What Is the Strongest Necklace Chain Type?

what is the strongest necklace chain type
If you like wearing jewelry, it would become your charming accessory. Beautiful chain necklaces are parts of your everyday outfit. Most importantly, they suit any casual or special occasion. These articles are timeless and versatile. Select a suitable chain. Its length, thickness, color, and material matter. What is the strongest chain type? Consider the style or design of your delicate accessory. It determines the durability of your stylish chain or necklace. Looking elegant and trendy, it is to withstand daily snugs and bumps. The chain links are to keep your jewelry intact. They shouldn’t be brittle, breaking easily on the go. Don’t you want to lose your favorite or precise pendant? If so, keep reading the article and find out how to prevent the issues.

Benefits of Wearing Chain Necklaces

Any day, any season, you shouldn’t avoid wearing your favorite jewelry. It helps you to feel more confident and healthy. Accentuating your natural beauty, jewelry makes you look presentable and special. Necklaces are especially popular and elegant. They attract attention to your face and neck, flattering your neckline.

Knowing how to tell white gold from silver, you can wear your favorite jewelry every day. In summer, it’s especially noticeable.  Match it with light clothes, like:

  • flowing dresses;
  • sleeveless tops;
  • cute floral or plain blouses;
  • official button-down shirts;
  • casual t-shirts and jeans.

Nowadays, it becomes a trendy accessory. A gold or silver chain for guys is a symbolic piece of jewelry. It may have a functional, decorative, medical or religious signification. A rough, stylish accessory helps you to express your personality. No cap, it is to match your outfit and style. Precious metals are preferable. But don’t forget about the other significant factors to consider.

what type of chain should get


How to Choose a Suitable Chain?

Necklaces are versatile pieces of jewelry. You can wear them casually, during your weekend or trip. In Atlanta, early fall is moderately hot. It’s cool, warm and sunny, offering you a lot of amazing opportunities. Now, you can escape from the city to avoid its unpleasant climate issues.

Haven’t you seen your old friends in a brick? Have a walk, hiking trip or a picnic together. Labor Day, your vacation or any weekend are proper occasions. Don’t forget about your casual jewelry, as it should suit them. Outdoors, you shouldn’t be afraid to lose your favorite chain and pendant.

What is the strongest metal for a necklace? You can prefer any modern option, such as:

  • titanium;
  • stainless steel;
  • aluminum.

Which is better silver or sterling silver? No cap, your casual jewelry is to be skin-friendly and hypoallergenic. Sterling silver is a timeless, versatile alloy. It’s shiny and elegant matching most of your common clothes. Featuring unique low-temperature properties, silver is stronger than gold. But it’s still a bit softer, more malleable than rhodium or palladium. Plating is a great way out. Thus, try to pay more attention to the other criteria.

What is the Most Durable Chain?

Width and thickness of the chain matter. Your favorite necklace might be incredibly sturdy. In some cases, bulky, eye-catching options are opportune. They could symbolize your spiritual statement or special moments of your life. Thus, men prefer rough, chunky items that are 6-10 mm thick.

Chains still have to look proportional. If you have a thick neck and athletic built, bulky chains may fit you. Young, slim men or guys would prefer 2-4 mm solutions. The same options suit formal occasions. They are opportune in your office or at a wedding party.

Alloy composition may become decisive. Is silver chain more durable than gold? Commonly, it’s not. But both modern men and women like these modest, versatile options. They perfectly match black pieces of clothing and aggressive style. Chain design options are endless. They include:

  • Cuban links;
  • curb;
  • Figaro;
  • wheat;
  • rope;
  • mariner or anchor chains.

Each of them has a signature style and design. Rope, cable, and curb patterns are the most popular. Men commonly like these bold, sturdy solutions. Thick, soldered links and repeated pattern makes these chains durable.

what is most durable necklace chain


What Jewelry Lasts the Longest?

Precious metals are beneficial. Chains and necklaces of this kind are time-proven and valuable. They commonly last for several lifetimes becoming a family heirloom. People have used gold and silver jewelry since ancient times. They are famous not only for their inimitable shine and beauty. The unique curing and healing properties of precious metals are amazing.

Do you prefer wearing a chain necklace over a shirt? Commonly, it would be visible, fitting its V-shape or round neckline. So, it touches your skin all day long. Hypoallergenic, skin-friendly options are beneficial. Is sterling silver good for sensitive ears? Thanks to the unique antibacterial, antimicrobial properties of silver, it shouldn’t irritate you.

But the alloy is still pretty soft, malleable. Is it possible to enhance the chain’s durability? Choosing your favorite accessory, try to consider it’s:

  • length;
  • thickness;
  • clasp type
  • method of fabrication;
  • chain style and design.

Even the most delicate, thin silver sterling chains shouldn’t be weak. Soldering technology is beneficial. It doesn’t let the links separate, preventing breakage.

what type of chain is best for a pendant

Can You Put a Pendant on Any Chain?


Traditional uses and applications of the chain types are significant. Thus, sailors traditionally used anchor cables to secure boats and ships. Resembling anchors, oval mariner links come with vertical bars in the center. It lets you avoid twisting, tangling, and breakage.

Curb chains helped jockeys to break in horses, keeping them steady. Their interconnected heavy and flattened links may come in different shapes. Oval, square and round options are available. All of them are virtually unbreakable.

Women commonly prefer thin, delicate, and fancy jewelry. What is the best type of chain for a pendant? It should be elegant, but not fragile. You may like sophisticated patterns, like:

  1. Singapore.
  2. Snake.
  3. Bead.
  4. Omega.
  5. Herringbone.

Due to their flexibility and imperfect constructions, most of them are weak. So, you are to decide between durability and an elegant look. No cap, your chain is to match the pendant. Sizes, materials, colors, and designs matter. Chain length that measures from 14 to 36 inches determines your style and appearance.

Bottom Line

Are you fixing to buy a new, stylish necklace? It might be thick and sturdy or lightweight and delicate. Match it properly to your bodily constitution, outfit and style. It is to be proportional, fitting your face and personality. Don’t forget to consider the pendant’s weight, size and design.

Anyway, sterling silver necklaces are worthy options. They are durable and skin-friendly enough to suit casual or everyday wear. Weaving functionality and health benefits together, the chains let you look elegant and fashionable. Won’t they break on the go? Choose top-quality, reliable pieces of jewelry. They should come with strong links and genuine composition. So, they last long, making every your day or event special.

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