Way Tripod?

Telescoping and flexible legs are not the only possible camera stand options. A 3-way accessory consists of three extendable sections. Installing it:

  1. Unfold the arms.
  2. Tighten each one with a thumbscrew.
  3. Secure the camera.
  4. Adjust its angle and settings.

3-arm tripod enables easy repositioning. Flexible accessories do the same similarly, their legs wrap around any object. Bend them at any angle to set up the tripod. So, you need only to attach the camera. What accessories should I buy with GoPro? A GoPro mount is to be in the box. Most flexible tripods come with phone mounts too.

Don’t forget about spare batteries, memory cards lens, and cables. Will you need a chest mount or head straps? If you move and capture video on the go, you will. A selfie pole might be not necessary if you’ve got a top-quality flexible tripod. If the parcel doesn’t include any adapters and mounts, buy them additionally. Ball heads and camera plates are the parts that last for years.

General Conclusion

XenvoSquidGrip is the best flexible tripod for GoPro. It’s strong, heavy-duty. S model by UBeeSize is lightweight and functional. GorillaPod Action by Joby is compact, easy-to-tighten.

Hello, my name is Jennifer. I’m from the beautiful city Orlando, FL. Our favorable climate lets me wearing jeans all year round. I do it 7 days a week. However, which ones to select? Let’s try to answer the questions together. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

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